Saturday, February 22, 2014

Another photo from Heather.  She needs three more rows to make it wide enough to use as a coverlet on the bed.  Pretty colours.  You Amuricans know that the maple leaf is a national treasure here in Canada.  We have the Toronto Maple Leafs, our hockey team which used to be good but seems lagging in past decades; maple syrup, maple sugar, everything is maple because of our many maple trees which turn gorgeous colours of yellow ochre, deep reds, deep oranges, and in the spring, apple green, summer, deeper greens.  And in late fall, brown.  Looks like Heather has captured pretty much all the colours with a few more colours thrown in.
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Heather's Oh, Canada quilt
And I want you all to know that I have learned how to do this on Window's 7.  I can't say I'm totally in love with Window's 7 but I can tell you one thing....I don't have to do my knitting while I'm waiting for a download or a website to come in.  It is MUCH faster than Windows XP...
Isn't the quilt beautiful.  And you know what else...don't you just love the legs and skates sticking out beneath the quilt.  That's what makes quilts so much fun.  Done intentionally, I see.


I googled the quilt pattern Heather mentioned. It is a great pattern and to imagine it was designed by "one of our own". I love anything involving maple leaves but have only done one to date. One of my very first quilts and still my favorite I think.

I hate to even mention the weather. In one week it has gone from a "normal" 4 inch (after 6 total inches during the previous week) snowfall Saturday to another 4" Sunday/Monday. Then we had 3 glorious days of 40 to 50 degree thawing but ending the week in a messy rain, sleet, snow blizzard Thursday and thawing again on Friday and Saturday! Next week is forecast with another snow and temperatures way below normal. I can think of nothing good to say about this winter, just brrrrrr.

I am hard at work trying to make a wedding quilt for a March 15 wedding. It is looking good to be finished on time but I'm not stressing if it arrives late. During Olympic viewing I have been putting stitches in a reworked 1930s Dresden plate quilt. It is a relaxing endeavor in the works for over a dozen years. I figure if the original quilter left it in pieces for over 60 years I am not doing half bad. I will attempt to post the Dresden plate which is pictured with a huge meander basting by my long arm quilter. I have finished quilting the plates and am now adding cross hatching in the background.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Well we had another major storm hit us last night but hope the rest is over...been an exciting two weeks watching the Olympics !   Gold for mens and womens curling !  Exciting to watch , figure skating, ski cross, bobsleigh, speed skating....and womens hockey gold !  A real come from behind game... And today the semi final with the USA mens.....u know who I am rooting for !  

Benn busy quilting...doing a quilt called Oh Canada by Cheryl Arkinson....All maple leaf blocks.....

Can't seem to link a picture.....

Hope all is well for everyone

Monday, February 17, 2014

wow it worked

I am so pleased , there was so much on the site I wanted to comment upon and now I cannnot remember anything. I know just how the computer plays up and it gets me so cross. My last one died on me and my DGD 's firm were replacing their computers and were selling the old ones off. I now have a business Dell. Huge screen and goes like a charm. The reason my last laptop was so bad was because my medical alarm took over the phone line first and all I could get was one ring then nothing. I now have a wireless alarm and no problems at all. This went on for a couple of years or more and no one realised the problem except my neighbour's grandson!!!!!! So much for the clever tecs at Vodafone. I am now going to bed it is 2.30am and I can't keep my eyes open, way too much Olympics. HUgs to all and you will be sick of me now I am back. Bee in NZ

hope springs eternal

and I mean it. I have been trying to post since before Christmas but nothing happened so perhaps this time. Bee if this goes thru I will continue

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Troubleshoot capacity
Open file location
Run as administrator
Scan using Spybot Search & Destroy
Scan with Microsoft Security Essentials
Pin to Taskbar
Pin to start menu
Restore previous versions
Send to

Now, this is all under my inbox thingy.  I understand "Open"  I understand Scan with Microsoft Security and Spybot...I think those are the two detectives looking into the email that comes into my inbox so that it doesn't have gremlins attached.  Pin to anything means pinning patches in my quiltmaking not anything to do with a computer, Restoring anything, means restoring my sanity.  Send to I understand, Cut...well, I have delete to do that...the Etc. Etc. means that Windows 7 or any programme beyond Windows XP which to me now looks like the best and simplest version of operating a computer gets into far too much 'stuff'.  Why can't computer companies just go with two versions of simple, one for experts who want to do fancy stuff with their computers.  But no, like grocery manufacturers, we are given so many options, so many choices that it boggles the mind, overwhelms the mind actually.  Life is no longer simple.  I get into my car and it starts dinging at me.  I can heat my seats which I like. I can heat my steering wheel, which I like, I have a heater in the back of the car which blows heat on the dogs in winter and air-conditions us in the summer, so I'm not adverse to these little extra luxuries in what I use in the way of machinery.  Sewing machines passed me by when they went from Singer to these fancy machines which secretly I wish I knew how to operate because I'd love to do machine embroidery but believe, no matter how easy you tell me it is to learn, I will never learn because I now have a great antagonism towards anything that controls me, which is my sewing machine.  Do straight stitching, maybe a fancy stitch or two, go forward and backward and that's all I need.  I am one who enjoys the slower repetition of handwork.  It allows me to think of other things, the sewing machine requires my constant attention.  Some of you will relate to the one, most to the other.  I admire anyone who can work with these new types of machinery, electronic or otherwise, but for me, the simpler I can keep things, the better I can cope.

And by the way, my Windows 7, so far, is behaving itself and I can do all I need to do and ignore all the other stuff it says it can do.