Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cold noses report

It has rained cats and dogs here all day, starting about 4:00 AM with thunderstorms.
I know it doesn't compare to all the bad snow, etc. and the weather in Australia, but enough!
Took the little fur-children out at 8:00AM for their morning walk. I had to put their rain slickers on them, and they were not happy. (Do wish I had a video camera along, they are so cute)
Polly needed a hair cut, so took her in for grooming. There was a delay, so it was over 3 hrs. there. Poor thing. She is in my lap as I type this. It's a 2 dog bone day.
I spent over an hour trying to get the walking foot on my machine, finally gave up.
Just tried again, and did it in 2 min. Go figure.
Any suggestions as to how to put eyelash yarn on a jacket collar without mushing it down? I thought the walking foot would do it, but it is still a mess. Thankfully I'm doing small samples.
I tried the couching foot, but no luck.
On a brighter note, the new wall paper I ordered for my small bathroom came in. It is really pretty. Once it gets up will post a picture. Cupids and doves. White and silver, very feminine.
The side walls will have silver and white stripes to coordinate.
Sara in soggy Fla.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


My cousin-in-law, Heather, sent me this link. You might find it interesting.


A snowy day, finally

It's great to see so many different postings from all over. Like Sandi & Grace, we are in the midst of a storm which has come up to us from the US Midwest (Texas & Oaklahoma). Although the amounts of snow so far have not met the expectations of the media, who have been talking about this storm for some days now, it will drop a fair amount of snow before it's over tonight. Schools are all closed in the Toronto area and ours, an hour north, as well. The birds are flocking to my birdfeeding station just outside the studio windows and believe it or not, the little wild canaries (goldfinches) are beginning to show some yellow feathering ....the winter drab khaki colour is being replaced with their spring/summer colours. Nature knows that spring is coming even though we are in the midst of freezing conditions & blowing snow. It's nice to be inside looking out, although I will miss snowshoeing today. I've been plagued with a sinus infection which seems to be going and on for the past month, thinking I was fighting it, last week-end it took hold with a vengeance, hopefully to move on with the help of antibiotics. A lot of people have the same symptoms and it's not the flu, which is a relief.

Sara, Florida is a very big state, long, I guess rather than wide. I always remember driving there and when we entered the state of Florida, I was surprised to find it took so long to drive south still to Sarasota.

Sandi, congratulations on the new granddaughter, such excitement in your family. Grace, it's no wonder you're aprehensive getting yourself out and down into Ottawa for your knee operation with this storm. It's great not living in a big city but when it comes to things like that, we have to go to big cities and the stress of that is enough aside from the fact we're there for something we wish we weren't. Good luck tomorrow. And good grief, is that a cat or a dog...look at the size of him, my goodness.

Last week-end, with B&B guests here, seven deer came in close to the house. Our guests, city-folk, were enchanted. So was I. One stood so close to the house for some minutes and Hope, the Australian Shepherd, had a low growl in the back of her throat looking at it. And, our well-pump quit last week, just as other B&B guests were ready for their showers. They were good sports about it but the cost of replacing a 15 yr. old pump was pretty sobering. In addition, all wells here are not to the new codes the Dept. of Environment has set and because we are a B&B we will be approached first, before homeowners....(all because of a terrible situation in Walkerton, a small town n/w of here where some laxadazical employee did not put the proper disinfectants in the town's water system and many people became ill, some died). Our well water has always tested out just fine. The next work on the well will happen in May, another $2,000.00. Living in the country is great when everything works as it should.


Congrats Sandi!

Sandi-I'm sure much joy will fill your heart with this new grandbaby.
Do you have a baby quilt ready? Or is one in the planning stage?

My grands are all in -17 degree weather this morning, with a wind chill of -29. I hope the school is canceled for their area.
Sara in rainy Fla.

Hi all,
I've been visiting pretty steady and keeping up with what you are all doing. Really enjoy some of the pictures.
Have been keeping rather quiet on the home front and also the sewing.
For those I've met, a little news. I get to have my knee replacement surgery next week. I am beginning to feel a little apprehensive, but I think that is only going to last until tomorrow. Have to go to Ottawa for real early in the morning and we are in the middle of a dosie snowstorm right now. I do not drive in the snow !!
I will all work out I am sure.
Congrat to Sandi, hello and hugs to all

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New baby!

I have a new grand daughter! She was born on Sunday, weighed in a 6lbs, 11 oz and is 19" long. Lots of dark hair, takes after her dad. I'm staying at my daughters all week so my SIL can go back to work (and I can snoozzle the bebe).

You can see her picture at scroll down to online nursery and click on Evelyn Joyce. She's a purty one, that's fer sure, lol She's our first grand baby.

I'm enjoying the pet pictures! I'm sure our Daisy will be happy to see my hubby when he gets home later today.

I think they got about 6" of snow in the twin cities, only 3 or so at my dd's place. Stay safe everyone in the storm belt!
Sandi in IGH

Monday, January 31, 2011

Water's better when it belongs to others!

I have the same thing at my house. I like to keep some water for Keno(the cat) in the bedroom
and it's always empty, hum.....same with the outdoor cats water on the front porch, always empty!
Dog bowl, always full!
So dark & dreary here, worse as I get older. I'm cold even when I'm not cold.
Sorry I didn't go to the Road to Ca. now. It's been really nice down there.
Finally have a dry basement & am putting things back, even gleaning a little.
Sandi I ran across a magazine with a quilt of yours. The Virginia reel block, so warm & inviting!
Getting ready to start a buggy barn butterfly quilt for a little girl that has been abused, I know
her grandmother, it terribly sad.
The man that had my Bernina for 3 mos returned it still unrepaired.....have to regroup & get
it somewhere. It managed to make 44 buttonholes in the cute fabric covered tape measures
I made for retreat so it's still a gem in my opinion.
I just don't sew enough to justify a new fancy machine.
Here's a picture of the worlds longest cat "Stewie" from the cat show Sat. It was pretty fun.
Those cat people are pretty crazy ya know!
Hi to all, someone bring me some SUN pleeeeze! Love, Jill

PS: Mary, my DH is reading it, hasn't said a word.


I have exactly the same happening here, our Gus drinks out of the cat's bowl and she uses his. I think it is the case of other peoples always taste better. Even to the food It is much easier to put the same food in the bowls and leave them to it. Very warm and wet here, the dehumidifier is going all the time. Still looking after kittens, really enjoying them most of the time, so far they have cost me net curtains, walk about phone and a gold locket, oh and they have chewed the corner of the wall in my hall.I don't want another cat but one little one is soooooooo cute, he is part Siamese with the longest legs and ears big enough to use for flying! He also climbs up me to reach my shoulder.I had to go to the hospital last week for a check and the Dr looked at my stomach with a funny look and then I realized my tum was covered with little scratches,after I stopped laughing I had to explain the reason, fortunately he also thought it was funny. Hugs to all and keep warm,Bee in NZ.

respite from the weather

We had a glorious weekend: blue skies, sunshine, highs of 66F and 62F on Saturday and Sunday, and it has lifted the spirits of everyone here. DH played golf both days so he got his golf therapy in.(LOL)

Put this one under the category of "You can't make this stuff up."
Our son and his wife are moved to our city two weeks ago, and currently are living with us until they find a suitable place to rent. They also brought their 8 month-old, 60-lb. (27.2 kg) LabraMutt puppy with them. She has her own water bowl, as you can see in the photo, but she refuses to drink from it in our house. They've given up on even putting water in it anymore. Instead, she uses (and promptly empties each time) our little Sophie's puppy-size Spaniel Bowl. Go figure.