Thursday, October 6, 2016

The last posting???

This is called Electronic Intrusion.  My artist's statement, which is always difficult to limit words in juried submissions is:
Cell phones are both a blessing and a curse.  This quilt, while addressing the subject in a somewhat playful manner, speaks to the improper use of electronic devices. The portrayal of the pre-Columbian festival Mexican-Day-of-the-Dead with a sugar-masked corpse hanging from a cross of cellphones and tiny cadavers dancing mischievously amongst brightly coloured marigolds, Flowers-of-the-Dead decorating cemeteries at festival time,  is a reminder that distracted driving can end in tragedy. 
This image came to mind following several tragic accidents here in the country where I live, an hour north of Toronto.  It was accepted by the Mancuso World Quilt Competition in 2015 and travelled across the United States.  I cut up my wedding dress for the corpse.  What better use for it than to put it into a quilt.
I would like to thank Eric and Sue for providing this site for us for so many years.  And for so many years this site brought a lot of friendships together across both countries, the US & Canada and well beyond North America.  That spammers took over the public board forced this site into a private site which some unfortunately could not access for some reason or other, all cyber/computer related.  As FaceBook appears to have taken over a site like this, something I don't use myself but which I understand many do, I would like to say, again, thanks to the hosts, you've provided a beautiful site here that few have taken advantage of since it went private.  This site provided the connection for Rosey's Retreat here in 2004 which many may remember, it provided laughter and support for those going through medical issues which some did.  This site was a wonderful home to many, in its time.
Perhaps a corpse may be a fitting closure to the postings here,
Sandy Small Proudfoot          (RoseyP all these years).

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

From Doris, kicking up her heels or somethin'

This is Doris.  This is Doris on a "zip line"???  What is a zip line?  I can see her hanging in mid-air like a monkey.  Doris sent me a note and I felt this just had to be on the Chat Board and as she's not home at the moment and with her permission, here are her two notes:  Rosey who posted this for Doris and..................
from Doris: ..............................................................................................................................
Looks like you've gotten relief from the heat.  The weather here is glorious.   Pic of me on zip line course.   Eight runs down the mountain. Lots of fun but I'm a bit sore today. I am not 50 years old anymore. LOL. We wish we had time to do it again. :-)
DH and I are enjoying the glorious weather on our vacation in Northern Michigan. It is a big improvement over the heat and humidity back home!  We are playing golf, will visit Mackinac Island tomorrow, and yesterday we rode the Zip Lines at the place where we are staying this week.  At our age! LOL. It was a blast, and even though we have some sore muscles, we would do it again.

Hugs to everyone,
Doris W. in TN

Monday, July 18, 2016

Well, since I'm about the only one posting here, I'll put a thought up here that some may read, those who haven't gone over to FaceBook.  This afternoon I was at our local fresh vegetable market about 15 minutes south of here, in the country.  I go there at this time of year 'specially for their fresh peas, which I love but which I parse out into salads as a meal of them would make them all disappear.  I have two rules about choosing my, they must not be empty pods, I'm not paying for empty pods, and I like my peas hard.  So, as I am pawing through the peas, up comes another woman with the same intent, she likes hard peas and won't pay for empty pods.  We got talking, I told her she looked very much like one of my former colour theory teachers at the Ontario College of Art, who unfortunately, I believe may have passed away, not sure about that.  She told me she was an artist.  A potter, she said.  I told her of the time I was in London and saw what a difference there was between the Chinese porcelain that the Victoria & Albert had and the Delft blue and white porcelain.  She explained the difference why.  The lower plate is Chinese, the upper plate is Dutch.  Then she explained how she made her pottery much the same as the Chinese porcelain and why hers cost what it did.  All this over picking peas.  And pods. 
Although the Delftware potters preferred to call their pottery “porcelain”, it was only a cheaper version of the real Chinese porcelain. Delft Blue was not made from the typical porcelain clay, but from clay that was coated with a tin glaze after it was fired
I'm not a potter but I could spot the refinement in the Chinese pottery right away at the museum.
So, that's the lesson for today,

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Wit's End Horse Trials

Well, I may be posting for my own amusement here so I took the opportunity to place three photos on the page, as no-one else is posting here and at some point I wonder if the site will simply disappear from view.
Yesterday, Wit's End Horse Trials happened again in our area.  It may be one more year that it will run, I'm told and then the two people who own the farm property and run this event, may retire it. It's a huge amount of work.  They've run this event with FEI Status, had many participants and spectators, I met Bo Derek at one of them, she came and sat down beside the jump I was a judge at...I told her I was reading her book she'd written and her comment was sweet and humorous..."poor you"...actually it's a nice book to read.   She bought a pair of high purple did I. I eventually gave mine away, I don't have a boot jack to pull them off.  Bo is a beautiful woman, still.   The land at Wit's End is one of the most magnificent pieces of property here on the Niagara Escarpment for Cross-Country Eventing, up and down, you have to be a mountain goat to navigate the land.  As I am getting older and have volunteered there in different capacities, my favorite place of all time is out on the X-Country course as a jump judge.  This means, we have a walkie/talkie, a clip board, and note, if there is a clean jump, a runout, a fall, horse or rider, and so on.  It's not an onerous job and one that if it's not raining involves being out on the top of a hill or in the valley, watching magnificent and athletic animals and riders race across the fields and taking the interesting jumps and difficult ones at that.  I've yet to witness a horse falling and I think this is one thing I know I would not cope with well.  It's one thing for a rider to come off and often they do, but a horse down is not something I ever want to see.  Yesterday the weather was gorgeous, big fat clouds scudding across the sky, the wind blowing to the point of almost knocking me off balance, eating my picnic lunch out in the field, feeling free, the wind in my face.  There is nothing I can think of better than this...feeling free, away from the claustrophobic happenings of life.
Rosey P in S.Ont.Can.

Monday, June 27, 2016

so pretty....

( If the hen house hadn't been so pretty, maybe you would have been tempted to move the DH over there ...  ) Thank you for posting Rosey.  You know my thoughts on FB...Having joined, I am now tempted to leave....It doesn't provide the same level of exchange as this board.  Maybe, even if it's just you and I who keep it going here, others will drift back too...?

We are off to the UK next Monday.  An interesting time to go, after the shock waves caused by the Brexit vote.  I don't even know which way my family over there voted , but I'm sure we'll find out soon after our arrival !   What now I wonder ?  Chaos and confusion for awhile I expect.  I had some sterling over there and had planned to transfer it to NZ....might wait awhile now, in the hope that the pound will recover slightly...

Crazy weather here in NZ,, as in the rest of the world.  Hottest summer on record , very mild autumn , followed by a mild (so far) winter.  Nice for some but the ski fields are doing it hard,  as there is very little snow around.   We need a few more heavy frosts to kill off the bugs, there have been some nasty coughs and colds around . I am hoping to shake mine off before setting off on that long journey...11hrs to HK then 12 hrs to UK..and those are just the long flights...

We have an elderly friend coming to live in the house while we are away. He will look after our dog ,so that suits us well. He says he is looking forward to four weeks in the country, so I hope it works out well for him..  We have never done this before but the DH thought it a wise move this time around...

Somebody was asking after TerTer on FB.  I was sorry to hear that she is not at all well, Somebody on FB is in touch with her and passed on our best wishes.  She was an almost daily contributor to the original WWQP. so we got to "know" her quite well..  Time eh ?  It waits for no one...

If you are reading this and haven't posted for awhile, drop us a line !

Marion .

Saturday, June 25, 2016

FaceBook versus Chat Board

I'd  thought not to post again here, as I seem to be one of the few doing so and yet, my decision, because I'm fighting a loosing battle with the digital media anyway, to post here continues.  I don't want to hog the board.  I wish more people hadn't gone over to FaceBook, not that it isn't an enjoyable place for quilters and people to be but why, I wonder, cut this Chat Board off.  I do understand that contacting the webmaster seems a useless waste of time, that some people have been able to sign into the Chat Board in order to post, some can read, but not post, and all of this I find discouraging.  Why is the webmaster who hosts this site not available to those wanting or having wanted to get in the site?  What is it about the site that makes it difficult for some to access?  And then, why can't people post to both places, FaceBook and the Chat Board.  My own reasons for not 'doing' Facebook are not publishable, I'll be run off 'social' media forever...(smiling).  The computer takes up more of my time than I wish to allow now, I know that getting into FaceBook would take me away even further from my creative work in the studio, reading about other people's lives on FaceBook.  Maybe when my hands get so crippled up I can't sew, maybe when my eyesight no longer allows for threading a needle, maybe then...FaceBook will be a good thing.  Right now, for me, it is not.  Too, this business of 'friending' thus allowing people access to read your FaceBook page, bothers me.  I understand it is a form of control for privacy but it also is a form of control for hurting people, not with the quilters but with others whose lives are elsewhere on the internet, where people in families unfriend and block other family members from reading their FaceBook page.  I'd better not go on about this, but to say, I wish more people would post here, put a picture up here, have some dialogue here, it's been fun, it could still be fun.

So, the sketch above is done by our friend, D. Cooper, an architecture technologist by training, an artist by his own gifts.  Truly an artist, Don very kindly did this drawing of our hen house, which is minus the chickens now.  I wish I still had them but one day I couldn't face cleaning out the hen house over the coming winter and packed them on their way to another farm in the area.  Himself had my two fenced in runs and all the fenced rooms taken down inside and outside the hen house within 24 hours.  Without asking me.  I think that would remain grounds for divorce if I had done that to him.  He will go to his grave with that misdemeanor hanging over his head of which he would not pay attention to anyway.  Rolls like water off a duck's back, it does.  So, now I buy my eggs at a farm nearby, which I'm about to do now, after I deliver B&B guests from Australia to their family gathering across the country road from my egg lady.
And so life goes on.  Wish more people posted here and I wish the webmaster was more present and available.
RoseyP in S.Ontario,Canada

Saturday, June 11, 2016

From MaryJoG.

I taught a class about making a quilt from a memory (using a simple sketch) or photo demonstrating with this piece. It began with a sketch that was enlarged to 18" by 24" to make a pattern.  Fabric choice is most important.  I've collected fabrics of many kinds over the years to use in landscape quilts.  Most are cottons but sometimes a silk or leather will fit perfectly.  The grass is a piece of cloth embellished with machine embroidery.  I do some thread painting and am learning to do more.  The quilt was embellished, embroidered and quilted in one step.  Fabric was placed on batting and then stitched and embellished.  Sometimes I use 505 basting spray but usually use hem tape to secure pieces.  It is a narrow iron on fusible.  A tiny bit will hold a piece down until it is stitched.  I decided to mount this piece on canvas and framed it.  My original sketch didn't have anything on the beach but it needed color, hence the chairs and sandcastle.