Saturday, February 21, 2015

Packing up for the move to the beach

We are packing boxes, cleaning out, and making decisions.   So far we have a 8 x 10 room filled with boxes -half to keep and half to sell.
On March 7th we hope to move to the 12th floor of a beach condo here in Jacksonville (beach).  We were there Thursday afternoon for our walk thru, and it was cold and windy!  Found out there is no pantry in the kitchen, so are thinking of turning a 1/2 bath off the kitchen into a large pantry.
For now will buy some chrome shelving to put there, for the canned goods, the case of paper towels, etc.  Not sure how the little dogs will do.  Hopefully can train them to "pee" first thing in the morning on a potty area on the balcony.
We plan to have an "estate sale" about 2 weeks after we move out of the house, with about 1/2 of our stuff.  Have a person picked out to run it - she gets 30%.  She does this part time, and used to do it full time, so hopefully she knows what she is doing.  After that give the rest to a charity, then put the house on the market.  I know things are supposed to sell better with furniture in them, but last time was a nightmare with the dogs, etc.  Some real estate agents were better than others at making sure the doors were locked, lights off, etc.
Have been here 23 years, so it's difficult.  The pollen has been bad this year, and hoping we will be healthier with the ocean air and no oak tree pollen.  My quilt guild is over there too, and have already told DH that Friday mornings are "my" time to go quilt.
Sara in Fla.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Specially for Marion

Go the Black Caps. I was absolutely stunned by our team yesterday. Now for next saturday and the Aussies, keep your fingers crossed.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A corner of the garden..

Just incase some of you have forgotten what  green grass looks like !!  You can see at the top of the right hand side of the picture , the colour our lawn would be if we didn't water it constantly.   Beyond that you can see part of an irrigated paddock.  It's very dry here, I'm just pleased that we are no longer farming and have to watch the crops and the stock suffer.

We have been away for a few days , catching up with some good old friends, and enjoying a change of scenery. Two of them were not in good health , which was sad to see, it's easier not to notice when you see people regularly, quite a shock when you miss a few months..

I should be out in the garden but have decided to stay in to watch the NZ/ UK  cricket game on TV !!! The Cricket World Cup is on here at the moment .  I'm quite sure that this will be of no interest whatsoever to most of my BB friends but , for me, a long time NZ cricket fan, it's all good .  Our team has been miserably disappointing for most of the years that I have supported it , but they seem to be hitting good form at just the right time which Is find very encouraging !  Go New Zealand !!

Enjoy the weekend, keep warm and safe ,

Marion .


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Oh Canada . . .

We are having Canadian weather right now, and I just want to walk around the house singing the Canadian national anthem to complete the effect.

Our one-inch thick ice is still on the driveway and less-traveled streets.  DH went out to the post office and his office yesterday and his big, heavy vehicle didn't even make a dent in the ice, nor leave tracks.  Yes, it's that bad.

Black ice on the interstate is still causing bad wrecks.   And we have received an inch of snow on top of that, this morning.   The good news with that is that I have a bit more traction when I take the dog out.

The wind is strong and our air temp is plunging to 0°F or lower tonight.  At least we don't live in Boston, where they've received 100 inches of snow in the past three or four weeks!

I finished the Bubble Dress for DGD yesterday, so below is a pic, as promised.   Today I will make her a long-sleeve tee shirt to wear under it for the cooler Spring days.  I am not getting out on the roads (too dangerous) so the weather is giving me lots of good sewing time.   The bottom photo is an outfit I finished for DGD a week ago.   It is a cotton/lycra knit 3-pc and the knit fabric was very nice to work with.  (lighting in my sewing room is terrible, so the leggings look a different color but in reality, they do match, especially the white.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ice storm

We are iced in.   Don't know if we could get out of our driveway since the garage is below street level, but the good news is that DH does not have to be anywhere for a few days and can work out of his office in our home.  Much of his work is done online. 

 All local gov't offices are closed today, public transportation in Nashville is shut down. The mayor is begging people to stay home and off the roads.   There is an inch thick layer of ice on all the streets, but a few cars are getting around.  The sound of  vehicles going over the thick ice makes a terrible roar; it's quite a phenomenon. We are grateful that we have not lost power yet.  There are several thousand homes without, in our area.

The dog won't use the bathroom on the ice.  I had to find a small area under an evergreen tree before she would do anything.   Here is a photo, looking out the front door.  That is not snow.  All that sleet froze and it is an icy crust.  It leaves no  footprints where we have walked, not even on the lawn.

   The few blades of grass that poke out of the tundra are like nails and the dog doesn't like to walk on them because they hurt her paws, between the pads.

I spent all day, yesterday, making a dress for DGD.   I'll post a photo when it is finished.   All it lacks are buttonholes and they'll be made today.
Sun will be out today, so hopefully we will get some exposed areas of grass for the dog to use.  Bring it on...

Oh and melting?   Ha!   We will not see any temperatures above freezing point this week.   We have an inch of snow predicted tonight (or maybe it's tomorrow night) with lows in single digits and possibly -3°F (before wind chill factor) one night this week.

I am not whining.   I don't live where RoseyP does and this stuff would seem like summer, compared to what her weather is like, this winter.  And we don't live in Boston, where they've gotten over 80 inches of snow, with more expected.

Hugs to everyone!  Stay warm, safe, and healthy!!!