Saturday, April 26, 2008


We are visiting our son and I am using his computer - makes mine seem like it's from the Stone Age! Too bad I didn't bring a list of sites to visit and enjoy while here. I could actually do it in a few minutes instead of hours. So often, this posting page will not even load on my computer at home and if it does decide to cooperate it takes forever. I guess it's time I let DS bring my computer into the 21st century.

I am so sorry to hear about Jane. How scary. I am glad she survived and wish her a speedy recovery. Also, hugs to any others in need right now. Actually hugs all around whether you need it or not.

I have spent the rather long and snowy winter piecing quilts. There's at least a half-dozen lap or baby quilts finished to date. I enjoyed every minute and glad I could do it. Today I got out to a quilt shop here and found two kits reduced 25% that begged to go home with me - yay!

My DSis is still taking treatments for her second bout with breast cancer. All positive thoughts and prayers for her are welcomed. She is so far away from me and I know the battle is tough, but she is such a fighter and her spirits are good most of the time.

We will have a family reunion in Denver (Lakewood) this June (20-22) so if anyone has suggestions for quilt stores and quilty things to do post them here. If you would, please put them in a post because the comments are as difficult to open as the posting page on my computer at home.

I read daily if I can and think of you all whether you post or not. Thanks to those who manage to post regularly. Maybe if I update my computer I too could post more often.
Laura in IA

Friday, April 25, 2008

Jane Brown

I am typing for Jane. Message is as follows:

Jane has had a serious car accident coming down the mountain from her home going to knee therapy. Her tyre caught the side of the road and her SUV flipped over and rolled her car over a bank and it landed upright in the early March. It was cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey, Jane says...She crawled out of the car, after tooting her horn trying attract attention, and the water was about knee-high...she was so disoriented, she started walking away from the road, then ran into a deep part of the creek on slippery rocks and broke her ankle, and laid down in the water, thinking she was going to die. She was eventually found and rescued. She was helicoptered to Asheville. Her hand is badly damaged. She cannot type so has asked me to type for her. Her brother has been looking after her. She spent spent a month in the hospital...she's in a wheelchair all the time because of her ankle. How can she brush her teeth standing on one leg...
email: jbrown eighteen sixty one at hughes dot net (convert the numbers into numerical numbers and convert the at to @ the dot to . That should get to the converting...
all lower case.


I am so exceited

I just got my Quilter's Newsletter magazine. On page 48 is a quilt that was made by ME.....
Back in the early 80's, I wrote in to a TV show, I think it was Georgia Bonesteel, the person was Ed Larson, that was on her show. He was looking for someone to quilt his designs. I wrote to him and he sent me a pattern for an appliqued quilt of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The quilt was made and sent to him and he had it hang in a quilt show in CA. It was sold and I received one quarter of the profit. Half went to the gallery and the other half we split.

So today I opened the new magazine and I see work that reminds me of his style. Upon reading the article, I see it was him. I read how he gives the pattern to people he has never met, face to face and sometimes there are disappointing results. I thought, that is why he never called me again... I turn the page and there it is ! ! ! The quilt I made. I have been too excited to read the whole article yet, but I don't believe my name is mentioned. I have a photo that I took and I have scanned, and I have posted it here. Be sure to read the article.

Donna, LEH,NJ

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Snow in April

Jean at Mill Bay, I empathize with you and your snow. Here in Vermont, we were still getting snow at the beginning of April, and after the snowiest winter on record for our area, we, too, had a LOT of it.

What a difference now, though. Around the 14th the weather changed, and we had almost two full weeks of temps in the 70's--several days even made it up to 80 degrees! It was so weird; we went from winter immediately to summer. I was loving it though. All our snow is now gone except for a tiny bit here and there were there's shade--and I mean a TINY bit. I was sooooo glad to see it go.

To celebrate, I started a kit from Keepsake called, I think, The Tuesday Garden Club (or something like that). It has 10 inch squares of big florals, surrounded by a lattice, set on point with leafy green fabrics for the triangles around the edges. I've had to put it aside the past few days, but I have the rows pretty well together. So nice to see spring-like fabrics this time of year!

Five weeks of homeschool to go before exams, and it's like pulling teeth some days to get DS to focus and finish. I will be so glad to be done. I'm very proud, though, at all we accomplished. We finished his Literature textbook today, and his Vocab book is also finished; we're just doing spelling tests now on the words. Two subjects down, four to go...


Me, too, Jean

I'm making plans, too, for the retreat. Haven't been able to attend a BB gathering since Ohio 99, so it's certainly time. Right now I'm trying to figure out the logistics...where to fly...whether to rent a many days I'll be there...and the list goes on and on and on.

Kathi in Idaho

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Time for a change...

Definitely time for a new post here! LOL

I have decided that I will definitely be going to Grace's Retreat in Ontario next Fall. Who else is going to be there? Now that I have decided to go, I want everyone else to jump on board! LOL

It is kitten season here already, unfortunately. We have kittens in foster care and more coming. *None* of them are at my house and the plan is that none of them will come here this summer. We are planning to travel this year and it is difficult enough to get a house and pet sitter for a zoo like this! But of course I am still doing everything else that I do for our cat rescue. Bright and early tomorrow morning I will be picking up cats in traps and taking them to the vet clinic... At least these ones are not pregnant yet.

My plans to be out in my garden every day this Spring have been shattered by the fact that we have had the worst April weather on record in this part of the country. For the first time since weather records have been kept here we have had snow in April. Lots of it. As recently as last weekend. I am hoping that it will warm up over the next few days so I can get some serious planting done.

My sewing group and my design group have decided to cooperate and make a raffle quilt for the Run For The Cure. We are using a pattern from Sharon Pedersen's first book of reversible quilts, with darkish Orientals on one side and very pretty coordinating florals on the other. The fabrics are absolutely lovely -- I wish I was doing this one for me!

DH is off to Alberta for the Spring seeding -- as soon as the snow is off the fields! He was supposed to leave early next week, but it looks like that might be delayed...

What is everyone else up to these days?