Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

I think to my days in public school and thankful I can remember that far back when I'd spend hours cutting out Valentines Day cards and carefully placing them into my school bag; taking them into school and hoping those special people would remember me on Valentine's Day. And the mystery cards that would come not signed and I'd wonder, is this from that special boy I'd had a crush on and likely it was some girlfriend teasing me instead.  So, today, in this grey, overcast day in Southern Ontario, Canada where the flowers have long gone to sleep and the landscape is a monotone of achromatic colours, I'm grateful to still be alive to see it.  At noon, I have been invited to have lunch at one of our newest restaurants in town (we must take the record for a small town with the number of restaurants we have in there...they spawn like rabbits and some disappear just as quickly a year or two later...we are a commuter town to Toronto; people eat out though I wonder how young families with two incomes do it).  But first, a trip to a village south/west and not far, to have my curly grey mop trimmed up.  And before that, exercise.  My Christmas gift to me was indulging in three tubs of fake ice cream (soy ice cream) a week, to the extreme, of course for that is what sugar does to me and I've added extra poundage that seems to stick to me like a burr to a dog's coat.  So Happy Valentines day and this picture should brighten the day of those who live in snowy climes.  It is from 'over the hill and down in the valley' at our local honey man's place.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Patterns galore

I decided this morning to look through the huge box of quilt patterns in the closet in hopes of finding the pattern for the quilt I posted on the other page. No luck, but....... I did find a LOT of patterns that I no longer have any use for. There are old ones, reasonably new ones, applique, holiday, paper pieced (including three of the "big quilt" patterns with the pattern pieces for making a queen size) and everything in between. A lot of them have never even seen the light of day. There may be a few that I made in years past, but mostly they are unused. They fill one of the flat rate mailing boxes. The first person who decides they can't live without these can have them. Just email me at kathi_in_idaho**at**yahoo**dot**com, and I'll put them in the mail. The dash in the email addy is the underline one, not the hyphen.

I'm also going to post this on Jill's Yahoo board, since there are some of us who can't get on here.