Saturday, May 21, 2011

That did it!

Rosey, you have now guaranteed that I will never again come to visit you! Have I ever mentioned how phobic I am about snakes?
I am waiting for the evening phone call from DH, who is working out of province, and resting up from a round of housework. I have now decided that it is time to clean all the grout in the ceramic tile floors -- if it is raining again tomorow I will start on that. If the sun comes back I will plant the rest of the veggie garden instead. Either way, it will be a busy day tomorrow.
Kitten season is well underway. We have tiny kittens stashed in foster homes all over the Valley, but I am sticking to my resolution (so far) and all I have here is one wild momcat with three little kittens she is still feeding. Well, that and a lovely blue point Siamese male the SPCA asked me to take because he was so aggressive they were going to put him down (he is fine now and will soon be looking for a new home), and four left over kittens from last winter who were not adopted out because they were sickly. Two of those should be ready to go in another week or two...
I think I mentioned here that my group, Cowichan Cat Rescue, has a proposal in the current Pepsi Refresh competition. We are trying to get $10,000.00 for a low cost spay/neuter program -- and we are now in the top three in our category! If we are still there on June 30 we will get the money! I am campaigning like mad and spreading the word using Facebook and every other tool I can think of -- I have even been on the TV news with this! If you want to see what we are trying to accomplish you can find the link on our website --
Since the cat rescue got so busy (we are still working on the big project we got the PetSmart grant for) I have done almost no quilting. I put together a cute baby quilt for a nephew's new baby but it is not yet quilted. But I will be going to a retreat in early June and maybe I will finish it there. And I am hoping to get a good start on a king size spiral log cabin using the batik strips we swapped for a year -- I fell in love with the pattern when I saw a picture of one set on point a few years ago.
And that is the news from here!
Favourite BB memory? The Bernina Boy story! Closely followed by Doni's story about Marc and the electronic collar. I still laugh about those stories!
And now it is time to call in the cats and get all the critters settled for the night.
Jean at Mill Bay, enjoying the flurry of activity on the BB


I feel human. I know others have had and have this cold but it's an unusual time of year to catch one.

Love the posts but I think I just about fell off my chair laughing and imagining Joleen's husband carefully planning his garden to stave off the varmits...does that include deer, too?? Please keep us posted, Joleen, on his adventures inside the garden wall.

Bee, that mouse story reminded me of a tiny wee grey field mouse that I found in DH's Birkenstocks recently trying to get up over the tip of them, then it ran over Geordie's nose who was lying there quite, I'm shrieking...a Mouse, a Mouse.......Geordie is 15, deaf as a post and I guess his eyesight isn't too good, either. I tried to catch it, it wiggled out of my hands, DH finally caught it. It was carefully carried outside. Jane is right, it will be back in here in the fall eating up my insulation and wiring no doubt. We have a large garden snake living under the cement decking around the pool. This morning, I nearly stepped on it as it slithered between DH's shoes, me shrieking, watch the snake, him not paying attention to me, the snake is winding its way around his shoes.......he said after I told him I didn't like snakes "Well, how cum you're married to 'Jake the Snake' then....(his brother's called him...names still sticks). And speaking about DH foibles, mine has been washing his hands at the kitchen sink using the hand's in a pump bottle that looks like it could be soap. Pays to read labels or have your wife catch you at what you're doing. I redirected him to the hand soap...pump bottle but it read: hand soap.



After long experience with the nasty little creatures I finally figured out that they reproduce at an alarming rate. Mice are not celibate. Not even clergy mice. They do not come in ones. If there is a mouse there is a nest. I suggest professional assistance even if they don't use humane methods. But since your DS is such a nature lover how about the NZ version of a rat snake? They are utterly quiet, don't defecate or urinate so anyone notices, are very shy, don't come into your guests' sleeping quarters at night to run over them as they sleep, and don't use your stash, especially batting, for nest construction.

Ask me how I know.

Beautiful here but heading for unseasonable heat so TTFN while the fur babies and I scale the mountainside alongside my house.


Friday, May 20, 2011

electric collars

I well remember Doni's post, where she told how Mark tested that collar before they put it on Buford. I never laughed so hard in my life.

Bee, I'll bet that mouse ran right back to your son's house. Too funny...

We had sunshine today! Weather warmer than 60F! Mole-inator came and checked his traps, and found another mole in one of the buried traps for a total of four caught this week. He has used two types, and the buried ones (cannot see them from above the ground....he has little flags to mark them) and the buried ones are the ones that are catching the moles. Last autumn, his normal scissors type caught four moles.. Hooray!

I did some more piecing and trimming today on my Ruby Slippers quilt. I need 288 half-square triangles that are 1.25" unfinished. I purchased the kit and pattern at one of the AQS shows, too many years ago, and I really need to get this made.

Dog collar

That was Doni's husband Marc. He refused to use the collar on Buford after he got knocked on his can by the electric fence.

Funny the things that we remember!


Turkeys and Gary

I sometimes wonder about men , obviously he forgot birds fly. Love the tale. Do any of you remember the story about the dog whose master!!!! tried the electric dog collar and I know it was Celia's husband who measured the length of their drive but lying down and counting how many times he went into the drive, apparently he is 6 foot tall and just counted the times he lay down. Keep the tales coming , they will remind me that men rule the world !!!!! This topic could keep us going for years.LOL. Hugs Bee in NZ.

Gardening in Minnesota

As Sandi said, it is raining in Minnesota - but a nice gentle rain. I spent most of yesterday in the yard - those of you who have been to my house know that I spend many days in the yard. The lilacs are starting to bloom and I love the fragrance. In fact, I have a small embroidered piece in our bedroom that says "My favorite place in spring to be, is underneath the lilac tree." If they only bloomed for a day I would still have lilacs. The lamium and ajuga are also in full bloom and the various shades of green in my hostas are gorgeous next to the freshly mown lawn. The lamium and ajuga can both be rather invasive but are gorgeous when in bloom and I have patches of them in several of the beds in my yard. I haven't potted any annuals yet but have a good idea of what I want to do this year and plan to pick up some things by next week-end. Can you tell I love this time of year.

Against my better judgment I ventured back to the vegetable garden too. Gary took over the vege garden a few years ago. Here was his technique: 1) Erect a big fence. In fact three layers of fence - hog wire, lined with chicken wire inside, surrounded by decorative fencing on the outside. The weeds grow between the hog wire and the chicken wire and my tractor hits the decorative fencing on the outside. 2) Plant an instant garden--tomatoes plants, cuke plants, cabbage plants, squash plants, any-thing-else that comes in a pot. Actually everything that comes in a pot and many of each of those things in a pot. 3) Interplant everything else. Potatoes inside rows of corn, onions along the front of the tomato plants, etc. 4) Walk away and never return. Weeds? Apparently he thought his 3-layered fence would prevent them from growing. He was wrong. Did the fence defense work? The wild turkeys just flew over the top and ate each ear of corn as it ripened - our neighbor could see each stalk slightly bend as the turkeys nibbled their way down the lunch row. We have had "words" over his "technique" but this year we have come to an agreement. It is not tilled or planted yet but he has agreed to keep it small and manageable. I have agreed to take care of everything outside of the fence and he has agreed to take care of everything inside of the fence. If he weeds it I will mulch it. We shall see. I will give you a report. Joleen in MN


That is hilarious! We've had a few mousy problems but my dh was able to quickly catch them with a trap. He was also quite pleased with himself. Heheheh, it must be the hunting instinct. lol Now, if we can just get rid of the ants and box elder bugs!

I was at quilt market last weekend, had a great time and met some interesting people. The most interesting was a guy from Spain. If you've read the Diary of Anne Frank you might remember that there was a baby in the house where they hid. This man is the son of that baby. He is the Spanish ambassador to the Netherlands, knows seven languages and is also the cousin to Nick Nolte. He had a great sense of humor, wish I could have chatted with him more.

I did have a quilt I made picked up by Fabric Trends, It will be in the Fall issue. A security guard at the market wanted to buy it so I'll be selling it to him when it comes back from the magazine! He stopped by to look at it a couple of times. Of all the gazillion quilts there, he liked this one. Of course, most aren't for sale.

We've had a couple of lovely days of weather but back to rain today. Maybe I'll get a walk in with the dog if I'm lucky.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

the saga of the field mouse

DS1 who thinks he know all has a mouse in his house. It only comes out to play when he is on the computer and can see into the kitchen. I did offer him one of my kittens and he laughed at me so won't get any sympathy here. After much trying of traps to ensure it killed quickly , totally amusing the Orientals in the store, how often do you see a grown? man trying his fingers in a trap to make sure it kills quickly? He duly arrived home and set the thing and waited and waited......... he set it FIVE times and the wee mouse took the bait each time. Can you see hear the laughter. after few mouseless days he saw a tail sneaking into one of the cupboards and quickly got a box with a lid and crept up to the cupboard and rustled the shelf higher than the box, mouse jumped into box and after a panic stricken couple of seconds he got the lid on and voila!!!! one mouse was caught . He couldn't bear to kill it so took it downstairs and put it over the next door neighbours fence. went upstairs very pleased with himself and sat down at the computer again and saw another little mouse scuttle by. His wife is still laughing along with the rest of the family. Hugs Bee with no mice but keeps a cat.

Checking in

. . . I can't remember all the dwarf's names, but I'm sure I am one of them. Allergy season (for me) is winding down. The honeysuckle and privet bushes are blooming and make my nose run like mad.

Jill in Portland - I thought those were roses. What beautiful tulips.

It has been cold here the past week; cold, drizzly, weather just like Ireland. I had washed and put up all my slacks and jackets, but had to pull some out to wear this week. Today it finally warmed up and got over 65F, and we even got to see the sun. WooHooooo!

Our yard has been invaded by moles. Argh! I set a bunch of traps but apparently wasn't doing it right, so I called in a professional. There were three in his traps yesterday. I'm not fond of what they do to the yard, plus I turn my ankle when I walk on a tunnel that I didn't know is there. I wish they'd go pester someone else.

Kathi in Idaho - that sign is too funny!

We have a few names left

"Dopey" "Doc" "Bashful" "Sleepy" and I'm taking "Sneezy". I've finally broken down and taken half an Advil Sinus Relief...a whole one puts me down for three hours. My colds can turn into sinus infections too easily. I've tried cognac; didn't work except to put me to sleep. I tried an ounce and a half of whisky at noon today in hot cider at Mrs. Mitchell's Restaurant, where friends and I ate. I told them I had allergies to tree buds...I don't think they believed me. I took a box of tissues into the restaurant. One thing I know...I'm not Snow White or the wicked witch.

Thanks for coming on board and posting, y' Doris would say. We don't want to see this board go tilt because we're not posting to it. I loved the sign, Kathi, human error is humorous. Loved the tulips...can't believe they are tulips, Jill. Bee, I agree, if we don't do what we want to do to please ourselves at this age, the sands of time will run out. Marion, you've made such a profound it's all in who we create our lives with that sets the path upon which we trod.



I see the "grumpy" Rosey has prompted some response ! Lovely to see the new postings and the photos.

Not a lot to report from down here. We've had some mild sunny days lately, no wind either, so it has been very pleasant. Busy in the garden with the Autumn tidy-up but have help coming today to finish that off.

DGD (15yrs) fell off her bike in a cycle race last w/end. Taken by ambulance to the hospital but, thankfully, had very little in the way of injuries. It's shaken her confidence though and she's now wondering whether or not to continue with it as her sport. My suggestion that she takes up chess or quilting didn't seem to inspire.......

DD#1 is swanning around England, catching up with friends and relatives, having tucked her four children away in Boarding Schools.... She accompanied her DH on business trips to China and Italy last month. Hard life for some ... Meanwhile, DD#2 slogs away in Auckland with three teenagers at home, a full time job and tight budget and a difficult husband.... Seems that a woman's life is still largely determined by whom she marries....

Our "potential buyer" came out last week. She is keen to buy, but her expensive and new home in Christchurch was badly damaged in the earthquake and it could take awhile to sort out the finances. We are in no hurry to leave here so it still might suit The property we looked at two weeks ago was sold earlier this week. I don't think we will look around again until we have the money in the bank from the sale here. It's all a bit unsettling ..

Time to go to the local Farmers Market. It's close by and has lots of "home grown" goodies. I'm after some of this seasons walnuts today..

Have a good w/end.

And I'm laughing my you-know-what off

Spotted this sign at a second hand store as I was on my way to the garden center today. As the "devoted" spouse of a man who recently had surgery on his right shoulder, I had to laugh all the way down the road after I stopped to take a picture. I'm quite certain that with one of these innovative little items and a small fridge, he would never have to leave his chair again.

Still laughing.

Anyone else seen a wonderful sign lately?


I'm in heaven

The weather here is FINALLY gorgeous. I told my DH that if everyday could be like yesterday I would never miss the change of season. It was between 65-70 sunny sunny and a very light breeze. Now that we have a dog again I really appreciate the wonderful weather. Our guy "Alex" is in motion all day, fetching, playing all the time. HD & I are walking separately so that the dog gets two walks and four miles in every day.
My yard is a mess since the rare nice days never seem to coincide with my time off. These are my very fav tulip, Angelique, they remind me of a soft peony or rose, non of which are ready yet.
I'm hoping to go to my favorite nursery today for my front porch basket . It's the greatest family owned small nursery, just beautiful , opps, off to work, just wanted to say HI !! Jill


Stayed up too late last night watching junk on the tube and fiddling around with the computer. What a waste of time.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm Happy

I have been trying to make a quilt to hang on my lounge wall, I am very tired of the Christmas one which has been there for at least 3 years. This year is making for Bee year and I have actually started to sew again. I have moved my machine into the dining room and as our house is open plan I can see all that is happening. No kittens left to help, if you know what I mean!!!! The last two have 10 acres to run around in .My wall hanging is based on " Desert Sky"by Judy Niemeyer. All foundation pieced. I went to a class hoping to find a better way to do the piecing but went back to my old way, I spent a day completely flummoxed and came home in a real mood . I may not make the quilt as big as the pattern as it has to hang over an old coffer chest and I think it will be too big. I have been buying Batiks for ages but didn't realise they all seem to be the same med. colours not too many lights and darks, what a shame I may have to go and find some more. Just as well I love batiks. Hugs to the curly one,I am so jealous LOL Love to all a happy Bee in a cold NZ.

I'm broke

I know poor isn't one of the 7 dwarfs , but just finished the dental work, $1,200 later. And that is the 1/2 we have to pay that the dental ins. doesn't pay for. Whew! Good thing the airline tickets to N.D. are already paid for, I might reconsider. At least I have my two front teeth now. They are mine because I paid for them.

Please send any and all rain here. The state is so low the lakes are drying up. In So. Fla. they are rationing water already, and it's only May. The poor people in Miss, Alabama, etc. could use with some drying out, and we need the water.
On that note I'm putting on some potatoes to boil to make some soup for later, and going to take a nap.
Sara, with teeth

Today, I am GRUMPY !!

Here in Southern Ontario it is a week for growing mushrooms, mold, anything that likes damp, drizzly, foggy, grey, depressing weather including the grass that is growing like wildfire outside my studio window. We'll need a goat or a bush hog to cut it down if the sun doesn't shine soon and dry us out. And, I have a cold. Such an insult in the month of May when spring is supposed to be an event on our calendar, not an excuse for more rain and more colds. There is a saying here, April showers, bring May flowers. Not so this year.

But that's not why I'm grumpy. I'm upset because I know many people read the Chat Board and enjoy it but don't take the time to say 'hello' and share a bit of their lives with us here. Pleae think about it; it would be nice to see some new and old faces here again. If you have time to read the board, you have time to post. There. Like I said, I'm grumpy.

We've just some well work done this morning. The heavy back-hoe and dually diesel truck have torn up what we call our lawn outside our front door, a place which I like to have looking nice for guests, as presentation is important with a B&B...first impressions being what they are. The lawn is torn up but the well had to be brought up to code. It's govt. rules now. Because we're a B&B, they've come to us first; private homeowners will be next on their list. If and when your home is sold and the well is not up to code, you won't get it passed by the inspector prior to selling. Not sure how many readers live in Ontario but it will affect others I'm sure across the province if you live in the country.

Thanks, Sara, for the compliment. I used to brush my curls out for so many years that people are suprised at how curly it is. I am thankful that curly hair came into fashion.


Monday, May 16, 2011

this and that

Belle is just so cute. Your hair is pretty too, Rosey. Not too many people can manage curly hair, or your shade of white, but you do it well.
Deciding today about visiting Mt. Rushmore in S. D. while we are in N.D. We have friends who moved to Rapid City S. D. and insist we come by and stay with them. Wondering if 8 people in a 7 person van is too many. The grands want to see Mt. Rushmore and I suppose DD and DSIL would too. Evidently there were snow flurries last week in N.D.
My DH has been working too hard in the back yard building a waterfall. It will be wonderful when it is finished, but the digging just about did him in on Sat. We had a good 1 and 1/2 in. of rain and thunder storm in the middle of the day, so he had to stop for a few hours. A forced rest is sometimes good.
The rain helped slow down the large swamp fire in the Okefonoekee swamp, just across the Georgia border. It has been burning for 3 week, and there are some days the smoke comes this way. It's bad for people with breathing problems, and stinks too. Seems that fires in a swamp are hard to fight as they are hard to reach.
Other than that we are up to our armpits in DH's brother's paperwork and stuff. It all smells of cigarettes, and gives me a sinus headache. I've spread lots of it on the back deck, between the rain storms, and aired most of it out. So far haven't found any life insurance, or will. Just lots of credit card info. that is at least 10 years old. My DH is the last of his family, so it is emotionally hard. There are 4 grand kids, but they don't have our last name.
OK, on a more upbeat note, I've lost 7 lbs. Lots of fruits and veggies, walnuts on salads, and no red meat. Or chicken. Have had fish twice a week, and seem to be doing well.
Hope everyone has a great Monday.
Sara in Fla.