Friday, December 11, 2009

Things to Come

I sure hope this week's weather is not setting a standard for the winter. Yesterday's high was 9 degrees F and the low -8F without the windchills! It's -4 as I type this, but today is forecast to be considerably warmer (18F). After the 16 inches of snow the drifting was as much as 10-12 feet. Probably only about 4 feet high in our back yard.

DD2 and family had to postpone their return to Phoenix because they were snowed in at the in-laws by 4 foot drifts. Not even 4 wheel drive would get them to the main roads which were only somewhat better for travel. They managed to get to town last evening so we enjoyed an extra evening with them and the grands! I'm not complaining. *S*

So, I've done a little baking to warm the house and need to finish up some sewing soon. Think warm thoughts in the northern hemisphere.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's cold where you are, rainy here

The nice thing about rain is you don't have to shovel it.
As for DD and gang-it was -2 in the entry way where their washer and dryer sit. (sort of a mud room I guess) She said there was ice inside the washer. DSIL had the idea to put a space heater there, so she got to do laundry.
It was -11 there yesterday morning. I don't think they got as much snow as places east of them. So far they are still saying they love it.
I'd be happier if SIL could find a job he likes with decent hours. (sounds like a real MIL there)
As for quilting, the room is still not finished. Hopefully the flooring guy will arrive back tomorrow with a helper and finish up--or at least get a good bit of it done so I can put the day bed in there. I'd like to get the sewing table in there also.
After that will do a graph paper of what goes where, maybe figure out a new cutting area.
The book I have says to have a work triangle set up -machine, small ironing mat, and small cutting mat. That way you don't have to get up to press every little seam.
Sounds like a good idea.
We still have no plans for Christmas day. Waiting for an invitation somewhere, or may go out to eat and then later see the new Sherlock Holmes movie.
Going to go read now.
DH is watching political TV and it gives me a headach. All the people talking over each other.
Sara in Fla.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snowy Pa.

Hi, we got hit with the storm but only about 4 inches of snow and by noon time it is supposed to warm up and melt. they say we may get some wind with it. I will be hibernating and sewing my little fingers off. Do not have to go out in this weather. At least today anyway. I do have more shopping to do for the coming holiday but that can wait a day or two. This year I made a lot of quilted items such as table toppers, table runners, Pot holders, placemats etc. I do have five quilts made, but won't be giving them out until I see the need. Hope everyone who has this weather stays warm and safe Marge

Wednesday morning

and we are in the midst of a full blown winter arrival.....our temps are in the minus 20 celsius range with the windchill and it doesn't look much better for the next few plan is stay in and finish some projects and attempt some baking, if DH gets finished with tinkering with the new window frames and insulating around the kitchen windows....if he doesn't that is okay too, our olympic pre trials are currently being broadcast for curling and it is a good competitive field...

Watch out Rosey, this weather has come from Alberta and is continuing east including the upper midwest and eastern states. is your DD and family adjusting to this type of weather ???

computer keyboard is acting up yet again, so it is time to end...


Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Blind Side

Just home from the movie "The Blind Side".......I found it a wonderful movie and what a story about Michael Oher, the football player and the family who took him in and gave him a home. Sandra Bullock and the rest of the cast, particularly the man who played Michael Oher, are all very good. But, one word of warning: take kleenex.

Jane, your were spared bad weather off the mountain, this is good.You got to enjoy your evening out. And, old friends are just that, old friends and usually, good friends. Warts and all.......between dealing with dental appliances after a good meal to crocky limbs, hearing aids that ding off in the middle of conversations to cataract operations, which seem to be the current topic of conversation amongst my friends ..........getting older takes a bit of doing, patience-wise both with ourselves and with our friends, doesn't it.

Southern Ontario has a skiff of snow lying about and driving back home from the movie, the sun was soft and setting in the sky; horses were out munch on hay in the fields and there is still some green to be seen. This week the weatherman promises snow. We'll see how accurate he/she is.



I suppose with the title of this post everyone has gone back to sleep this cold and frosty morn in Dixie. As so often happens, happily in this case, the weather guessers were way off the mark. We had some barely noticeable snow while it was still warm enough for it to disappear as soon as it hit the ground and that was over by noon. Whereupon the sun came out. When I left for the dinner the road was dry as the temperature dropped. It's in the mid 20F (-3C) at the moment but no more precipitation. The dinner was beautiful but one of our number complained at the slow pace of the service. That's because it is done European style with breaks between the courses with entertainment. The Madrigal singers were wonderful as was the Jester and the Lord and Lady hosts on the small stage at head table. The complainer came close to spoiling it for me and I was amazed at her behavior. Normally she's game for anything and is a good friend. I finally responded as crudely as her complaints and asked her not to be such a grump. My dear friend of declining hearing Was, I think oblivious to everything social but enjoyed the music. I'm worried about her. She's missing so much and steadfastly refuses to see the audiologist. She is childless and is 80 years old. I know there is a niece in the area but it's a concern to several of us. One of our number has macular degeneration and travels to Toronto twice a year for some treatment not approved in the US. She still quilts but had to have the program read to her. It was in red print on pink paper. We all had a bit of trouble with that. Several members of the audience were dressed in Elizabethan outfits as well as the performers. All in all, though, it was a beautiful evening. My friend, the chair of the music dept. had called me yesterday to remind me that he'd borrowed a book from me months ago and wanted to return it to me. When I told him I was coming to the dinner but was concerned about the weather coming home if there was any moisture including black ice and he graciously offered to let me spend the night at his house so that was a relief but by the time I left here the sun was out so I didn't drag my CPAP with me.

Despite the cold temperature we are threatened with sunshine. It will be a good day for sewing in my sunny sewing room.