Wednesday, October 7, 2015

CLAIMED Back in the day I lived here at WWQP, traded many fabrics etc. and posted about projects. I seldom do any sewing or quilting now and that's way I'm posting. I have a very nice adjustable non-basting quilting frame that was given to me. I used it a few times, but it now needs a new home where it will be loved and used. If you live near Columbia, Florence, Cheraw, Sumter, or Camden, SC and are interested in having this frame please contact me. I have contacted the one guild in my area but no one was interested. Seems almost all hand quilting is done by machine now. That's sad. There has to be someone that still hand finishes their quilts. Below is more information about it. Please, help me by sending this on to guilds in your area if you are in SC. Will hold a top up to 65ā€ wide comfortably (maybe wider). Locally handcrafted from bamboo. Adjustable height up to 4 foot. The frame tilts up and down and measures 73ā€ X 37ā€. The frame can be taken apart for storage. Free for local pick up. I live about 30 miles north of Florence, SC. I have had the frame for around five years now. To date I have used it to finish three quilts. However, it is just too large for my small house. Iā€™m trying to find someone that would like to have it. It is made from bamboo wood, has been well taken care of. Email me at lightningsj at att dot net

Monday, October 5, 2015

Update on things

First, a cargo ship from Jacksonville, Fla. to Puerto Rico was lost at sea due to the cat. #4 hurricane, loss of 33 lives.  So tragic.  The Coast Guard, etc. is looking for any survivors, but so far they think all went down when the ship broke up in the storm.  The ship was the El Faro.  Some of the life rafts have been found.
#2- DD and family all safe and well in Sumpter, S. C. There was 7 days of heavy rain there, along with Charleston, and other parts of the state due to a low pressure system.  It kept the hurricane off shore, but really knocked out roads, bridges, etc.  Many people in Columbia had to be evacuated due to flooding.
We signed paperwork and gave the kitchen people a check to re-do the kitchen on Friday last.  It will take 2 weeks for the cabinets to arrive, and be put together.  They will then come out and knock out all the current cabinets, and countertops.  We finally decided on granite, as the quartz that would go with the cabinets was too flat and "bla" looking.  Everything will be very traditional, sort of an off-white color, with darker countertop.  The vinyl flooring will come last, and the new lighting will before the floors (I think).  It will be so wonderful to have good lighting!!
I'm trying to work on a twin red & white quilt for grandson #3.  The top is almost done, just have to put the last 2 strips on the sides.
Getting ready for dinner now.
More later.  Stay safe.
Sara in Fla.