Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I'm afraid to put a title on this post because when I tried, I couldn't get my mouse back to be able to write something here...mouse, cursor, whatever.
This is sometimes my view from my studio window...my title should be:  it's winter here.
We're in the deep freeze here.  More snow to come but I love winter aside from the icy road conditions so I'm not complaining.
Today, the dogs got groomed at my groomer's home some half hour north of here.  The land around here is part of the Niagara Escarpment and it begins at Niagara Falls, Ontario and threads its way through southern Ontario and through our area here.  So driving north, I'm gradually climbing, imperceptably, up the escarpment.  And where it becomes most noticable is when it's winter and the snow storms hit...they always hit at a little town to the north of me here, called Shelburne and at a place called Primrose, which is nothing more that a stoplight, gas station , diner, etc...and sometimes, the snow is so thick you can't see across the road there.  Fortunately, today wasn't too bad, visibility reasonably good except for blowing snow. 
When I got back, Meg, the younger Aussie, pulled me onto the side porch and I tripped and fell.  Later, peeling mushrooms for sauteing, I sliced my thumb, after supper I hit my head on the corner of the cupboard door which was open.  I have said a bad word each time and now will head to bed early before I can do any more damage to my clumsy body.
The deer are plentiful, we see one to four every day running through our property here.  I love seeing them; I hope they are leaving their ticks at home.