Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sara, this is how I did it.  If what we see on our screens is the same I'm assuming it will work for you too.
Go to "New Post" on top RH corner of WWQP Bulletin page.
Look at the bar above the empty text box, which has "Compose" on the LH side.  Next to "Link", 2/3 of the way across, is a picture symbol.  If you hover over it it says 'insert image'.  Click on that.
Go to "Choose Files" if your photo is in a photo program on your computer.
Choose your photo.  It should come up in the box.
Press "Add Selected" and it should appear ready for you to write text with it.
Hope that works.

Wedding dress

Tonight I wish that I could figure out posting pictures.  I have discovered my Mom's wedding dress in almost perfect condition.  She was married in 1943.  She paid $100.00 for the dress in Charlotte N. C. at the Belk's store.  It is a silk-satin with sweetheart neckline, long sleeves and a 3-4 ft train.  I reclaimed the dress form I had lent out, and put it on it today.  It is a treasure.
Sara in Fla.

Whew - success!  Don't know why but it worked for me.  Bee and Marion have seen this photo of my first grandchild, Charlotte Rose, at 3 months.   It looks like we'll probably see her about 4-5 times a year if things keep going the way they are.  That's OK - DH's parents lived in NZ and saw our kids every 3-4 years so I know which I'd rather have.

I hope the winds and fires have calmed down over there and not too much damage has happened! As with Bee, we are in a part of the country which doesn't have such extremes - not even enough bush to have a bushfire.  I'm thinking of those of you who might be affected.

We are off on another adventure - an 8 week trip to the US/Canada in 2 weeks' time.  We'll be going to NY City, Rochester NY, Toronto, DC, Alabama, OK City, the Grand Canyon, the San Francisco area, several parts of Oregon and lastly LA.  It's exciting but rather daunting at the same time.  I do most of the bookings and already I've found a couple of discrepancies which might have been a problem if we didn't know about them beforehand.  (Not my fault of course LOL).  

I've made a double bed quilt for DH's nephew who lives in Toronto with his Canadian wife.  I've decided to take it on the plane as my 'blanket' - hope that works!  Rosey - am waiting to hear from them about the Wednesday but I think that will be fine.  

Off to start the day.  Hugs, Fran


I found it!!!!!!!!

Told you I was computer challenged. Hugs Bee.

Phew, glad to hear from Sara

The news here is all about Isaac and I was wondering if any of our group were in his path. I just cannot imagine winds like you are getting. We don't have such extremes of weather as you have in the States.Makes me realise how lucky we are in is now 3am and I am having one of my can't sleep nights.Can fall asleep anytime during the day but not at night,I am starting to wonder if I am becoming nocturnal LOL. I have always been a night owl but this is ridiculous. Trouble is I am just sleepy enough to have to correct most of my typing. Spring is really arriving here the perfume outside is wonderful and one of my new orchids is in flower and it is so sweet , the whole room smells like a garden, better than smelling of dog, who by the way is having dry shampoos this winter which he hates as much as the real thing. Our other dogs liked the water and it is so strange to have one who won't go outside if it is raining, he does go but with help not on his own accord.Glad to see Rosey has as much trouble posting photos as I do , I have given up trying. I am very computer challenged and some3times when I try to do things on here I make such a mess I am continously surprised the poor computer goes back to where it was before I messed with it. Think I had better go and sleep , my typing is getting really bad. Take care my friends and anyone who is near Isaac good luck. Hugs Bee in NZ.

try try again

I couldn't sleep last night and wrote a long involved post and went back to bed very pleased with myself then I checked this morning and nothing there. I didn't dream it honestly. First I hope everyone is alright with the hurricane and wind etc also Kathi and her cabin ,talk about from one extreme to another. We are really into Spring here and all the lovely flowers are out and the perfume is wonderful. I have a new orchid and in the sun the perfume is so sweet. I decided to dry wash Gus as he doesn't do water very well and he also smells good for a change, now only the carpets to go and all is done. I don't clean them until about mid September which gets the Spring rain out of the way. Also Gus still can't count to 4 thinks he has only 3 feet to clean. I am going now to see if this posts and if it does will continue tomorrow Hugs Bee in sunny. NZ

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kathi-what's the latest?

Kathi-Are you OK there?  What's the situation with the fires?
Sara in Fla.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Rain,rain, go away

Even though tropical storm Isaac is over 1,000 miles away we are getting rain squalls.  They started overnight, were some about 7:45AM, and after 12:00 noon we have had constant showers.  Not heavy, as the S.W. part of the state, but gloomy and constant.  It is expected to be this way for 2-3 more days.  I didn't walk this morning, but did get the dogs out about 7:30 AM.  Those poor people in Hatti and the others in Lousiana, Alabama, and the panhandle of Fla. will most likely get LOTS of rain.  Wind too.
When I called my GF in West Palm Beach on Friday evening she said she doesn't even bother with the storm shutters unless a Cat. #3 Hurricane is called for.  She had lots of rain today, but is going out to a movie tonight.  Every spring she gets her trees thinned, so the wind can blow through them.  Sort of like having snow tires in the garage in a northern state I guess.
Sara in Fla.