Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Pat in Flint - That is crazy, having to pay $1.99 svc. chge. for paying a bill in person. I paid mine in person, recently, and there was no sign on the wall advising me of a fee. I'll check next month's bill!

I had to call Verizon today about a twenty-cent charge on my cell phone bill.... for a text message. Yes, I received it. No, I did not open it because it was SPAM and I had deleted it. I still got charged twenty cents, just because it came into my "inbox". Customer service was very nice and removed it, and I learned I can block all text messages to my phone, so I did. I don't "text" and won't have to worry about these charges anymore.

Sometimes the Amish lifestyle looks very attractive......

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I left Comcast a year ago and have AT@T. Phone, TV and cable. Don't know that it is any better than Comcast, but I do know I don't want any kind of dish. I keep an old TV and an old VCR so I can watch Simply Quilts that I recorded a few years ago. One thing a lot of folks don't know about Comcast is they charge you $1.99 if you pay your bill in person. I never did, but a friend of mine thought it was saving them and herself time and money and the Comcast store was something she drove by every week on her way to the grocery. Her son was looking at her bill one day and noticed this "Service Fee" of $1.99. Donna did not know what it was for so she asked next time she was in. That is what they told her. She hasn't been in the store since. She still has Comcast - the only cable she can get in her neighborhood.
Pat in Flint

Don't blame me, blame Doris!

I believe it was Doris who suggested that I contact a Janome dealer about 2 years ago right after the Pad. Ky. quilt show, saying they still had some show specials on sale. Or, it might have been the Houston, TX. show. Anyway, I found their web site, E mailed them, ect. and bought it sight unseen. (Actually I had scoped it out at the local dealer earlier in the week) The dealer was from somewhere in Texas.
Now, of course I also recommend that one gets a machine that can be serviced locally.
My Bernia, the lemon that it was, never had what I'd call good service.
As for Comcast, dear Doris, we are all stuck with what my DH calls the no service dept.
We have tried the dish network, and one other, but go back to Comcast. With the new HD TV that DH has it is a wonderful picture, especially for football games. I do enjoy the home and garden shows, and the DIY shows. Most likely watch way too much TV, could be doing more useful things, but get lazy.
With this gloomy weather and having the head cold from h--- I have been adicted to DIY and other such stuff.
As for editing-- the only thing I know that up at the top, above the "Title" section is a setting that says Edit Posts. I never see my spelling mistakes until I've already posted, then it's too late.
Hopefully others know what it's like to get the fingers on the wrong keys.
Sara in Fla. who is getting a bit better each day

Monday, February 1, 2010

Would someone please tell me

How to edit my posts...ancient..not the way it's spelled in the first post.


Sounds like they have you by the short hairs, Doris. What else is new in business. I guess I'd switch servers, stop using their services but I'm not sure one is any better than the other.

We have been sitting here with two anciety boxy television sets that were about 14" square and the picture not clear, for many years. Finally, himself went out and bought a new television set. It has digital whatever in it. But we still cannot get WNED, my favorite station. I've had withdrawl symptoms all year but am over it....almost. I hardly watch television anyway but it sure burns my a** when the choices they give you on these satellite dishes or cable are nothing but old reruns and cr*p.

Vent away. Won't do you much good with Comcast, Doris. But let us all know how this turns out.

Rosey ( sometimes forget who I am !!)

major rant

Please parden my venting, and boy-oh-boy do I need to let off steam.

Rant alerg, re: Comcast, our black-hearted and only Cable TV provider in our neighborhood.

As of today, Comcast moved a channel I watch 5 days a week, to the digital tier. (They did this to Oprah's channel a couple years ago, but I never watched that one)

This means I cannot receive it on two of our TVs where I usually watch this particular channel - the kitchen and the sewing room - unless I want to rent a large, bulky, ugly digital receiver for $$/month for one of the TVs, or pay double for both. That would also mean I can no longer record on the VCR if I spring for the digital receiver box. It won't work that way. AS IF there is room for one in the sewing room. Did I mention the digital receiver boxes are large, bulky, and ugly,,, and there is no where to put one in my sewing room???

Oh sure, I now I will have to rent a DVR from them for $25/mo. per box by the time you figure in all their add-on taxes, fees, and "kunkle" charges, which is like .... well, you get the picture..... highway robbery.

I cannot remember when I have been this angry at Comcast. (They will NEVER get my telephone business) And don't get me started about their recent ad campaign with Shaq, talking about the competing phone company's "kunkle" (?) charges. Hel-lo!?! Comcast's are just as bad, but they don't mention that in their ads.....
I'm convinced Comcast is our on-shore axis of evil. Argh!

Rant over, and banging head against desk, trying to not think about the $300/year for one TV that alone, this is going to cost us.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

the big thaw

Jane in NC - Sara got a deal, for sure. I have never seen anyone pay less than $1,250 for a 6600, most spent $1,500 when they first came out. That was one reason I did not upgrade for my 6500, as I spent less than either of those prices and couldn't justify the extra cost.

DH and I stayed on the front edge of the winter storm, all the way to Atlanta, GA on Friday morning. Thank goodness the interstates were all clear - and dry! - for our drive home today. Even Monteagle Mountain! We went down to celebrate DS's 28th birthday (today). Nashville had 4 or 5 inches of snow, some rain that froze on top of the snow, so it has a nice crust on top. That rarely happens around here. Last night's low was supposed to be 8F but I hear it was only 12F. Atlanta was much warmer. Sophie is fascinated with the snow . . . still a puppy. 'nuff said. LOL