Saturday, January 5, 2013

I wish they would quit changing the layout for this blog. It confuses me utterly. Welcome back Anna. I tried to post yesterday but was unable to figure it out. I've often wondered what had happened to you. I'm back in school for the second semester. My test scores for first semester are at least decent, maybe better, so that relieves a bit of the stress. Plus, I only have one course to prepare for, so I might actually have time to do something with the fabrics I have stashed. The first few blocks of my (larger) replacement for my Y2K quilt are on the design wall. I want it to be as much like the original as I can manage. I have applecore pieces sewn together, but I need to finish turning them, and then figure out how I am going to join them. I've also been spending money on 5 inch charm squares, and I need to decide how I'm going to use those and reduce the stash by using some of my fabric at the same time. Laura PS, I hope this posts.

Friday, January 4, 2013

This is only a test...hello from Spain!

Hi friends, does anyone out there still remember me? I haven't been able to even access this blog for yonks, even though I do use other Blogger pages regularly. And for awhile long ago, I could access but not post anything. Somehow I stumbled in here yesterday quite by accident, and now I can post!
We are doing well, the economic crisis has begun to bite hard here in Spain. Many of us have had to relearn the meaning of Christmas, and do our celebrating on a budget. DH has had a small carcinoma removed from his scalp but it appears to be fine. That was my best present this year, I can tell you!

After three years of struggle I finally left the Anglican church I attended for twelve years and joined a small local congregation. There are usually about 12 of us there, but they are a dynamic little group and do a lot with distributing clothing to those in need etc. I'm rather happy there (been there for about 18 mos) and even spoke last Sunday as the pastor was awaiting the birth of his first grandchild, a little girl. Of course you know she had a quilt!

I'm doing physically a lot better, no longer need to walk with a cane, and even the rotator cuff issue is much improved with the use of the gymball and physiotherapy exercises. I feel better than I have for over 3 years. And I've finally broken my addiction to OTC sleeping pills! Now if I could just get rid of the tinnitus, but I think I'm stuck with that.

There's a new way to raise funds for community help here, I wonder if you have it there? For every 3 dozen plastic tops from shampoo, soda bottles, margarine tubs etc, the recycling centre gives 1 Euro to the organisations (food banks, rehab centres, church outreach to the homeless etc). For  kilo of tops (and that's a lot of tops!) they give 200 or is it 300 Euros. It's a tax break for them, a plus for the organisations, and it teaches people to separate the tops from the bottles, as it's a different type of plastic. Then the recycling centres sell the tops on to be made into asphalt. So now I go everywhere with a plastic bag in my purse, picking up tops. Not when DH is along, he would call me a ragpicker, but when I'm on my own it's "eyes down!" Littering is rife here, so I can pick up a dozen tops easily just walking to the local fruit stand and back. (Yes,  I wear gloves to pick them up. I also wash them before I put them in the collection.)
"This has been only a test. In the case of a real post, you would be instructed where to tune in your area for news and official information. This is only a test." And boy did I just date myself!
Have a good day, y'all.

I don't know if this will publish.  I could not go into adding an image the regular way.  This is the contrast between winter and summer here in Southern Ontario, Canada.  I'm never sure which I prefer; both are beautiful.  The lack of sun here in December & January make these two months challenging but by the end of January the sun starts to come out more and there is nothing nicer than seeing the sun sparkling on tree branches coated with ice and snow.  Today, the wind is very high, whistling around the house and through eavestroughs that sing like an eerie opera singer.  Now to see if this posts.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

but wait ...... there's more.....!

My daughter, enjoying the company of the two princes and the Queen. ( looking slightly chubby.)

Charles trying to get Camilla to leave the party...

Marion . (hoping she will not be sent to the Tower for posting these...)

Look who came to dinner !!!

It's all about WHO you know !

Happy New Year to all xx