Friday, July 17, 2009

BB boards crashed?

BEE in NZ - The boards here have been 'down' for a few days, possibly crashed. That may be why you received the odd email. I tried to email Eric and it came back to me, but I think I had an incorrect address.

Looks like we're back on track again. I'm glad to see the BBs up and running.

THANK YOU, ERIC, for providing these boards for us!

Doris W. in TN

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I have just had a Mail notification that my mail to Eric is delayed and they will try again. I have no idea what they are talking about as I haven't tried to contact him. Just in case , would someone let him know. We are having some odd things happening here on our computers I have checked no virus as far as I can see but my DIL also told me she had a note from me,as she is known for not checking her mail I didn't worry but now I am a little puzzled.Hugs from a cold and wet NZ , Bee.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Marion and Jane

Hi my dear so sorry to hear about your sad loss , I always wanted a sister but we only managed a brother and the less said about him the better. Your sister, was she the mother of the Volvo sailor? We always watch the TV results and still wish they still arrived in Auckland. We used to love going to the Viaduct and watching all the ships.Really horrid weather up here, your DGKs aren't missing anything much more fun down your way.
Jane, ummmmmm, the time comes to all of us , not that it helps in any way, just let Shadow enjoy whatever time she has with you and remember the good times. On getting another dog, as you know we were conned into taking Gus and after nearly 5 years he has at last learned manners, Brett, our vet, still calls him a street kid but he is learning !!!! We would miss him if anything happened to him but it is good to have a watchdog. he is shorthaired and his hair weaves it way into all the carpets , blankets, our clothes. So beware and get a dog who doesn't shed. Hugs to all, Bee in NZ.

Monday, July 13, 2009


I have two grand-daughters but neither of them has a sister. I am sad about that for them. What you don't have, I suppose you don't miss, but it's hard for me to imagine growing up without a sister to share things with. Despite the fact that my sister Brenda and I lived on opposite sides of the world, we remained close. I am so thankful for the happy times that we spent together. My elder sister was very much the "big" sister as we grew up, but we became closer as adults, her children are much the same ages as our children (all now in their 40's !) and that's fun. It's hard for us to realize that there are now just the two of us . Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayer. The loss of a loved one is something that we all experience and it is made easier to cope with by the kindness of others.

Jane I am so sorry for the sadness that you are dealing with . Shadow has been part of this board for many years and we know how much he means to you. Doris I loved the story of your new dog and the obedience classes ! Sounds quite a character ! We always had Labradors but decided after the last one died, that we would go for a smaller dog. We got a Beagle... She is beautiful but her life is ruled by her nose . We live in the country so there are all sorts of scents for her to get excited about each day. We have an electric fence around the entire property , 10 inches above the ground, that is the only way to keep her in. She has a few acres to run around on, so we don't feel too bad about that !

The grandchildren are still here but I won't complain, as Jane rightly reminded us, we are lucky if our grandchildren visit (!) We had an exhausting day at the Mall today, buying new Jeans for each of them. Tomorrow we will go in search of the snow, something they don't see much of in Auckland .. DD has gone to visit a friend and will be away for two nights so they are here without her. In some ways that is easier ..

We've had some lovely sunny days this last week. Cold and frosty but we don't mind that if the days are clear and sunny afterwards. This winter has been just like a British winter ! Cold and wet.

Time to go.
Have a good day.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Skating babies

Cute! That's all I can say about the skating babies. Evian water comercial. If you haven't seen it google "skating babies". Evidently this You-tube type comercial is gaining attention all over the world.
Vacation--It's good to go away, it's good to get back home. Hopefully this will be our last vacation over the 4th of July weekend. It seems that half of the U. S. takes vacation then, especially in Myrtle Beach, S. C. The weather there was better than Fla. evidently. It rained alot while we were gone, so at least our flowers/grass didn't die.
It was good to spend some time with DH and friends. He enjoyed the 3 days of golf. I enjoyed Charleston, and we had fun taking our respective dogs. The other couple has a dalmation, who outweighs our Pumpkin 4 to 1, but they played well together. We found a dog park in Charleston, which was also a good bike park. That was lots of fun.
Bought a few "Fresh Produce" things, and generally relaxed.
JANE- dog people love dogs. We went about 2 years without one, and then got one that wasn't a good match for us. Now we have our 12 lb. Pumpkin and I just couldn't imagine living without her. It was odd taking her in the car, and we did have to sedate her to and from on the trip, but we are glad she was with us. I'd go the "ask around" route, tell your friends and neighbors when you are ready for another dog, but don't rush it. They are such great company. And yes, watch dogs also. Not that a 12 lb. dog is much of a threat, but she alerts us to noises, usually a good thing. A bonus for me is that being a Yorkie/Jack Russell mix she doesn't shed. That is good for anyone with alergies. Keeps the house cleaner also.
MARION- I'm sorry for the loss of your sister. I know you are glad for the time you got to spend with her this past year.
There was more, but the brain is on empty. Going to watch Miss Marple on PBS at 9:00PM, and get to bed --it's good to sleep in my own bed.
Sara in Fla.

So good to be back HOME

Ahhh. . . .why are vacations always better in our minds than is reality?
The other wife and I both agreeded that the men-folk need to have a golf vacation apart from us. Not that I don't love my husband, but a week is too long with no quilting.
TIP--for anyone going away and taking a portable machine--alwasy check to see if you have the proper feet for the machine. I was so sure I had everything, light, extention cord. Forget to take the regular foot, and tried to sew with a walking foot. Not too good.
Also- uh-confession time. If you do some iron on interfacing make sure that the iron is on an ironing board, not a glass top table. That mistake cost $219.00 for a new piece of glass. DH didn't rub it in, and in fact said, accidents happen.
I did get to read a Debbie McCumber book, Twenty Wishes. It made me think what my 20 wishes would be if I started a list.
Will let everyone know after the laundry is done.
JANE--we waited over a year to get a new doggie, the first one wasn't a good match. After thinking and talking about it to DH, he found a free dog for me, Pumpkin, who is now HIS dog. We got her from a friend, who had the mom dog. The friend's adult child was alergic to the dog, so we really fell into her. I would only have a small dog from now on! We might at some point "adopt" her sister from our DD.
OK, DH and I both agree that we need to lose 25-30 lbs. each, and were getting ready for a bike ride. It is now raining, so will put that off.
Going to have to give up the ice cream for a while, so I will have more energy to run in the fall. That will be 2 of my 20 wishes. Lose weight so I'll have more energy and run/walk in the Feb, 2010 half marathon.

The brain is a bit fried right now, but Marion my prayers are with you.
I always wanted a sister.
Sara in Fla.