Thursday, August 29, 2013

What were you doing to get them to hold still?

Rosey-I can never get my two to hold still for a picture.  Was someone opening a bag of treats?
DH is doing P. Thera. this afternoon, and later we will be off to the beach for the weekend.  The girls love being on the sand because they think it is their own personal doggie park.  I have to take them out real early, about 6:30-7:30 before many people are out.  At 8:00 the police patrol in their ATVs, and they are supposed to be on leash.  Since they have gotten used to the area (took about 6-8 mo.) they will stay right in front of me and play with the big dogs.
I have lived in Fla. 40 years now,and must have finally setteled in.  This morning when I took them out for the AM walk said, gee not as humid out.  Turned on the weather chanel and it was 85% humid.  Low!  The masive rains have finally finished for a while.
Hopefully will be dry through the weekend.  We hope to ride bikes at low tide, but only in the evening.
Sara in Fla.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Annie & Megs

Sorry if this goes out twice.  The first time it did not allow me to type in any text.  Here are my two imps, Annie on the left, Meg (for Nutmeg because she's the colour of it) and the right.  Meg is a little imp and totally lovable.  Annie's growing up and not into the mischief Meg still gets into.  That's me was cleaning day.  In any case, I am posting to recommend the movie, The Butler.  I went, not knowing what to expect.  It is an intense, emotionally draining movie, at least I found it so.  The various presidents this gentleman served under were well depicted and was a disturbing reminder to me that desegregation happened only in the latter part of this past century.  It's a movie worth seeing but take some tissues with you.