Thursday, January 31, 2008

Marion and all,

Thank you for the wonderful pictures! It's been so damp, gray and chilly here that I've truly enjoyed seeing the pictures that show sunlight. :-) And it's great to read about everyone's lives. This is a quiet time of year for us. While I enjoy it sometimes it almost seems a tad boring too. It's nice to read what others are up to. Thanks for the entertainment!

I attempted to post a picture with a post but it just would NOT work for me. Thankfully, Judy offered to post it. I'm sure my dial up Internet service is just too slow for trying to post a picture. It's almost too slow for just logging in to write a note!

Sending hugz to all,
Mary in Oregon


Hi Everyone,
Marion, are you visiting your sister in Kenilworth?? I was talking about you with Brenda C today as we layered up my second Y2K quilt that has been pieced these last 7 years . LOL.
If you are meeting with Brenda, I would pop over for a quick cuppa to meet you in the flesh so to speak.
I love Gus the dog, he's my kind of doggie.
Beverley in Worcestershire.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

As long as we're showing off our pets....

Here's one of our Gus doing his favorite winter thing...just laying around in the snow. He would be happy if we had that cold, white stuff 12 months of the year. LOL! He makes snow angels, roots around until his head is nearly buried, throws his ball (or a rock) into it and digs after it. Whatever he can think of to keep him out there enjoying it. This year we have had way more than usual. In fact, I think we are about up to "normal" for the year already. Not much evidence of global warming where we live!

so far in 2008. . . .

Aside from cleaning out the sewing/quilting area/ and house training the new puppy, this month has been one of testing for DH with a "mystery" in his neck. I'm glad to have good medical doctors, but the waiting for these tests is anxiety producing.
He was having a stiff neck, finally went to family DR, had X rays and found out he had some arthritis in the back of his neck. He has had 3 apts. with my chiropracter and is doing better. Meanwhile, the X-rays found a 4.4 CM lump on his left throid gland. It is pressing on his wind pipe, but not causing pain. On Feb. 12th he goes for a thyroid scan. We are hoping and praying it is nothing, not a cancer. Normally thyroid things are not cancer, just growths that can be treated or removed, but he did have that malignant melanoma about 10 years ago, so there is about a 2 or 3% chance that could be back.
Anyway, we have had crummy/to beautiful weather here! One day one, one day another. I planted 3 flats of pansies, front and back, to give us some color.
Have been doing some walking, but not enough.
Quilt related-decided to go ahead and finish up the "doll" that I started in Jan. 05. So far I have a head, one eye, and a nose done.
The face is the hardest part, so when that is finished up, the rest should be easy (or easier).
Time to walk the puppy and start the day.
Sara in Fla.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Such good doggies !

At the risk of boring you all to is another photo ! The children leave tomorrow, so my camera will be put away again (!). No doubt, by the time they return, I will have forgotten how to "post" a photo on the BB. ....

Thought this just caught a moment, two hopeful dogs, sitting close, at dinner time !