Saturday, January 1, 2011


Rats! I missed it. As you can imagine the appearance of WCU band in the parade was a huge deal in Cullowhee and Sylva. I hadn't check the time and forgot about it. The music school and musical theater programs at Western are outstanding and provide a lot of very affordable entertainment for the community. In the past few years the director of the marching band received some high award from a national organization of college and university band directors.

I've been able to get down and, more surprising, up the driveway after having it plowed out on Wednesday by the very skilled man who maintains the road. There was quite a bit of ice remaining but the plow job allowed it to melt quickly when it warmed up on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday. Yesterday I even managed to deliver small gifts to two of my neighbors. Very dark and rainy today with temp in mid 50s. Sunny and reasonably warm predicted for the coming week which I need badly.

Still quite a bit of foot pain which is a disappointment to me. I keep putting off quilting till I clean up the mess but I never get the mess cleaned up. The mess would be easy were it not for the pain.

That's my whine for 2011. Sorry about the downer. So many others have far greater problems. Writing this has been cathartic for me. Thanks you Eric for giving us a place for an occasional whine.


Rose Bowl parade

Jane-I guess you know that the Western N.C. marching band was in the Rose Bowl parade this morning. They looked good!
Paula Deen as the grand marshall looked good too.
Can you say "Butter"?
Sara in Fla. where it was 75 today.

New year Wishes

to all , health and happiness and lots of quilting. All my kittens apart from one have gone to their new homes and the one left is a special needs kitten, he they think , has been thrown against a wall and has water on the brain. he will be OK but he needs lots of TLC. At the moment he walks sideways, how anyone could do this makes me want t0 cause mayhem and i am determined to get him working like a kitten should. The girls who looked after him before his "accident"say he was the most gorgeous kitty . Will keep you posted and even if I can work out how will post a photo. I had a very quiet new year all my kids were away and I decided to go to bed early, silly me,I lay there waiting for the fireworks so got up anyway. My computer is working so well so I went to and I was watching elephants live on the computer. I alway's wanted to go to Africa on a photo safari and this is going to be the nearest way I can see all the elephants etc.The weather seems to be improving in the USA so keep warm and drive safely, except for poor Jane I suppose she is still snowed in.Hugs to all, Bee in NZ.

Friday, December 31, 2010

I echo the previous post..... Here's wishing you all a good measure of health and happiness for the coming year. And of course, happy quilting.
Irene in cold Kirkland, WA (21 degrees Farenheit)

I am here to read all the time and see many friends. Have felt bad for some even if I did not say so, and have been happy along with others. I am standing in my little corner trying to fight the good fight, just not winning yet. I am still standing though and that is a good thing. This has been one of the roughest year we have experienced and it has taken a toll on both of us.
Looking forward to the New Year , It can only get better.
So I am Wishing you all a Verrrry Happy New Year and may you all make Happy memories.
Grace in On.

Happy New Year !

Here's wishing you all a good measure of health and happiness for the coming year.

We are safely home after an amazing ten days in Hong Kong. More of that later. We heard about the earthquake and after- shocks which occurred in Canterbury on Boxing day so were pleased to arrive home and find no damage here. Twelve more homes unlivable in Christchurch and lots of broken sewerage and water pipes so , once more, we have been fortunate.

I was interested to read all about the snow . Fortunately, our daughter had arranged for her three children in the U.K. to leave school two days early. This enabled them to get flights out before the second, predicted, heavy snow fall. A lot of their friends in H.K. didn't do that and they had some very anxious days, trying to locate their travelling children and house them near to the main airports so that they could take flights when and if they became available..

The weather in H.K. was very mild and comfortable. We had a great time with the family. They certainly live a very privileged life style and it was nice to enjoy the benefits of that ! Good to be back to the reality of our own lives though and, having said that, I must go and finish the unpacking and do some washing....

Marion .

True Grit

I know people are talking resolutions, but I wanted to mention that True Grit is a 5 * movie.
We went to see it last Sat. afternoon, and it was wonderful. For those of us old enough to remember the John Wayne one, this is better. Even the music was great.
OK, resolutions. Sigh. . . I'm going into another year about 25 lbs. over what I want to be. Have lost about 10 since Thanksgiving, so that is a plus. Yesterday registered for the local 15K run/walk in March. So I'm making that my resolution. Being able to walk/jog to the finish line in under 2 and 1/2 hrs. Staying healthy is another. The sinus crud is still with me and Benedryl is my new best friend.
Next Thurs,Fri and Sat. I'm taking a free class at my quilt guild on Figure Flattering quiltwear. To get the strips done before Thurs. is a goal.
Happy New Year to all.
Sara in Fla.

Thursday, December 30, 2010


I don't make resolutions because resolutions are rarely kept. I am, however, committed to finishing the book that I started many months ago. And, getting a couple of new patterns out quickly. I'm enjoying reading the others listed as well!

Rosie, when they find exactly which tooth IS the sweet tooth, let me know, I want mine removed as well!

I wish all of you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year filled with the joy of the Lord and all His
unrelenting goodness!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Finish two of the quilts I have in progress and get one other one done in time for the Sisters Quilt Show. After that I'll tackle the list that's sitting on the sewing machine table.

I did finish a top this morning and sent it to the quilter today. It's a birthday gift for my son who is in Iraq. Does that count even though it wasn't on the list?



Finish off one UFO for every new project I start.

That was the plan last year, too, but somehow I have ended the year with even more UFOs! I need a 12 step program!

Jean, hoping the new sewing machine will encourage a few more projects to get finished...

New year Resolution

Not to purchase any more fabric until I have used some of the fabric in my quilting room. This is to be repeated over and over. Also where is that oral surgeon I really really need him. hugs Bee.

New Year's Resolutions

1. Make comfort quilts to give for charity.
2. Actually use some of the boxes of fabric I have collected.
3. Complete some of the quilts my grandmother (and I) started but never finished.
4. Finish binding my friend's quilt that the group finally finshed hand-quilting (after 2 years)



1. Clean out my studio
2. Clean out my studio
3. Clean out my studio.

Guess that about says it all.

Oh, and have my sweet tooth removed

What are some of your quilting New Year's Resolutions?

I have a few:

1. Cut binding and have it ready to sew on as one of the first steps - not the last! Obviously I am looking at some quilts that need binding - first I have to find the fabric....
2. Work on my Dear Jane quilt. There is a group of us meeting once a month to sew - four of us are making DJs and we had planned to work on them that night. One of the group has. It is not me.
3. Keep up with the mystery quilt from guild. We are on clue 4. I bought the fabric. Does that count?

There are more...Anybody else?

Best wishes for a Happy New Year. Joleen in MN

Monday, December 27, 2010

More aftershocks for Marion

More damage in Christchurch for for Marion to come home to, quite a bit of damage and some of the buildings may have to come down. I am so glad I live up in the North Island. we angle away from the Circle of Fire which goes around the Pacific. a friend's husband is a quantity surveyor and has been in the area since Sept. She is beginning to wonder if he is ever coming home BUT as she is a quilter there is a good side as her quilt is nearly finished.She now knows how good it is to be able to cook for one, all the goodies we like to eat. I am living on Chinese type meals and now so is she ,great for the hot weather. we have been seeing the snow on TV you must be so fed up with it and poor Jane, snowed in again, keep warm all of you. I still have 3 kittens, they all have homes just waiting to send them to the vet and then they can go . I didn't realise just how quick they can be the little ginger one only has to hear my front door open and he appears from nowhere ready to leave, just as well he has a long tail.The dog is enjoying watching the dears play and watches his tail as it is quite a thing of joy ,I am sure he wishes it was a short one or he could turn the wag off.Must be away to wash the bathroom floor of all the food, a little dear must have fallen in his biscuits and they are now all over the floor actually I will let Gus in , he likes cat biscuits. Hugs and keep warm , Bee in NZ

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Yesterday there were 6.5" of the white stuff in my yard in the morning and it continued to snow through most of the day even as the temperature hovered just above freezing. Today it measured close to 8" and the temperature never got up to freezing. That makes for a bad sequence as there is ice under the snow so that even 4wheel drive won't get up my driveway. It could easily take a week before I will be able to get out to the road. Then I hope that the mound of snow left at the foot of my driveway by the snow plow as it cleared the road will have melted. I wasn't able to get to my neighbors down the hill for dinner but managed to eat far too richly here with the dogs who are loving the snow.

More later. Cut the end of a finger while preparing tonight's supper and I have a wad of gauze taped over it. Been taking aspirin for lingering foot pain so I'm bleeding more than the minor cut would normally produce.

Jane snow bound in NC

cold,windy,raw day

Burr, I dressed in layers, but the wind cuts through everything.
We went downtown at 12:00noon to go to the NFL game. There were about 3 snow flakes on the windshield! This is just wrong for Florida.
The game was awful, our star player was not playing due to injuries, so we left at 1/2 time. Watched the end on TV in the comfort of our own home. Couldn't take the wind.
My next door neighbor's daughter got married on the 18th and they flew out to Parris for their honeymoon on the 20th. I'll have to check tomorrow how the snow conditions were there.
DH now has a head cold, so we are taking it easy.
We had lots of stocking stuffers to enjoy yesterday morning, a good dinner with friends in the afternoon.
All in all a quiet Christmas, but very nice.
Sara in Fla.

Christmas pictures

Laura & Doris, "white Christmases" are supposed to happen here in Canada, not down your way. The driving must be a concern in that weather without the proper snow equipment. And, a fifty pound, 8 month old puppy...Doris, how big is this pup going to be?

This is our youngest grandchild with a second generation Raggeddy Ann doll taken Christmas night.

Europe and the UK have been hit hard but it's the personal stories that bring it home as to how bad it actually has been over there. SIL Mike, took an overnight flight to London's Heathrow before the storm hit the UK a week ago Friday night; was to have returned last Tues., of course couldn't get out, Heathrow was closed; took a train to Glasgow last Wed. to fly out on Thurs. to Canada, was delayed five hours on the ground before coming into Toronto at 16:40...The east Coast of Canada has been hit by torrential rains in recent weeks and much damage has been done with the high oceon waves. I think another storm is due to hit the Eastern Seaboard of the US today.


Laura - our snow looked like that, too. It must have been quite exciting, and beautiful, for Huntsville to have a White Xmas. Our snow began on Xmas Eve with decent coverage before 10 p.m. , and more snow fell between Xmas Eve & Day. DS & DDIL left here and drove to East Tenn. on Xmas Day without drama yesterday, but need to drive to Atlanta today, as DDIL must be at work on Monday. I hope the roads are safe, and will be contacting them in a little while for an update.

According to the TV reports, Atlanta had a white Xmas, too. Wow... Watching the news is quite exciting.

Northern Europe & UK have been a mess with all their snow. The reports of Christmas travel plans getting changed, stalled, etc. sounded awful. My DH's brother was in Paris (France), on business, a week ago when their heavy snow fell, shutting down almost all transportation. He took the Metro as far as he could, and then had a 30-block walk in the snow to get to his hotel. Fortunately, he returned home a few days before the roof caved in from weight of snow at Chas. de Gaulle airport!

We are staying home today. Nowhere we need to go, and we truly need to "veg out" after a breif but nice Xmas with DS, DDIL and their 50-lb eight-month-old puppy. ;-) We're accustomed to a small dog, so having Belle here is quite a shock. And for all my worrying about doggie accidents on the new carpet, the only crisis was one human accidentally walking into (and spilling!) a glass of egg nog on same new carpet. Welp,,, I can stop worrying now! LOL

Current weather forecast predicts a high of 60° F on Friday.

Stay warm, dry and off slippery roads.

White Christmas

This was only the second white Christmas in recorded history in the Huntsville, Alabama area. The snow got as far south as Birmingham, giving them their first white Christmas ever.