Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hi from West Palm Beach, Fla. I'm down here visiting for a few days. Staying with a GF who had knee replacement surgery about 1 month ago. My brother wanted me to come down and visit with my Mom and take her shopping for some new clothes.
She just finished phy. therapy and is in need of exercise clothes. She had no idea that people make clothes just to exercise in, with spandex, etc. I don't know how I'm going to get her any sports bras, or anything along that line, as she is very well endowed, and years and gravity have taken over. (oh, glad she doesn't read the computer any)
So, today is devoted to Target, and maybe some sports stores to try on clothes.
What makes people more stubborn when they get old? She didn't want her neighbor to wash and set her hair, but eventually did, and was so glad, and felt better when it was done.
Just getting out is a struggle with the walker, wheel chair, etc.
It is such a beautiful area, not far from Palm Beach, with all the pretty palm trees, and the Atlantic ocean. Such a shame to stay inside!
OK, off to put on some make up and face the traffic.
Will let you know what happens.
Going to help GF get into shower.
Sara in Fla.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a quilting family

how wonderful. Congratulations to all of you. You will be able to have great conversations with the boys about colour and fabric. Just remember to lock your fabric up so they can't get into it, just kidding. My DD has just started quilting and my treasured stash is going down by the day,I love batiks and so does she, it is so great to discuss quilts with her. Hugs from Bee in NZ

Double Winners at the Fair

Since I finally got the pictures to work, I have something else I'd like to share.

Our county fair was a few weeks ago. My DS who is 17, won Grand Champion and the Sweekpstakes Award for a quilt that he entered in 4-H. I also had a Grand Champion and Sweepstakes winning quilt that I entered in our FCE division. My quilt is one I made for my oldest DS as a graduation gift.

I just had to get a picture of the 2 of us with our quilts and our awards. Don't think it's very often there is a Mom & Son both winning Grand Champions and Sweepstakes -- especially on quilts! Jon's sweepstake award was a plaque, and mine was a beautiful crystal basket.

I look like something the dog dragged in -- long week at the fair with migraines mixed in.

Trying the picture

Been trying to add the picture and it's not working. I'll try again.

Wow,it worked. I'll add another just cause I like it.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another Quilter in the making

My youngest DS, Isaac who is 6 1/2 found some of my string blocks about a month ago. He played with them on the floor several days getting them all laid out just right. He decided he wanted to see how many of the same fabrics he could get to touch each other. When he had the blocks how he wanted them, he begged me to sew his quilt together. He sat on my knee and ran the foot pedal while I fed the blocks through. He helped me with the ironing also. When the top was done, he decided that his tiger flannel that we had purchased several weeks before would be good for the back. I agreed. He wanted to help me quilt it, but I wasn't quite ready for that challenge. I quilted and bound the quilt. Our local fair was coming up, so we entered it in open class as a quilt made by more than 1 person. It got a red ribbon, and Isaac was really happy, because red is his favorite color! He had lots of fun during the fair showing everyone "his" quilt.

Once it came home from the fair, it had to go straight to his bed.

I think it's safe to say I have another quilter in the making!

I had a picture of us with his quilt to add, but it doesn't want to load right now. Off to my sewing room, will try the picture again later.


Lavinia: so sorry, I guess I need bloging for dummies also.
Didn't see your e mail addy at the end until the 3rd reading.

I'd love to E mail you

Lavinia-I don't get the Dakota Cabin Quilt newsletter, (never heard of it) and I don't have your E mail address.
my e mail addy is sashauer@comcast dot net

DH has had a swollen shut left eye Friday Sat. and half of today from the skin cancer surgery last Thurs. The Dr. took it off over the eye brow and there were about 8 stitches. At least now he can open his eye and it is somewhat less painful. We didn't go to church, because he was worn out from the 2 weeks of 14-16 hour days, and the eye was still swollen this morning.
As far as the update on DD and DSIL-we talked about 30 min. on Friday evening, and then I passed the phone over to DH and he talked to her about 1 hr. or more. We have cleared most of the air! Thankfully.
Evidently they had some consumer debt, and 2 mortgages. (I didn't know that) and want to get out from under all of it. They are painting and fixing up to get the house on the market. We talked about their plans extensively, and agree with 95% of what they are doing.
Public school here starts tomorrow, so all 4 boys will be going. At least they will be staying here 1 more month as far as we know.
They do want a simpler life style- which is commendable. And, they are adults, so even though we don't see eye to eye on everything, it is their decision.
We are trying to replace the small TV, stero receiver, CD player, etc. that the lightning fried. The good news is that the prices of TVs have come way down, and the quality gone up. Tomorrow I'm getting a flat screen 19 in. for the kitchen. We will be getting an I-pod. So, I'll have to learn "I-pod for dummies".
The power surge procter we bought for the kitchen is a 3 prong, so will have to replace it with a 2 prong. Not a big problem.
Going to make a pitcher of iced tea to cool off.
It's another scorcher here today. Thank goodness for A/C.
Sara in Fla.

SARA email me

Sara in Florida. Do you happen to get the weekly posts from Dakota Cabin Quilts? If not, e-mail me and I'll forward this week's post. It is all about people moving to North Dakota and what is going on up there; very interesting. tnquilter AT comcast
DOT net Lavinia