Saturday, April 11, 2015

Snow is going

Soon the hummingbirds will be back...another month or less I think...the males come up first and check out the area for a new home...then the females follow...

Jane Brown called from North Carolina.  She has her home in the mountains up for sale and is planning to move into a seniors residence in Greenville, South Carolina.  I remember driving up through South Carolina, going to a glider club off the US/Can. beaten path that snowbirds take north and thinking, South Carolina is a very nice state.  Inland and in the country, tall pine trees, sandy soil, reminded me of our cottage area.  Jane's health isn't great but she's looking forward to having more time with less house care, to quilt.

The sun is out and the weather is definitely turning the page heading into spring although Mother Nature always has one more snowstorm tucked up her sleeve in April, it seems.

This is the alpaca week-end up here at the Agricultural Centre, their yearly competition and show.  I bought two pairs of alpaca socks, set me back I'm embarrassed to say, more money than I've ever paid for a pair of sox but heck, they keep my feet warm in winter.  This is a breeder from PEI, the winter before last.  I believe the snow that fell on Prince Edward Island is even deeper this past winter than the one before.  They are cute animals...Rosey in Canada