Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fire photo

Here's a shot I took this afternoon.  This is the Halstead fire that's burning in central Idaho.  Our cabin is about five miles from the fire at this point.  The fire has grown to over 97,000 acres as of this morning.


Think I got it...will try again

Miss Annie as a pup and her mom, Rosey

Testing photo

Don't know if I've done this correctly or not so thought I'd post to see if adding the photo worked.  This is a new format, I notice, so Eric is getting us all up to speed, I suspect, in the ways and means of cyberland.  It's fun to see so many different postings from so many different places in North America, New Zealand, Australia, although Fran, I think you'll be leaving shortly will you ... you may have left already for North America. 

How do I have the energy to run a B&B at my age...and a birthday is coming up again, thankfully...seventy-something...Lavinia asked...and I think at times, I don't have the energy I used to have two or three years ago but I enjoy it very much...I have so many interesting people come here.  This week we have a family from Germany who are staying with us until Sat., then more coming in for weddings, Sat. night, two older women equestrians, Fri to Sun., Sun. night a guest speaker at our local museum will be staying here.  Where could I ever have such a diverse life and all the social interaction I need.  As I said, I will never get into another pair of panty hose again in my life if I can help it. 

Took a trip through the Alleghany mountains last week-end to meet an Australian Shepherd breeder who drove up from Maryland to meet me and he brought with him a little Aussie pup.  We had to put Geordie down at 16 this past July, not unexpected, he was struggling badly after two strokes and Hope is not well and is 12 1/2.  Annie the pup is now 1 1/2 years and I wanted to bring in a 'sister' pup for her.  Annie is enchanted with the puppy, who is the colour of nutmeg, thus her call name "Meg" or Meggy.  And she's adorable.  The Alleghany mountain drive, all four lanes, green space divider in-between was wonderfully scenic.  We drove over to Rochester then headed s/e to Lewisburg, PA where we stayed overnight.  A longtime friend gave me the gift of two days of her life to accompany me down and back and took over half the driving, too.  We were so surprised at how beautiful the mountains were.  I'd been dreading it because my experience with mountain driving has been two lane, huge precipitous drops over the edges of the roads through Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky and northern Georgia.  Needless to say, we heaved a great sigh of relief to find ourselves on a four lane divided hwy.  Bringing a puppy into the middle of my B&B season is not without its challenges but mother nature does not always put a puppy on this earth at the time when we're ready for it.  Meg is integrating well with everything. 
I'm going to bed at night with a glass of cognac !
Rosey with Annie

Tropical storms, and so on

Lavinia-good to hear from you.  I'm glad your DH is getting help.  Even if it took a move to do so.  I'm not a desert person either, like the lush green of the Eastern seaboard.
Having said that Tropical storm Isaac and then #10 behind it are keeping us on our toes and glued to the Weather Chanel.  It only has 40 MPH winds now, but is 1,000 miles across- the distance from Atlanta, GA to Boston MA.  Our ground is soaked and there is 2" of standing water in my driveway now.
But, speaking of Boston, DH & I found out about a cruise through one of the A/C companies he does business with.  One of those perks for selling a certain brand.  We HOPE on Sept. 23rd to fly to Boston, cruise up to Halifax, Nova Scotia and St. John's Newfoundland, back to 2 places in Maine, then back to Boston.  7 days all together.  His is free, mine costs $$, but cheaper than San Fran. Cal. area, and still in the Eastern time zone.  Hopefully there will be leaves to see, and no rain!
Mom took a fall yesterday about noon.  I had just come back from seeing her at the nursing home.  She went to the hospital (thankfully only 1 mile away) by ambulance.  Only 1 staple in her head.  Those head wounds bleed like crazy, so I'm sure it was traumatic.  Thankful it was only minor, and thankful I didn't have to clean up.  She was only there abt. 4 hrs. which is short for ER time.  She is 94, will be 95 in a few weeks.
So, lots going on, none of it any fun.  The baby that I made a quilt for was born Sun. evening at 6:15.  Another girl, Hannah Elizabeth.  Mom and baby went home Wed. AM. They live in North Carolina.
All for now.
Sara in Fla.

Coyotes and dust storm approaching

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Redirecting to new blog?

Do we have to do the changing to a new blog thing (mine is still using FTP)..

Monday, August 20, 2012

Change of name

Looks like I am still listed as Lavinia/TN. Have to figure out how to change that, among other things... like how to post photos, etc. Lavinia/AZ

Hope I made it in here at long last

Been trying for so long to figure out how to get in the chat. Hope this works! Have a question. How on earth do you get the fold lines out of a quilt that has been folded for quite some time? It's a large quilt (101 x 101).. We don't have a guest bed to lay it out on, the dog is the queen of our bed, and hanging outside cannot be done due to the constant sun (We moved to Arizona a little over a year ago). Hope everyone is well. Lavinia/AZ

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday evening checking in

Such great pictures on the WWQP.  The Bear quilt is wonderful.  I lose my sanity when piecing more than a baby quilt.  Too antsy to stick to anything big.   And Oliver is as cute as a button.   Welcome new grand son!
It is rainy here in Florida.  Sticky too.  At least it held out until about 3pm.  I tried to nap, but had a "Real" Coke at a late lunch and too much caff.   I know what Marion means about feeling blue after days of rain.  Fortunately we usually have sun during the morning, and just a quick downpour or "sunshowers" in the afternoon.  Today was heavy thunderstorms with lightning.  We took a couple out for burgers and over to our beach place for them to see it completed.  The lightning over the ocean is awesome in the true sense of the word.  Only 2 fools out there in the water.  This couple had seen the "before" and "during" of the condo, and DH wanted to show them the after.
I went to West Palm Beach last Thurs. drove by myself this time.  A memorial service was Fri. AM for my favorite uncle.  He passed away in April, shortly after my brother went into hospital.  I am thankful his daughter didn't hold the service until now.  It was still emotional, but a wonderful testimony to his life.  He had been a Air Force person for 20 years, then lived in West Palm Beach and taught flying until he had a heart attack and was grounded. Made a quick trip to my Mom's house to gather 6 dining room chairs.  The kind with needlepoint cushions, that little old ladies used to have.  I'm hoping they will sell here in Jacksonville.  The wonderful neighbors have been caring for the house, and cutting the grass.
OK this is a book-grand sons starting school tomorrow in N. D. - DH wants to go to 7pm movie, the Bourne one.  Since it is rated PG I guess I can stand it.  All for now.
Sara in Fla.