Saturday, March 20, 2010


Jane, I think that is what gets me most. I always had a way of thinking that I was a second generation immigrant, and had lots of room to grow.
All of a sudden I am now THE generation and it keeps shocking me. I am sure it will pass like everything else but it got to me.
Back to work.
Have a good evening or morning as the case may be
Grace in On

Friday, March 19, 2010


That title is probably a bit off puting.

I’m a bit late coming to the topic of plumbing fixtures but the comments grabbed my attention. When I left FL almost 18 years ago the law regarding handicap bathrooms were relentlessly enforced. Tall toilets, grab bars and all. Not so in NC. If a place even has a designated handicap stall at least half the time there is what I consider and kindergarten size toilet. In the little mom and pop locally owned restaurants there is often a complete lack of grab bars as well. I’m in much better shape than many of my contemporaries but when my center of gravity is below my knees there is a serious problem. One of these days I’m going to bring the toilet paper dispenser right off the wall using it to get far enough off the can that I can bring my quads into play. When I look around and the tragically enormous size of so many people down here I can’t figure out how they manage. I could blow the whistle on these establishments but they are often my favorites. I also think that in auditoriums, athletic stadiums etc they should have twice as many pots for the women as they do for the men for reasons that are quite obvious to anyone with the most cursory knowledge of the anatomy of both genders. By the way, both my bathrooms are equipped with toilets made for adults and grab bars. They don’t cost all that much.

Spent 3.5 days at a quilt retreat last weekend and speaking of enormous women, quilters are certainly a chubby bunch. I behaved fairly well in the dining room taking minimal meat and lots of nicely steamed veggies but the working rooms were full of M@Ms, tiny Hershey bars, cookies etc. and I managed to put on 2.4 pounds. It was like shutting up an alcoholic in a bar for 3.5 days and surrounding him with heavy drinkers and free booze.

I did make some serious progress on DD’s wedding quilt. I’m so bored with it. If I ever take on another king sized quilt again please give me a nudge and remind me how bored I got with this project. Since I got back between my usual errands, bone density test etc and preparing to meet with my tax guy and cleaning up an incredible pile of paper on my desk, I haven’t even set up the quilt project in the sewing room. That’s on the agenda for tomorrow.

So sad to read about the rough times in New Zeeland and Ontario. Grace, when my dad died eleven years after my mom I suddenly felt forlorn realizing that the previously unidentified fallback people in my life were gone. I told my brother several months later that I felt like an orphan without parents and he said he had exactly the same reaction. I never borrowed a cent from my folks and didn’t rely on them for anything but when it sank in on me that I never could it wiped me out. I think for the first time I realized that I was an adult and will have to rely on myself for the rest of my days.

Tenneh, (I’ve forgotten your real name, forgive me) your situation must be a rough adjustment. I’m not surprised it’s happened as it was obvious to all of us that your husband went into a major funk after losing the leg. Good luck with the custody/visitation issue.

By the way, spring has sprung I hope. Shirt sleeve weather today. I turned off the heat and opened the windows until after supper. Daffodils are emerging but not quite in bloom. I’ll hike some of my favorite wildflower spots this weekend with my increasingly gimpy Shadow and see what’s popping up in the woods.

Cell phones are being saved for a later date.
Jane in NC


Sara in FL -
I would be horrified at those tiny buttons on the Blackberry, too.

I'm with you on the cell phones. I have a nice Samsung (Verizon) that will be six years old in June. It works great, good sound, good reception. It does not have a camera and that's fine with me. I don't need one.

I also don't text. I recently received a SPAM text that I deleted without opening, and I still got charged 20 cents for it! When I called to complain, they told me I could block all text messages, so I did. (oh, and they also took that 20 cent charge off my bill)

I heard that if you have the cellphone camera, you need internet connection to load it to your computer. (?) That's more $/month that I'm not willing to pay, as our cellphone bill is horrendous as it is.

Once my phone's batteries won't recharge anymore, I will be forced to get a new phone. Ack! Ack! Ack! They still make Plain Jane phones, but I hope they work as well as this one I have. It has very low mileage because I don't use it often, so that's probably why it's lived this long.

ROSEY - too bad that local resident found his cell text messages more important than his life and the lives of others on the road. Gov'ts can pass laws against texting while driving all they want, but they'll be obeyed as well as the no-drinking-and-driving laws. Argh. Both are senseless deaths, but there it is.

And then I am appalled when auto mfrs. want to put TVs in the dashboard of cars . . . .

Blackberry thingamajigs

The sad thing, Sara, is that while these devices are a plus in many of our lives, the tragedy that occured here in February with a Bed&Breakfast owner while he was looking at his blackberry while driving the car caused him to loose his life. He went through a stop-sign and got T-boned on a back country road.

Marion, you live in the most beautiful part of the world; you and Tenneh. I appreciate reading both your posts.

Doris, you might remember my old kitchen. I should have shipped my counters down to you. They were 39" high instead of the standard 36". I had to stand on a stool to reach them but for you, they were just perfect. I remember watching you work at the counter here during the retreat. And, you would have trouble with the mold up here right glad you don't live here. The snow and ice and frost are melting. The mold is coming out of the ground.


Just call me a Luddite

Call me. . . . .that's all I want a cell phone to do. I don't want to surf the 'net, see basketball scores, text a friend, etc.
DH brought me home a Blackberry phone, with all the bells and whistles. Well, I don't want it!
The little buttons are so little that I can't even get my fingers on them.
He got a "package" deal for his business. I can see the need for it in a business, you can send men on their calls with text, get directions. My GFs who have teens use text to contact the teens wherever they are. OK, but I don't have teens at home.
Arggg. . . .I'm going on strike with cell phones until I get the kind I want. I drove over to the Sprint store and picked out 2 or 3 that would be good.
So, now we have the toilet situation figured out, I'm on a mission to get the cell phone situation figured out.
Sara on a mission in Fla.

Raised seats and production lines...!!!

Like Rosey, I'm beginning to feel uncomfortably close to the end of the line myself ! After a lifetime of being the youngest sister, cousin, grandchild etc. it's all a bit of a shock.. As for raised toilet seats, well, two of my friends have had hip replacements in the last month and they have been supplied with raised seats ( temp. arrangements which are quite cumbersome) They tell me they are reluctant to return them to the supplier... It's something I had never thought about before. I can see that it would be a very sensible thing to install if the opportunity arose.

We had a suggestion of a frost this week, but it was followed by a cloudless sunny day with warm temperatures. Today DH and I took the dog for a walk along the beach. We could see for miles in both directions, and we were the only people there. That's what I like about NZ. ! and I love the autumn days.

Went to see "Mao's last dancer" this week. I can thoroughly recommend it, it was a beautiful production and very true to the remarkable story which came out in book form, some years ago..
It includes some wonderful dance sequences. You don't have to be a ballet fan to enjoy it. Do go, if you get the opportunity.

Skyped DD#1 in H.K. yesterday. She was excited because her three children were due home from Scotland for the Easter holidays. They are home for a month I think. They will enjoy that and we will enjoy "seeing" them on Skype. It's two years since I have seen these grandchildren."in the flesh" We hope to go to H.K. for Christmas but that seems a long way away at the moment. .. DD#2 and her family are a little closer ,we were with them for Christmas and two of the boys are coming down for a week in their holidays, that will be fun.

Thea, there's just been a feature on the T.V. about the walk that you did. Making the point that many of the tourists are totally unprepared for the potential dangers of sudden changes in the weather and don't have proper footwear and clothing etc. It looked interesting country to walk through but certainly no walk in the park ! Hope the soreness is going and that the blisters are healing.

Enjoy the w/end.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Home IMprovements

Rosey P - I long for the day I need to move or buy a new toilet. You know how tall I am. I can't wait for something a little further off the ground! (wink/grins) Honestly. If I wasn't such a tight-wad, I would treat myself right now, but I will wait until we down size. It will probably cost a fortune to remodel, but the kitchen counters, bathroom vanity, and toilet will ALL be higher up off the ground in my next home.

I've been on the sofa all week with a dreadful cold virus that is flying around town. Odd thing is,,,, I rarely catch a cold. I do sinus infections out the wazoo, but am normally impervious to colds. Go figure . . . The worst is behind me, and our little Sofie has been a wonderful nurse dog all week. If I lay on the sofa, she is literally ON TOP of me. LOL Supervising, if you ask me. She seems to know I'm not myself and is keeping me company and well loved. Ah, bless her heart, she's earned her rawhide chew for the week.

I have daffodils blooming in the yard. Hooray! They are an early-blooming variety and it's nice to see them. We have not seen the sunshine for over a week. It has been cloudy, gray, drizzly, yuckky. I am sooo over winter. Our Bradford Pear trees look like they are ready to explode in blooms and pollen with the first warm, sunny day that comes along.

Hugs to everyone!


Grace, you know that we have two types of 'stop-off's' here, one for dogs, one for humans...You know your way here, if you feel like dropping in sometime.

I recently wrote an article in which I commented that life is like a production line: we're born, we live then drop off at the other end when our time comes. I used to be a long way down the production line in my mother's and father's family. Now I'm heading to the front of the line. But one humorous comment my friend, Byse made last week-end when visiting her. She insisted that I see her new toilet. Two things impressed her: one, that it only took 3 gallons of water everytime it flushed and secondly, and most importantly, it was higher off the floor thus the distance required for the job at hand was lessened. I think of the passages of time...we grow up, get married, buy houses if we can, have children, upgrade our homes if we can, sometimes acquire a second one...a cottage, a farm, a place in the country...our children grow up, they get married and we get decrepit. A toilet seat that is closer to me than the ground...something to think


to thank you

I would like to thank all of you who have sent thoughts and cyber hugs my way.
I do feel them. I have really good support in friends here and the comments are to go slow and take each day as it comes. DH and I are both doing that. It was quite a blow for him to lose two brothers within ten days of each other.
But as we all age , time stops for no one and as we used to celebrate the weddings and the birth of all the children, this is another stage of our life. Not that is makes it easy,or even understandable, it is just the way it is supposed to happen.
To answer your question Rosey, no we will still be going down to London area as both of our extended family live below the London corridor. I am just hoping that we do not have to go in any more bad weather. The last three trips have been a major white out, a raging down pour rain, and an another snowstorm.
I am waiting for a nice ride with sunshine, blue skies, etc.
Hopefully in April as DS and DDIL are arriving from BC. They will be down in On for about a week so we get to spend a week with them here rather than having to go out west. We will do that later this fall
Good going on getting the new house Tenneh, hope the road of life smoothes out nicely and that the rough going is behind you
Take care, I am going to try and finish a table runner tonight. DSIL mentioned she needed a new one.
Grace in On

Jack Frost arrived

Oh my Gosh, Winter is on its way! Felt cold last night in bed, time to put the wolly underlay on and to get this new quilt finished! When I pulled the curtain it was a solid white- that might spell the end of my garden! ( Hopefully slow down some of my bugs and beetles!). Will my sweetpeas survive the frost? And is it time to harvest the watermelons? This is the first year I have successfully grown watermelons and I have 2 on the vine!

There was no ice in the horse's trough though. This is a bit of a shock after all the lovely weather we've had. Maggie mare was not too impressed at having grass popsicles for breakfast, and was hanging about in the spot that was getting the early morning sun in her paddock. Still a glorious day promised! Time to start putting the heavier rug on at night for her.

Grace in Ont, my condonlences on the loss of your DM and family.

I was to have Court mediation for little DD today, but exDH has been not answering his phone so the Court appointed Lawyer for DD has been unable to arrange to have her meeting with him/her, so it has been postponed until that happens! So we wait...

Oh my goodness, have I been stiff and sore after my Mountain walk! It is an 18km route, but we walked in an extra 7 kms to the beginning of the track. Almost a mini-marathon! I have been like an old crone LOL! I am improving each day. The blisters have gone down- they never broke, but the back of the heels are tender- not sure I can get boots or shoes on if I had to attend the Court today anyway!

I don't have enough yellow fabric for all the stars in my scrap quilt- what a bother, I'll have to visit the quilt store in Rotorua when I head over for my course tomorrow! Oh the trials of life LOL!
I will enjoy spending tomorrow; fabric, present for DMIL bday and a small gift for little DD in addition to her bday dress.

How did I get a brand new house ?(I will confirm I am taking it tomorrow when I am over there, all going well). A lot of forestry has been converted back to dairying in NZ since there is so much money in dairy at present. Huge areas around Taupo are back in grass from pines. Pines really suck nutrient from the ground and leave it in poor condition. This block is a recent conversion, and the forestry company set it up from go to its final state, with view of selling the land in 5-10 years. So they estimated the farm, when running at full capicity in 10 years will support xxx number of cows and require 3 houses for manager and support staff. They built all 3 houses to final state, set farm up with equipment/cows/races/shares then walk away from it and it has to be self sustaining wages wise, fertilizer etc. At this stage the farm is struggling to support a mere 500 cows (and will for a few years) and only needs the managers and 1 workers house (a couple). The 3rd house is redundant for now, hence available for rent- but only to a respectful tennant! There has been massive dairy conversion around here- Taupo has not been in a building slump, There are several big blocks that have 4 brand new brick houses them. If you have a spare $5-10Million they would be good investments!

OK back to the study! Still got a bit to do. the workbook does not match the particular textbook edition I was given and there are substantial changes it seems, so I really have to read well to find the answers... my week off is more like a week at school. Still all over after the weekend. I shall sit on my back door step in the sunshine AFTER the frost goes off the lawn!
If I am a good girl and do a few hours I will reward myself with cutting more scraps.....
Blessings from Tenneh by the rivers

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


A thousand pardons for posting on the wrong page.
Guess my mind was tired.
Sara in Fla.

How Beautiful

Tenneh, Marion also posts beautiful pictures of New Zealand. How breathtakingly beautiful it is. What an accomplishment; a personal best for you with your 10 hr. hike. Moving back to Taupo, does this mean that the home you mentioned earlier is going to work out for you?

Lovely sunny day here in Ontario. I saw three deer this morning in the early hours, around 7:30 a.m. I'm sure they are around more than I see them. If I happen to look up from my desk at the right time, I can catch them walking silently through the fields. Our snow is melting and more ground is exposed. It's the first winter I've regretted seeing this happen as we've had such a mild winter, which given global warming, is a bit alarming.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Looking down on the nation


Tenneh really was on the Mt! I have finally done the World Famous one day Mt Tongariro crossing - and it was a long day- we did a 1o hour trek!

I climbed the Mt I have lived on for 9 years, exactly 10 years to the month we took up the lease!

I am posting a photo-thats me, and our farm is on the right in the photo, the narrow green and gold paddock and the large gold paddock to the left of that, and you can see the pine trees are planted in rows separated from the next rows, compared to the plantation pines all around! The house is the tiny silver spot on the very right of the trees.

I am so chuffed with myself for finally doing it!! I am also soooo sore and stiff today and for a few days I think- LOL. I also got blisters on both heels from my endurance riding boots- not quite suitable for Mt climbing.

And I have great photos.

So, home for two days to study hard for my ED Triage course this weekend- it is said you can tell who has not completed the workbook! I do not have a problem staying on one plave at the moment!

And I have another UFO started! I have nearly cut all the pieces for a scrap quilt for my bed, just got yellow stars to cut that go in the sashing between the blocks. I have used all the memory fabrics from my DDs smocked dresses and their quilts, ( and even has a piece of fabric from my high school uniform senior blouse) and my favourite fabrics- I'm really excited about this project, it's a real feel good, joyful quilt, great for off setting any anxiety about moving!

For I have decided to move back to the Taupo region, just need to sort a job.
Met some lovely folks on the trail yesterday, from England and Minnosota... in summer 1000 people a day do the Crossing! Its a very United Nations walk! It was not so crowded yesterday. The Mt is 1967metres.

Blessings from a tired but satisfied Tenneh,



Grace in ONT -- I am very sorry for the loss of your mother, family members, and friends. Please take good care of yourself during this time of grieving. (((Hugs)))

Laura in AL -- I think I have the same crud. I came down with a bad cold yesterday. It has been years since I've had an old-fashioned cold. I mostly get sinus crud that go into infections. Argh. My nose looks like Rudolph the reindeer. Thank heavens for the box of Kleenex 'with lotion' I had in the cabinet!

Sara in FL - I had to laugh when mopping the floor wore you out, yet you run in marathons, and live to tell about it. Too funny.

Sue - Thank you for reassuring us that you and Eric will make the Google transition. Thank you for keeping this board up for us!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

this and that

So sorry to hear about Grace's losses and Tenneh's divorce. I remember a couple of tough years when many loved ones passed on, and am afraid another will be coming all too soon, as DH's mother and my parents are aging.
I will enjoy spending time with them while I have them. In that vein, it is spring break here, and 45* F and raining. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, and maintenance on the car, and then I'm headed south to visit Mom and Dad, DMIL, and my friends. Hopefully the weather will be decent there.
I'm feeling a bit rocky today, and have spent the entire day reading a book written by a "good acquaintance." It is a fast read, and very moving story about a quilter and her quest to solve a mystery about a quilt. The book, Heart For A Hero, by Laura Patrick and Ed Ditto, is the first fiction published by AQS, . I knew her slightly from quilt guild (300 member guild) and then went to lunch with a good friend who was visiting from out of town. Laura Patrick was also there; it turns out that she was my friend's room-mate in college. We both were sitting there trying to remember where we'd met before! :)
I'm going to eat an early dinner, finish my book, and go to bed. Hopefully I'll shake this crud in time to go to Montgomery.

forgot my pics!

Day light savings, sounds good!

Good morning everyone,
I would think Eric will be able to move us when the time comes.
I heard this rumor but don't really know anything about it.
here is the yahoogroup in case we need it
or my email
(lets see if they post :)

I haven't really been on the puter a great deal, happy & surprised to see Tenneh, Hi Hi Hi!
That house sounds great! Sorry to hear of your family strife, families are a strange & wonderful thing!
Grace, my sympathies, so hard to lose those we love, esp a parent.
I was looking at a picture of my original small quilt group & there are only 2 of us left, they
were great ladies, one was my dearest friend , I miss her every day.
I'm a little sentimental today as we put our last dog to sleep yesterday.
She was almost 17, I used to call her the world's oldest pit bull.
We have had 30 years of continuous dogs in our marriage, it's very strange to be without.
I know we won't bite right away if at all. They are a big commitment.

I will be distracted by our 1st local quilt show of the season later today. It's a pretty big one
put on by the Portland guild. Even though I live inn Portland I belong to the Vancouver guild
. Our show is in 3 weeks . These are my 2 entries, my little quilt of Pansy our kitty & the
beautiful Pomegranate that I bought as a top & had quilted by a local hand group.
It hasn't touched a bed yet!
We formed a little group to try and "stash bust" Now we are a UFO group, ha ha!
We have started 4 quilts! The last one is Montana Cartwheel containing some New york
beauty blocks, and I am so hooked on making these arcs! It is totally addictive!
unlike the brights these are usually made in we are doing reproductive civil war type colors &
they are lovely. (I only have 7 of 47 blocks however!)
If you google Montana cartwheel quilts on google images you will see these beautiful quilts that have been made.
Now I have all these quilts started with gardening season almost here!
Maybe I'll see some sewing time on the patio though this summer.

Sunday Morning

Hello everyone. I too read this chat board about everyday so decided to chime in and visit. Grace I am sorry about your losses of mother, family and friends. All in a six month period is pretty difficult to deal with. I manage to sew (quilt) almost everyday. With winter being here it is not good weather to be out. But I think spring is close. I too am making Cancer comfort quilts. My family has all the quilts they need for now so its time to give to others. I enjoy making them as everyone is a little different. They have angels on them wonderundered down and stitched around. Twelve blocks in all. Nice size to cover up with while under going chemo treatments.
I read your post Tenneh from the valley. Nice hearing from you. and the house you are offered for rent sounds wonderful.
Well I hope we see more people posting soon. Marge in cool misty cloudy Pa.

Sunday morning in the country

And a dreary one it is.

Grace, I'm sorry to hear about your mother. Will this eliminate your trips to south/western Ontario or is your dad still with you? You know that there is a stop-over here in the country, if needed.

The winters here can be long, longer perhaps where Grace is located. But, this first 'hearing' of a red-winged blackbird...always my first harbinger of spring, plus those danged awful Canada Geese who poop anywhere and everywhere. The red-winged blackbirds have a 'cheree' song that is unmistakable. I don't see them for some time though as they seem huddled in tree tops until spring is actually here...another week officially before it arrives.


I still love to visit here

Hello All,
Just thought I would say Hello instead of just reading and having a conversation with you all silently. Yes I visit usually everyday to see what is going on. Just have not wanted to converse myself. It has been a very hard 6 six months starting with the passing away of my DM. Since then there have been another three family deaths plus three friends .
On the plus side it is been a rather easy winter and it looks like soon we may have it a lot easier yet. It has been a beautiful week with lots of sunshine. This morning it is raining but we need a little rain just to clean the earth from all the sand and salt.
On the quilty side , I have just been very busy with the cancer quilts, ( my partner in crime) has been spending the winter down south, and a lot of the time I did not feel like doing anything. Go figure.
Well time to get ready to meet the day.
Happy belated Birthday Heather, Hope the day was wonderful
Grace in On.