Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ice storm

We are iced in.   Don't know if we could get out of our driveway since the garage is below street level, but the good news is that DH does not have to be anywhere for a few days and can work out of his office in our home.  Much of his work is done online. 

 All local gov't offices are closed today, public transportation in Nashville is shut down. The mayor is begging people to stay home and off the roads.   There is an inch thick layer of ice on all the streets, but a few cars are getting around.  The sound of  vehicles going over the thick ice makes a terrible roar; it's quite a phenomenon. We are grateful that we have not lost power yet.  There are several thousand homes without, in our area.

The dog won't use the bathroom on the ice.  I had to find a small area under an evergreen tree before she would do anything.   Here is a photo, looking out the front door.  That is not snow.  All that sleet froze and it is an icy crust.  It leaves no  footprints where we have walked, not even on the lawn.

   The few blades of grass that poke out of the tundra are like nails and the dog doesn't like to walk on them because they hurt her paws, between the pads.

I spent all day, yesterday, making a dress for DGD.   I'll post a photo when it is finished.   All it lacks are buttonholes and they'll be made today.
Sun will be out today, so hopefully we will get some exposed areas of grass for the dog to use.  Bring it on...

Oh and melting?   Ha!   We will not see any temperatures above freezing point this week.   We have an inch of snow predicted tonight (or maybe it's tomorrow night) with lows in single digits and possibly -3°F (before wind chill factor) one night this week.

I am not whining.   I don't live where RoseyP does and this stuff would seem like summer, compared to what her weather is like, this winter.  And we don't live in Boston, where they've gotten over 80 inches of snow, with more expected.

Hugs to everyone!  Stay warm, safe, and healthy!!!


At February 17, 2015 at 1:57 PM , Blogger Marion in NZ. said...

Doris... that's amazing....I have had no experience of any weather conditions like that...What happens if the power goes off. What alternative heating have you ? Do keep safe and stay indoors..

At February 17, 2015 at 4:08 PM , Blogger Fran (Sth Aust) said...

It sounds dreadfully dangerous to me, Doris! Stay warm and safe.

At February 18, 2015 at 3:11 AM , Blogger Laura in IA said...

Yes Doris, that ice is the worst. Do be careful.

At February 18, 2015 at 5:02 PM , Blogger RoseyP said...

Doris, watch the ice beneath the snow. I've already fallen on my backside (good thing it's well upholstered) because the snow over top of the ice, hides it. This is the most dangerous of issues with ice happening before snow. I can deal with any depth of snow but ice, as we had last year, we had two solid layers of it mixed with snow, like rock formations, and believe me, it's dangerous. Don't blame Sophie for not wanting to walk on that stiff grass...she's not used to it. Our girls think nothing of it but it's been freezing here and so cold that the girls pick up their paws and the cold cripples them. Watch you don't fall.


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