Saturday, October 4, 2008

Life gets in the way of quilting

Which is okay when you get to visit your DD2 and DGD. DSIL tore his achilles tendon and the sitter got mono so what's a mother to do? It helps that I get to travel from Iowa to Arizona, as well, to help out. It's a pleasure to see how DGD has grown. She is such an independent little chatterbox at 20 months. It was fun to find out she'll have a new sibling late next spring. I'll be here until the 14th, then head home to prepare for my Fun Fall Frolic (trip to IQF Houston). I chose to miss out on the first AQS in Des Moines to make this trip, but I do "quilts" often and a visit to DD2 and her family is a rarity.

On a sadder note, my DSis has been hospitalized to deal with radiating some new bone tumors which were giving her great pain. If you are so inclined please keep her in your prayers. We visited her this past summer and she was working hard and upbeat about beating this cancer. It will take all the positive vibes we can assist her with to keep her strength up at this point. TIA

another dug checking in

Hi all, thought I had better check in and tell you I am still on this planet, sometimes I wonder, getting old is the pits BUT I have new medication and think I have slightly reversed the old age bit. We spent yesterday(all the kids and better halves) in our garden and what a job they did , I am thrilled and so lucky.Even better I was allowed to play Grandma ALL day . I told Cara(now just 6months) all about her family, sent her to sleep but I was in stitches watching her.Can you imagine a 71 year old having blowing raspberry competion with a littlie. She won as it is very hard to blow them when you are in hysterics of laughter.Not too much in the quilting line, we are making quite a few charity quilts, always do after our bi-annual show. I am making one of those Christmas stockings for Cara. They weren't in NZ when the other Grandkids were small and I have always wanted to make one. It is blowing a gale outside today and all the sweeping has been for naught , Grant(DS1) brought his new garden blower to use on the drive and it looked great, this morning all the leaves etc are back and by the weather forcast will be there for a couple of days. Good to see the gas situation is getting better and the aftereffects of Ike are being cleared. We are so lucky here we don't get the extremes of weather , not up our end of the country. We are classed as nearly sub-tropical which means rain and even more rain but we can handle that. Hugs for now, Bee in NZ.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Message for Jane, in North Carolina

Jane, I have traced your steps yesterday and there is no sign of your quilt project.


This "Dug" is fine, thank you Sara !!

While many of you are enjoying the colours of the Autumn, here in NZ we are enjoying late Spring. The garden is surging back to life and the lawns are green and growing ! Lots of work out there but so VERY nice to feel the warmth of the sun again, after a dreary wet winter..

It's my Birthday today and I have reserved the day for my DH to spoil me ...not too sure that will happen but a girl can only hope !?! Girl ?!? That's stretching it a bit... I'm only one year away from the big "three score years and ten" though that's hard to believe..

Not much being done in the sewing line here. My sewing buddy is very sick in hospital . I visit her often and we can still enjoy a laugh together but it's altogether very sad..

Off to Auckland next week to stay with DD2 and family. It will be good to see them all again. We do miss having them close by.

All the best for that marathon Sara...what a challenge !! Not something I've ever been tempted to try !?

Have a good day.

checking in for Thursday

It seems that our WWQP people are getting ready for fall, or have otherwise been busy.
It seems that the Canada retreat was a great success. I hope to go next time.
We have some more cool weather this morning. I went out and walked/jogged 3 miles in prep. for Saturday's Marine Corps 1/2 marathon.
I have never gone 13.1 miles in my life, so would appreciate your good thoughts and prayers. Don't want to trip and break anything, want to "finish well"! I'll post on Monday to let you know how I did.
The long arm quilter has my 3 QOV quilts ready, and I'm picking them up today. Can't wait to see them.
Well, I must have the touch of death when it comes to sewing machines. My NEW Janome 6600 won't put it foot down. I took it to the local dealer to see about working on it. It is still under waranty, but since I bought it on line he says he will charge me for the labor. Still waiting to see what that might be. Now that I have some time and energy to quilt, want to take advantage of it.
Let us hear what is going on in the world.
How are the DUGS? What's up with Anna in Spain? Are you out there?
Sara in 65 degree Fla.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The main activity at Grace's Retreat

was laughter - what a great time. Pembroke is a gorgeous area and the trees were at their peak . On one of the drives Jean and I couldn't help but talk about the range of colors from dark burgundy thru chartreuse and everything in between. We talked, ate and laughed from Thursday night until Sunday - Grace did a wonderful job of planning activities. She had lots of food and some homemade wine ready for our arrival on Thursday evening. All mornings we had breakfast together in the hotel before we headed out for the day's activity. On Friday several of us picked up picnic supplies and set up a table full of cheeses, crackers, fruit, cookies, etc. on the patio outside our hotel where we visited for most of the afternoon and handed out our goodie bag prizes before we took off for the blueberry farm and our evening meal. We really packed a lot into Saturday with a trip to a quilt shop, a quilt show, Grace's home and a lovely restaurant right on the waterfront with LIVE entertainment from Grace's singing group and an unbelievable trunk show. Can't wait for the next retreat - As many have said before, if you get a chance to meet some of the people from the Board, do it. Joleen in MN

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Hi all,

well I am home again and I will not say how tired I am. A really good tired though if there is such a thing. My cheeks are sore from all the laughing and every once in awhile I will hear some comment in my head and my DH wonders what has happened to me over the weekend because I will be sitting and chuckling. Oh what fun we had.
Most of what I had planned worked out real well and time wise it was all great. Time wise was important here because we need to travel distances between events.
I need to find my bed and it will fell rrrrrreallly good tonight to hit it.
I would like to THANK all the girls that where here for some wonderful memories we made. I will never forget the great time we had. You all made the retreat a very special time.
I have had it. Good night all. Those still traveling I hope you will be safe. Those who have arrived home great.
Thanks again for a wonderful time
Grace zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ( very small letters, --- looking forwards to the next one)