Saturday, February 8, 2014

Mmmmm....Saturday morning and strange things....went to same bookmark icon and it led me to the old general page, then to the old bbpge, then to the bbpge and finally took me to the chat page.....all with messages that this has moved, albeit old messages.......Eric.....r u still around ?? What's happening ??

Waiting for a couple of grandsons to arrive.....and womens olympic hockey...Canada vs Swiss....GO CANADA GO !!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Doris is not exaggerating about that quilt store. She took me there a dozen years ago. I can only imagine that it has even more fabric. It's possible that missing fabric you are looking for is in there but I don't believe you would ever find it. Just amazing.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday . . .

A quick note (ha!) to check in and post the latest...

My sister and her DH had a wonderful cruise around NZ and Australia.    One of their trans-Pacific flights was on New Zealand Air and according to her, this was the most enjoyable flight they have ever taken!  They loved the flight attendant staff, the safety video  that used Lord of the Rings characters, the food, everything.   That might have been the flight that was a double-decker plane.  Two floors of passengers!   I cannot imagine this!

  If Down Under wasn't such so far away,  they would go back again.  .  The jet lag was very difficult when they returned home, due to the time difference.    I can't wait to see their pictures.

Last Monday I spent the day with Sondra in Calif,  now lives in North Carolina.   She looks fantastic, is doing very well, and says "Hello"  to everyone here.   We had a wonderful day together, getting caught up on each other's lives and sewing projects,  went out for lunch, and I took her to a local quilt  shop that has so much fabric, it is impossible to see it all.  I am not kidding.  We were both overwhelmed and did not stay long.

Atlanta truly was a winter disaster last week, and I am very thankful that our son and his wife do not live down there.   Of course, we have had similar winter storm events but none quite as dramatic as what Atlanta experienced.  I will say that this winter is like the old-time winters we used to have, some thirty-plus years ago.  The problem is we have become spoiled to the mild winters we've been getting the past umpteen years, and there is more traffic on the same roads.

Stay warm and hugs to everyone!