Friday, September 9, 2011

@#$%!! blog!

Let's try again with that picture -- it said it was uploading it...

Catching Up

This is so cool! I have missed being able to stop in and chat.

Life is incredibly busy around here. The Cat Rescue work takes more time than a real job, but it is so satisfying! This year we have had so many firsts and it is pretty exciting to be part of all this. Last year I applied for a grant from PetSmart Charities and we got that in January. That one is to spay/neuter about 85 ferals from one big colony. Then I put in a proposal in the Pepsi Refresh Everything Challenge and after 4 long months of voting every day -- and getting a few thousand other people to also vote daily! -- we won a grant that has allowed us to set up a program for people living below the poverty line to get their cats spayed/neutered for $15.00. This is fantastic, since there are no other programs for low cost spays in this area. But what a lot of work! Of course, I do have a number of foster kittens here again this year and am dealing with the usual operations of the rescue, so free time is a bit scarce!

Quilting is not happening much, although I do meet with my quilt group every Tuesday morning and stitch away at my Grandmother's Flower Garden. I pieced a king size top at our retreat in June and have actually sent it out to be custom quilted. It is the only way it will ever get done, I fear. And I dearly love the quilt, so I am trying not to think about the cost. It was made from batik strips that my Tuesday group swapped for a year, plus a few more from my stash, and it ended up 112" X 112" square. (I will try to attach a picture of the top.)

Gucci is still a wonderful dog, although she is slowing down a bit and can no longer keep up with Coco, who is only 2 years old and very fast. They are such good friends, though, and do everything together. Last Spring I took them both to a Rally Obedience class and they just loved it. Standard Poodles are such great dogs!

Now I am going to look for a picture of the 'Athena" quilt and then I will cross my fingers and try to post this...


Donna in LEH

Thank you for posting the web site. I took a look, read the nice article --- and this is the really important part IMO --- there is the usual brief advertisement before the news story for the video portion. As my eyes rolled back up into my head (because there are almost no videos online anymore that don't have a commercial first that we must suffer through) thinking "oh gag, yet another ad", it caught my eye and jerked me to attention.

The very brief 'commercial', before the video begins, is a very important reminder to all of us . . . and I won't give any 'spoilers.' You really need to see it.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

an update

Great weather here. Looks like we are heading into fall. I can not believe that the leaves are already changing colour.
I guess we managed to be away for the hottest week of the summer. I really enjoy the cooler summer weather.
Have been very busy making applesauce. DH loves it and the apples are so plentiful this year. every time we turn around some else is suggesting an apple tree.
Rosey you asked, and so far all seems to be okay. We still have some tests to go through, but hopefully it was an anomaly. It really shook the whole family as DH has always been the one who was never sick. Tall, skinny( and I mean skinny, there is no fat on him at all, go figure, we eat the same stuff) , no health issues and then this happens. But all is well . Kind of funny because we now all try to watch him without him realizing we are watching. I am sure we will return to normal shortly, we just need time. LOL
I just want to get back to sewing again everyday. There are so many things in my head.
Take care
Nice to see Jean post and I know we have to try and be here more often.
Grace in On.


JEAN IN MILL BAY - Hooray! Perseverance paid off. I hope will let you back on to post again.

BEE in NZ - Such a scare with your heart! Doctors hear won't renew a prescription that is one year or older, without an office visit. It is such a chore to go see the doc, but things like this are the reason.

KATHI and JOLEEN - your cooking descriptions sound yummy, and are making me hungry. ;o)

Weather here is still cool and nobody is complaining, although we are all in thermal shock. I'm quite concerned for the people in eastern Pennsylvania et al who are having the floods. We received five inches of rain in two days here. Laura in AL probably received more than that.
Jane in NC - how much did you get? I hope not the ten inches that were predicted.

9/11 Story

CBS News has a story on TV on Tuesday, of my brother-in-law Ken Summers and Steve Newman, the man that helped get Ken to safety after being burned at the World Trade Center. This web site will not let me paste the web address here. try...

Just copy and paste to the address line or part of this link may get you there. or just go to CBS New and look up the story. I am sorry the paste would not work, but thought many of our readers from around the world that made blocks, might be interested in seeing this. I hope you can find it
Donna, LEH, NJ

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rugby and other things

Oh Marion, NZ is in a real uproar about the Rugby Cup. A lot of the cars are showing their country's flags, they look quite good and colourful. I have finished my shopping until after the Cup is over. The cars are driving so fast just as bad as at Christmas. I stopped my Sky sports when Harry died so at least I can watch other programmes. Rugby is the wrong ball game for me. I also had a surprise yesterday , I had to go to my GP for a renewal of my pills, while I was there I was talked into going on a new health scheme. Wow I thought I was pretty healthy, knew I needed to lose weight but .........I am now on a strict diet and exercise regime and my heart was in the 30% area for a heart attack. Oops. I have dusted the exercycle and will have to wake my ideas up and change that. At least I can do something about it. I am quite lazy so had better go now and check out the bike. Hugs Bee in NZ soon to be slim?????


I can't believe that it worked -- after all this time!

We are expecting company and I have a few things to do before that happens, but I will be back later with a 'catch up' post. How nice to be allowed back in!


One more time...

Every time some one says they can get in here I try it again...

Peppers, etc.

We, too, have a bumper crop of peppers. DH fires up the barbeque and chars them. After that they can be vacuum packed and frozen. I don't even take the skins off or seed them until after they are thawed and ready for use. We make a lot of Mexican food throughout the year, and these peppers are wonderful for that. I didn't even plant any bell peppers this year...just the hotter ones.

The tomatoes will probably go into sauce tomorrow. I've already made one batch of roasted tomatoes with garlic, fresh basil and fresh rosemary. Makes the best marinara sauce.

Joleen, I don't believe you've ever made an ugly quilt...and I've seen quite a few lovely ones that you've made.

I'm bundling up four of mine to take to the quilt show in the tiny town (pop 100) where we have our cabin. The leaves are already starting to turn up there, and the temps have dropped below freezing several nights. Not looking forward to winter quite yet.


MN checking in

I woke up to the wonderful aroma of garlic, onions and tomatoes still lingering from the sauce I made last night. After I mowed I picked tomatoes and cooked them down into a sauce that I freeze. So much better than the store bought stuff. We have had wonderful fall weather the last few weeks with gorgeous sunny days and cool evenings. After the hot, humid, buggy summer we had, these cooler days are welcomed! Anybody have some ideas of what to do with grapes. Lots and lots of grapes? I don't want to make juice. The hot, humid, buggy summer must have been just what they like. I found a recipe last night for a spiced grape butter so will try that today. Grapes, cinnamon, cloves, orange rind, sugar (of course)... . I also have a pretty good crop of peppers so might make some pepper jelly. We usually pour/dump the pepper jelly over cream cheese and eat it on crackers as an appetizer - but that will have to wait until next week.

Is anyone planning to attend the Wisc. Quilt Expo in Madison this week? Nancy Zieman and Wis. Public TV are the sponsors. Three if us are leaving early tomorrow morning and hope to get there by about Noon. Friday evening we are going to the Ami Simms program - I think it is entitled "How to Make an Ugly Quilt" or something like that. (I could give her some tips...) We are SO looking forward to the mini-vaca. Better go pick some grapes.... Joleen in MN

Nice to be back...

I haven't been able to get onto the BB page for about a week. Very frustrating . So nice to read the new postings . Jane, in answer to your question, I have been busy spinning. I have been having difficulty, holding a needle and stitching for any length of time, so decided to spin some wool instead.. DGD expressed an interest in home spun jerseys, so I said I would make one for her. Managed to get a very nice brown/grey fleece and it is spinning up well. We've had some lovely weather recently and I have been doing it outside in the afternoon sun. The fleece wool loosens up in the sunshine and makes the whole process easier.

NZ is preparing itself for a big sporting event. The Rugby World Cup kicks off here on Friday. The Cup is played for every 4yrs. The first time was 24yrs ago and we won it. No surprises there, as we are generally considered to be up there with the best in the world. The big surprise (at least to all NZers) is that we haven't won it since ! Ask a local and they will say that's because of blind referees, bad calls, non- accidental food poisoning , cheating by the other team etc etc etc ! Fact is, we have often fallen at the last hurdle. It's very important that we win this time because it is being played here on NZ soil.... The pressure is enormous . Wish us luck ! The teams from competing countries have been arriving this week. The country is drowning in testosterone....

Rosey, that sure is a huge pile of wood for himself to deal with. I hope the chain saw is fixed. Nothing worse for a man who wants to get on with a job like that, than to have the machinery fail on him. The drama in our house this week is that the newly purchased wall oven doesn't fit the hole left by the previous oven. Personally, I would have thought that was the first requirement of a replacement, but the DH thought otherwise. He is no handy man......Need I say more ? I have been out all day. When I returned the house smelt of paint, the garage floor was covered with sawdust and the man himself was looking pleased with himself... The (qualified) men will be here tomorrow to install and connect it. I shall be out for most of the day so I hope that when I return it will be in working order and in the alloted space ! Fingers crossed. By the way, the old oven has been failing for quite a few years now but, because I am a post-war child , I have "made do" rather than replace. This has irritated the DH. Last week he had a rush of blood to the head, went to town and bought this new one ! To say that I was surprised is putting it mildly..?!?

Time for bed. Hope I'll be able to get back on again tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Growing older means

that you often have the same energy to do things that you used to do when you were ten years younger, even five years younger but when there is a spanner in the works such as a chain saw that keeps breaking down after you've had it into the chain saw shop just days before, you find that a pile of wood needed for heating the house this winter is twice the size it is. And why is it that if something goes wrong, women tend to deal with it and men come into the house and share it with you with such a pained look on their face? Himself has trotted off into town again with the recalcitrant chain saw, once again.

Grace, have you had word on your DH and his medical issue?

Doris, if I ate sausage soup I'd be permanently posted on the porcelain pony for days. In my next life I'm putting in for an effective digestive system.

Nice to hear from you Jane; I don't work well under pressure of time commitment either.
Sara, you will do just fine at the Canadian border and if you don't get back into the US, just think of all the fun you'll have living with a Winnipeg winter.

Need to add that my morning's entertainment is now complete. One retired airline pilot, one retired truck driver neighbour, several lengths of rotten rope attached to the bumper of himself's van and about three logs came tumbling down. Took a lot of engineering though. Glad my neighbour was there, no 'blue air' from himself's frustration.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Ooops ..... I forgot to say why DH got the best part of the meal. (senior moment???) He got their Italian Wedding Soup made with sausage insted of meatballs. It was wonderful!!!

Labor Day

Jane in NC - I'm glad you're getting some of this rain, too. Since yesterday, we've gotten 2 1/2 inches of rain and it is very much appreciated. We haven't had rain in four weeks and it showed. The trees & shrubs have wilted, grasses have turned brown, etc. We hope it keeps raining all week.

It is also 59°F right now - outside(!) - and it's freezing cold out there. On Friday and Saturday the highs were 99°F.

Sara in FL - I cannot imagine having any problems with immigration at the Canadian border. Neighbors just returned from an Alaska cruise that started in Vancouver and they had no problems at all. Have a good trip!

DH and I - just returned from lunch at a new-to-town restaurant, First Watch. Because of the rain, I think everyone else had hte same idea. DH got best part of the meal. My tomato basil soup was good, too.

Hugs to everyone...

Labor Day

DH decided he wanted to go furniture shopping for the condo that we don't own yet. (?) Just looking he says. I think we have our extrogen/testerone mixed up. He loves to shop. Other than fabric I don't. So, here in no. Fla. there are sales at the furniture stores. We found a leather sofa and love seat he likes. The "recliner" mode is to his liking, but as I said, we don't even own the place yet, let's wait. We need to sign paperwork, maybe next Friday, and then gut the floors, bathrooms, re-paint everything. Put down tile throughout. Figure out bathroom fixtures, shower, tub or no? Kitchen, stainless appliances? Quartz, recycled glass, etc. counter tops. After all that we can think of furniture.
I didn't tell him I already have a phone call in to an interior designer. She is very down to earth, and I trust her. After our week away we will see what happens next.
Just found out that my GF in Miss. is moving back to her home town of Va. Beach, VA. Her mom died about 1 month ago, and her dad is not doing well. Her husband is a pastor, and is going to resign from his position to go back "home". Maybe we can meet in Williamsburg, VA. when the big spring quilt expo is. Feb. or March I think.
There is a big quilt expo in West Palm Beach, Fla. Nov. 11 12, and 13th. Hope to be down there anyway for DH's 45 H.S. reunion. Maybe can stay an extra day to see this.
I have our passports out ready for our big trip on Wed. Hopefully we will have no trouble entering and leaving, re-entering Canada. I've check all the web sites of the gov. and Canada govt. I think we have our ducks in a row. Looking forward to cooler temps.
Sara in Fla.


I hope that the absence of almost everyone except Rosey and a small number of others is because everyone is sew busy. I'm under the gun on a round robin. In the current round I had a wonderful idea which is not working out. In an effort to unsew a heavily stitched special stitch I managed to poke a hole in the fabric of the border itself. Fortunately I had just enough of the fabric to replace it but practice with the fancy stitch on applique the stabilizer is slipping and sliding and the stitch gets distorted. Late in the day I checked the directions on a different stabilizer that said that I could dissolve some in water and paint it on. It took hours to dry but the fabric is nicely stiffened. Along with a much simpler stitch with pretty thread ought to able to make things work out. The round robin group, 6 of us, will meet at 2 pm tomorrow. I'm not cut out for round robins. The obligation to others and deadlines tend to paralyze me.

After no rain for well over a month with the brown lawns and poor hay harvest etc. they are now predicting up to 10 inches of the wet stuff in the next 48 hours along with flash flood warnings. The soil on my lot has so much clay on it a lot of that water will just slide off down hill but wells and crops will no doubt be in better shape.

Well, that's my exciting life. What's going on in yours.

Jane in soon to be soggy southern Appalachians.