Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Good morning from "cooler" Florida

It's so hard for me to wrap my head around those in Australia and N.Z. looking forward to October to be "warmer" when I'm waiting for October to be cooler.  It will be a high of  88 or 89 today, somewhat better than the 98 and 100 of Friday and Sat.
Brought several of my mother's polyester double knit pants home to try to get the stains out Monday. Those things will still be here when I'm dead!  I think they are going in the trash, as they are so stained from food and coffee, that they will never be clean again.   Going to re-hem the nightgown, then pitch the polyester shirt with food stains.  The commercial laundry there at the nursing home gets the basics, but no stain effort is done.
I get a laugh of those who want to garden.  I'm SO tired of pulling and killings weeds.  They are "growing like weeds" in the mulch beds, etc.  I hate to use poison, but have been using "Roundup" on the weeds that just keep growing.
Cleaned out another kitchen junk drawer, and found 25 rubber bands, 10 or so scratch pads, etc.  Lots of pens and pencils.  Going to try to quilt for 1 hr. before going to Chiro. Dr. today.  DH needs work on his neck, and refuses to go, so we are having a joint appt.  My right hip goes "bonkers" once a month or so. . .. . don't know why.  Maybe driving a car?  American cars are made for right handed people, and I'm a lefty, maybe that's part of it.
American football is on in pre-season.  Tomorrow night I'm sitting down with a bowl of pop-corn and watching some.
Trying to call DD again, SIL having vision, other health problems.  I think they are using the computer for hours without proper desks.  She mentioned one son with headaches, and when he stopped all the computer games, and went and did other things the headaches went away.
Sara in Fla.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


My computer has finally been taken away to be "fixed" !! I am bravely doing this on the IPad so I hope it works for me.

A busy day in the garden today.  I'm a bit ahead of myself. The weather could still turn very cold and wintery   It is still August after all, and Sept can be just as cold as may mid winter month. I  can't help myself if the weather is sunny and warm though, just have to get out there and feel the dirt under the fingers nails... !!

It's nice to be able to do this sitting around the fine instead of sitting at the computer desk. Maybe I should get an IPad of my own !

Off to visit the friend who had the stroke tomorrow. I go every Wednesday. I move her upper limbs through their range of movement to,try to,prevent stiffness and we play a few games to try to engage the thinking processes.  She tires quickly so we have frequent breaks .  She always seems pleased to see me and seems able to indicate "Yes" and "no" She no longer receives any therapy as she has failed to show signs of improvement.  It takes two,people to move her and she is still unable to speak. It's six months since her stroke.

This machine seems to be putting commas randomly .... I don't know why !

Booked to,fly up to Auckland at the beginning of Oct.  Seems ages since we saw the family so,we'll enjoy a week up there with them. DGD rang to tell me that she is going off on holiday with her boy friend ?!?  She is very excited !   How times change ! When I was her age (nearly,19)  I was lucky to be allowed out on a date with my boy friend ... And the last person I would
 have told about that was my grandmother !