Friday, July 31, 2009

Big thanks

Pat/MI and Jane/NC, thanks so very much for the cards I just received! And the pretty fat quarter, Pat. I cried. Guess it is all catching up to me. Jane, I sent you an email about the show; I'm still working on that, DH has to get in the middle of everything, it seems. Will keep you posted. Thanks again, ladies.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

hugs for Fran

Hi my friends, I had a call from Fran'sDH and she is in hospital and has had to have an unexpected operation, I will leave the details to her but she is expected to arrive home on the weekend and I know she would love to hear from her friends. Any cards , e-cards, notes she would be very happy to have. My addy is Hugs to all , Bee in NZ. PS the outcome is good but she is the one to tell all.

Monday, July 27, 2009

I don't Knit, not Knot

Monday morning at 8:30 AM here.
My post on Friday should have said, I don't knit. The left eye is better today. I go to eye Dr. tomorrow afternoon hopefully to be given the OK to go back to exercise, etc.
I have a friend who's mother is a great knitter, maybe I can ask her to do some wool mittens.
DD called about 5 PM last evening. She and husband have made the decision to move to N.D. They have no jobs, no house, nothing waiting for them. Their friend was interviewing to be the pastor of a small, non-dominational church, but so far he hasn't received a call.
Thanks for the advise from one and all. I'm over my "are they crazy" feelings. I truly think they are crazy, but they are 38 and 45, and adults. SIL and DD have an idea that life is better somewhere else. My DH and I think they are both having mid-life crisises, but we will keep the door open, love them, pray for them, and tell them they are always welcome here.

On another note-Jane-I like the picture-good for you. The foot will heal, give it time. If you are like me, you want it yesterday, not next week.

I just finished up a baby quilt that turned out nicely. If I can find the camera I'll post a picture here today.
Everyone stay healthy! That includes husbands.
Sara in hot, steamy Fla.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

AQS Knoxville

My goodness, Jane, Sarah, and Lavinia, I hope this is the end of the troubles!

Jane, the gold medal is awsome, but you certainly didn't need to be laid up by it afterward.

Sarah, I grew up in the north (dad in the air force) and I don't miss the cold weather. The grandchildren will aclimate quickly, but anything you can do in the way of warm clothing for them will help. I really feel the cold when we get a stretch of bad weather in the winter; for myself, I can't imagine voluntarily moving up there. A lot of the people I go to church with say they miss the cold weather.

Lavinia, I'll certainly add you and your husband to my prayer list.

Now for the fun stuff: AQS show in Knoxville. We pulled out of the parking lot at 5:45 AM. I arrived right on time, so my friends were sitting together and I had to sit by myself in a vacant seat in the back. This actually was good, because I think I must have dozed a little bit on the bus, since the ride seemed shorter than it should have been. We arrived around 10:00, which was pretty good with the time change (we lost an hour). All of us went our separate ways, agreeing to meet for lunch at 12:00. I toured the quilts on display first, taking pictures as fast as I could to save the batteries on my camera. I got nearly 300 pictures before my batteries died, and I have already been enjoying them today. One of my friends went back and took pictures for me of the decorated bras (in honor and memory of breast cancer survivors). My battery died before I got to those.

Many of the quilts were "art quilts." My favorite, "Silverlight" won First Place in the "Quilter's Choice" category and is shown here.
There were a large number of bedsized quilts in the "Made by Machine Quilts" category.

You can see the winners at the website listed. Just paste the address in your browser.

One of the displays was a group of quilts called "The Everchanging River Exhibit." It took up an entire wall; each panel connects with the next at the river. The following is from the directions "Each participating artist was given a common fabric and told the size of the river would enter and exit the quilt. A minimum of 14" and a maximum of 23" were set as the length. This variation in length created the undulating top and bottom line with the continuous, but Everchanging River. " You can see part of the river at

This display was awsome. There were one or two that didn't "fit" with the others, in my opinion, but the overall effect is incredible. I wish my camera had a "panorama" stting, but it doesn't. I could only get 3 or 4 panels at a time. Here is one group of panels.

I have a question. Does anyone know if the sections in which photos are not allowed at AQS shows are due to copyright restrictions, or just the light damage from flash photography, or both? There was a section of quilts on display that were not that old (20-30 years), in which photos were forbidden, and then another section of brand new quilts directly across the aisle also had the "no photos" signs up.
If it's the flash photography issue, I think they should do what the Smithsonian does. They post no flash photography signs and enforce it, but other photography is allowed. I love to take the pictures home and study them in detail when my feet and back are not hurting from standing on the concrete floors.
Well, I seem to have written a book, so I'll close. Prayers for all in pain.


Is your husband walking the earth with a black cloud suspended over his head? Remember that character from Lil' Abner whose name had no vowels and who was doomed to bad luck? The old expression "If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all " comes to mind. Is there nothing to be done about the vision? I feel for both of you. Would it be appropriate to say I feel his pain? Hugs to both of you. I hope you can take a day off on 8/7 and meet me in Asheville.



Here's the evidence. My foot is still bothering me despite the Naproxen. Not sure I'll do another one on concrete. If I were to lose 30 pounds I'm sure my joints would thank me.


Just stopping by

Congrats, Jane, on your medal and for having the fortitude to do the walk! I can't even make it to the mailbox and back, aargh. Tried Curves and didn't care for that setup, so will attempt the bicycle and treadmill and other stuff at the Senior Center on my own. We've already eliminated what little food gives any pleasure due to DH cholesterol problems and trying to lose weight. He lost 30 lbs.since Feb., I gained 5, figure that out.

Haven't been here for a while. The first part of May D(?)H had surgery on two toes. That was a 3 week event. The morning he got the stitches out, that night he slipped on wet grass and fractured his ankle big time; that is to be over with on August 20th. So y'all know what I've been doing waiting on him hand and foot literally. Meanwhile the V.A. sent him (us) to Lexington KY for a neurosurgery consult which was a bust as they said his problem is scar tissue (lower back) and nothing can be done. Since he has lost sight in one eye and the other isn't far behind, he gave up his driver's license a year ago so I am now the designated driver. Quite a trip. Coming home had lunch and he got food poisoning from that; also stopped at a red light in Pineville KY and the tornado siren went off. The storm was travelling the same direction we were. Survived all that.

Wasn't able to go to Knoxville to the Expo and haven't heard any reports yet. I am hoping to go to Asheville this year one way or another but nothing solidified at this point, Jane. I'll email you direct if it gets figured out which should be soon, didn't realize the time was upon us. Haven't been to any shows this year at all and cannot seem to get motivated to do any sewing either.

Oh Sandra, great quilt and congrats on receiving the frame!

Guess I have yacked on enough y'all. Hugs to all.