Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Just checking in

Yes, Rosey we are so glad your himself is still alive, although a little beat up.  From what I can remember this is the 2nd near miss he has had..  I know he won't stop, as he enjoys it so.
I decided I have been suffering from "caregiver stress" for quite some time.  Since my last post I have had many sleepless nights, crying spells, anxiety, and so on.  Got in touch with my new family doc. and started back on anxiety med for night time only.  After it kicked in--2 nights--am sleeping better.
DH is 64 and working long hours, stressed, we sat and talked for 45 min. before he went in to work today.  Cleared some air, so to speak.
We had been trying to plan a long road trip with 2 bikes, 2 dogs, driving to the Grand Canyon and a spot in Colorado where DH's best friend and wife spend 6 weeks in late summer and early fall.  With all that is happening, we may just fly out for 1 week and let our friends keep the dogs for that week.  At this point don't know.
Right now I have 2 plumbers here installing a new garbage disposal, new sink and faucet.  I jammed the garbage disposal about 4 weeks ago with a stray corn cob holder.  Thought I got it all out, but the motor burned out.  The white cast iron and porcelain sink had a crack that I had patched with touch up paint that chipped off when DH or I were crawling up and down from underneath.  So, why put a new disposal in a beat up sink?  The new one is composite--almost black, with little flakes in it.  $300 at our Lowe's store.  
As always, venting helps, no quilting lately.  Just treading water.  We both need vacations.
Sara in Fla.