Saturday, May 15, 2010

Oh My Goodness, Heather

A one hour old baby and so perfectly formed and not a wrinkle or red spot on him at all. He looks to be a week or more old instead of one hour. What a beautiful child. No matter how much nonsense our kids get into, when the give us the gift of a grandchild, it's wonderful. Congratulations to the new mom and dad and to grandma and grandpa as well. Andy must be happy, too.


Our newest gift of grace !

Our youngest son Scotty and his partner Valerie gifted us today....

Our third grandchild was born today at 9:33 a.m est...... Preston ..... 8lbs 3oz and 20 1/2 "

we are so blessed to have this grandchild....he is about 1 hour old in this photo.....

Mom, Dad and baby are doing well...Grandma and Grandpa are thrilled......

Thank you

to all who mailed me about losing Harold. I have sent cards to those whose mail I either have found or already had but I am still chasing up a few others. In the meantime please accept my very sincere thanks for thinking of us. It is at times like this one needs all the help one can get and you all came up trumps. I feel as though I am enclosed with a big hug from around the world and what a difference it makes. Many hugs Bee in NZ.

phones, and other things

Sara, we have much the same problem , our phone # is one digit away from a very busy pharmacy and we get at least 3-4 calls each week sometimes each day. As we had our # well before them I don't feel we should have to change. It always seems to ring at the oddest times, for instance while washing my hair or even worse than that!!!!! I have got into taking the phone with me even down the drive to fetch the mail. Not such a long drive as Jane's one but bad enough. I am an asthmatic and running up a steep drive is not my thing even if it is a call for me. I am thinking of taking up a new hobby, still quilting which is my first love but something new. I would love to take up painting again, but think I would like more of a team thingy. I love to talk, who doesn't, but can't think of what to do , any suggestions?? Not till winter is over but later. Ahem I have just realised that I am thinking ahead, great . Must be accepting the situation. Hugs to all, Bee in cooler NZ.


OK, so I'm going to call on Monday to get yet another new phone #.
Comcast isn't perfect, but between ATT, and all the others out there, there doesn't seem to be anything better. I'm just not ready to live only on the cell phone.
Sara in Fla.

Friday, May 14, 2010

weird happenings

Now this is really strange.
Three times yesterday, and several times during the week I have gotten phone calls wanting Comcast. When I ask what they are dialing, they say my correct number.
I asked a gentleman yesterday how he got the number, he said Yahoo. Evidently my home # and Comcast number are the same, except they have 888 as their area code.
I've had many wrong numbers wanting someone named Carla Asher also. Anoying phone calls.
So, should we change the # again?
Sara in weirdtown

Thursday, May 13, 2010

oh.... duh

I accidentally made that post over on the main BB board. That's not the first time I've done that, and it won't be the last. (ack) Here it is:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Sara in FL - We had dinner twice at the Old Pink House. The food was wonderful. I'm so glad you enjoyed your dinner. Sorry your DH got a sinus infection.

My migraine was gone by 9 a.m., so I was able to get on with my day. I caught it early, treated it early, and was lucky. Mine can't hold a candle to the ones most people suffer. No aura, either, although my eyes dont' like TV or light if I'm in the throes of a bad one.

The cause of that migraine was stress, all over a shade of sage green I was trying to find for our family room walls that will be painted in a couple weeks. DH decided he didn't want green *that badly* and beige would do. Thank you. No more stress.

Today, the wood floors were installed in our son's old room/ my soon-to-be sewing room. Some of this technology is great. These were 2 1/2" strips of oak hardwood flooring, installed one at a time, but pre-stained & pre-finished. No sanding, no waiting 3 days for the polyurethane to dry & cure. Tomorrow another team will come put down the shoe mould/quarter-round. Then new carpets on next Tuesday.

Thurs. p.m. Shoe mould is down today Hooray! We'll move and cram stuff into that room to make space for the carpet replacement in the other rooms. I've never done this before (replaced carpet)--- it's almost like moving, having to empty out closets & pack up stuff.


I wrote a post two days ago, got the message that it went through, but it hasn't shown up yet. This is a test . . .

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nothing of Importance

Jane, are you not glad, regardless of the adrenalin rush of going to court with clients, to have that life behind you now? You are in a more peaceful place now up there in the mountains and if you fall of the WeightWatchersWagon once in awhile, who cares. You don't have to fit into a business suit any more. I've only had one migraine in my life and that was one too many. Hope your head is feeling better, Doris, as well.

Tonight the wind is whipping around the outside of the house and the rain is falling in gusts on the skylights of my studio. It's cold, too. The apple trees are in blossom, the grass is velvety green and the tulips are still tulipy and full of colourful petals. It feels like late autumn up here in the country. I think summer happened in April.


Bad vacation

Sigh. . . .I had high hopes of a wonderful, relaxing, romantic weekend in Savannah, GA.
Wouldn't you know DH came down with the sinus infection from H---.
We did manage to take a a short bike trip around the historic area, a walk in Forsythe park, and a wonderful dinner at the Old Pink House.
I wound up visiting the Julia Gordon Lowe house (think girl scouts) by myself on Mon. AM
Then gathered up DH, bikes, and all and I drove us home.
DH started the Z pack antibiotics this morning, and we hope will be on the mend by tomorrow.
He hasn't had much sleep in 3 days, I slept in the quilty room last night and don't remember much of anything all night.
Headachs-The very first time I had a migraine was the day after DD's wedding here at our house. I seem to do OK during the time of stress, but a few hours or a day later the pain kicks in. I've learned to always have chewable baby asprin with me. That and a Mountain Dew, or other large quanity of caffine will generally kick it.
If all else fails, turn out the lights and sleep for as long as necessary.

I've started cutting out 8in. squares for the next quilt. They are all sky colors of blue and lavender. After that, I'm going to work on angels to place all around. I have one done and like the way it turned out.

We'll see if this posts or not.
Sara in Fla.


Got up at 5:30 yesterday to make sure I got to guild early as I was on the hook for refreshments this month. Came straight home after lunch with pal and all I could think about was a nap. Got here and Shadow decided that since she had slept away the first half of the day she needed Mom to entertain her...end of nap. Went to bed at 10:30 and was oblivious to the world until about 3 and after an urgent trip to the loo was wide awake and had nagging ache in the shoulder...end of sleep. RATS!! Dontcha just hate it when that happens? I have almost nothing on the calendar for today so was going to finish the few remaining blocks for DD wedding quilt but I'm strung out. Guess I'll do it anyway. Need to take time today for serious exercise too. Fell of the Weight Watcher Wagon for another few days. I guess if I were living in Nashville right now I wouldn't have a lot of sympathy for me. Just pass the wine; I have the cheese.

Doris, I can relate to the 4 AM migraine. I used to get them at exactly the same time of day. It was usually preceded by a crippling tension headache during the previous day which can be as daunting as the migraine. Invariably that happened when I had a jury trial. Immediately after my closing argument during jury instructions I would realize that my head was about to explode. Added to the stress of the trial I often was too wound up or too busy researching for case law in the library to back me up in closing to have eaten anything at noon so low blood sugar contributed to the mix. While waiting for a verdict the prosecutor and I would often commiserate with each other with respect to our headaches. Win, lose or draw I would close the curtains in my bedroom and be in a fetal position in bed when Al got home. All that would be followed with the middle of the night dream about having brain surgery and I would wake with the sickening pounding over my left ear when the tension headache morphed into a migraine. The latter sometimes lasted for several days. This pattern existed long before the trial days of my life, starting in my teens but only a couple of times a year. The early birth control pills of high hormone dosage just about did me in with headaches lasting many days. That's when I did permanent damage to my stomach by taking huge quantities of aspirin in a vain attempt to bring it under control. Did I see a doctor for this? It never occurred to me. I don't think they had much for it in those days. That was considered of no medical consequence as it was primarily a problem affecting just women. Anyway, I had one whopper within a few weeks of retirement in '91 during a very serious marital crisis and haven't had one since then which landed me in an emergency room. Duh, does that tell us something children? I've read in the not too distant past that stress is not a migraine trigger. Yeah, right. For many it is chocolate, red wine or caffeine. For me the biggy is stress. I loved, all but reveled in the adrenalin rush of a trial, winner or loser and still miss it in a way. But, I sure don't miss the pain. I can't tell you how often the young prosecutor would approach me in the hall outside the courtroom while the jury was deliberating asking, "Hey, Jane, have you got some aspirin?" so obviously my reaction was not unique. Trouble was the aspirin was absolutely useless but you get so miserable you'd take cyanide if you thought it might help.

Hmm, I wonder if I could catch a few ZZZZZs now that it's 6:30. Think I'll give it another try.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday a.m.

Woke up at 4 a.m. with a migraine, so took the Rx and cup of coffee, will go put ice on my head, and should be right as rain in an hour or so. Argh. Probably stress induced, as the flooring company is due this week to remove carpet from our son's old bedroom a/k/a my soon-to-be new sewing room (WooHoooo!) and put in hardwood floors. The following week, the carpet crew will return to replace 24 y/o carpet (Eeeewww!) in the rest of the upstairs as well as family room. Then painters should arrive the week after carpet guys leave, to do some major wallpaper removal and painting. Is it any wonder I have a headache? (LOL)

Just thinking of what the above will cost us is appalling, yet needs to be done in a 24 year old house just to keep it up-to-speed (shall we call it refurbishing?). THEN I think of the hndreds (thousands?) of homes with flood damage, where sheetrock, subflooring, flooring, and furniture --- not to mention their CDs, DVDs, photo albums, etc. that will need to be replaced at a cost out of their own pockets. IF they have the resources to even replace.

Flooding anywhere causes such an economic hardship. I don't know of any sort of insurance that pays for the personal belongings such as appliances, furniture, other furnishings. Most of the people in this particular flood were told their homes are not in a 100-year flood plain, and therefore do not have any flood insurance.

We have been on severe water conservation for the past week. Nashville has two potable water supply plants, and one was flooded last weekend. The second plant has been keeping us supplied because citizens have heeded the mandate to reduce water consumption by 50%. I don't think our area has reduced by 50%, but it has been sufficient enough that the lone plant has been meeting our needs.

Yesterday I treated the foundation block in our basement, that is under the front stoop (step), with mold killer. It got rather wet from the rain and was smelling musty in the house. It smells much better today. I use a paint roller on a long handle to apply; very easy. This is a good product, what the mold remediation companies use. FWIW, bleach does NOT kill mold---it simply lightens the color.

Well . . . I"m off to put some ice on this headache. Hugs to everyone. I hope y'all have a good day.