Friday, February 13, 2015

The Colour of Snow

My friend and former Ontario Rep for Aussie Rescue, Jane, stayed here again overnight (she was here Sun/Mon nights) as her husband has had a triple by-pass last Monday and she picked him up today, very nervous, wishing the doctors had sent him by ambulance to the hospital not far from where they live further north for a few days.  It seems awfully soon to be let out of hospital after having your sternum broken open.  But Jane kindly took more pictures this morning  of Annie (black tri Aussie) and Megs (red tri Aussie).  Annie is four now, Meg will be three in May.  I can see Annie has a more mature look to her in a photograph that I don't notice first hand.  Jane was busy as well taking pictures of the snow and evergreen trees around the house.  She is a fibre artist, a weaver and spinner, and for Christmas her husband gave her an oil painting workshop, held this past Tuesday which she attended.  She said that she is going to learn how to paint snow.  She said that there are so many colours in snow...yellow, pink, blue, dirt...well, that was my word for brown which is what our snow ends up looking like at the end of the season.  Yellow, well yes, I see yellow when the girls go out into the snow to go potty; pink...maybe when the sun shines on it, blue I often see, it's the colour of snow in the shadows.  As you can see from the pictures below taken last Tuesday morning after the snow fell overnight, dressing the branches in white and frost, without the sun, grey was a very pervasive colour like a misty veil laid over the atmosphere.  I must confess everyone feels more cheerful around here when the sun comes out, though.  And tomorrow I will go to see an exhibit of African Grandmother's quilts.


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