Saturday, June 25, 2016

FaceBook versus Chat Board

I'd  thought not to post again here, as I seem to be one of the few doing so and yet, my decision, because I'm fighting a loosing battle with the digital media anyway, to post here continues.  I don't want to hog the board.  I wish more people hadn't gone over to FaceBook, not that it isn't an enjoyable place for quilters and people to be but why, I wonder, cut this Chat Board off.  I do understand that contacting the webmaster seems a useless waste of time, that some people have been able to sign into the Chat Board in order to post, some can read, but not post, and all of this I find discouraging.  Why is the webmaster who hosts this site not available to those wanting or having wanted to get in the site?  What is it about the site that makes it difficult for some to access?  And then, why can't people post to both places, FaceBook and the Chat Board.  My own reasons for not 'doing' Facebook are not publishable, I'll be run off 'social' media forever...(smiling).  The computer takes up more of my time than I wish to allow now, I know that getting into FaceBook would take me away even further from my creative work in the studio, reading about other people's lives on FaceBook.  Maybe when my hands get so crippled up I can't sew, maybe when my eyesight no longer allows for threading a needle, maybe then...FaceBook will be a good thing.  Right now, for me, it is not.  Too, this business of 'friending' thus allowing people access to read your FaceBook page, bothers me.  I understand it is a form of control for privacy but it also is a form of control for hurting people, not with the quilters but with others whose lives are elsewhere on the internet, where people in families unfriend and block other family members from reading their FaceBook page.  I'd better not go on about this, but to say, I wish more people would post here, put a picture up here, have some dialogue here, it's been fun, it could still be fun.

So, the sketch above is done by our friend, D. Cooper, an architecture technologist by training, an artist by his own gifts.  Truly an artist, Don very kindly did this drawing of our hen house, which is minus the chickens now.  I wish I still had them but one day I couldn't face cleaning out the hen house over the coming winter and packed them on their way to another farm in the area.  Himself had my two fenced in runs and all the fenced rooms taken down inside and outside the hen house within 24 hours.  Without asking me.  I think that would remain grounds for divorce if I had done that to him.  He will go to his grave with that misdemeanor hanging over his head of which he would not pay attention to anyway.  Rolls like water off a duck's back, it does.  So, now I buy my eggs at a farm nearby, which I'm about to do now, after I deliver B&B guests from Australia to their family gathering across the country road from my egg lady.
And so life goes on.  Wish more people posted here and I wish the webmaster was more present and available.
RoseyP in S.Ontario,Canada