Friday, November 18, 2011

cell phones

After getting my haircut yesterday I went next door to Radio Shack and asked about hands-free devices. Bought DH one you attach to the visor of the car. I'm not sure how it works, if you put your cell phone into it, or what. Will make it his Christmas gift. The radio shack person said I could return it or exchange it if he didn't like it.
So, one Christmas gift down. Ordered a "winter car survival kit" for SIL. It has the space (mylar) blankets, energy bars, a reflective triangle, tow rope,flash light, and other things in it. He already spun out once during the first snow of N. D.
Treating myself to a pedicure today. It is very windy here and temp. dropping.
Sara in Fla.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cell Phones

Hi everyone, we also have a law about using phones in a moving car but lots take absolutely no notice and I have never seen anyone pulled over and stopped. I find the nearer to Christmas we get the faster the cars go. I am so pleased I use buses. It is becoming warm here and we are supposed to have a hot summer. I don't do heat very well and have already put the fan in the lounge. Now I have to move the dog away from it, he thinks it is for him!!! At the moment I have 3 little skinks in my lounge( little lizards) compliments of my Ellie, she has two bells on her collar so no birds but I understand skinks are deaf and can't hear her. They are so fast trying to catch them to put them outside is really hard but I am getting quicker. Now I am on my own I have decided to buy myself a Christmas present to me and have ordered a lamp for quilting at night . I am so looking forward to it arriving I am like a kid watching for the postman. Not much sewing here as I am decluttering the house. Both Harry and I used to be unable to throw anything away but I have now decided to start throwing. I am giving a lot of my fabric away as I now find it easier to purchase packs with everything in them. The quilt shops are becoming few and far between and without a car it is much easier to get it all at one shop.I think we all know the feeling that we must have bit of that fabric and then it sits in the cupboard for ages waiting to be used. I may even have empty shelves LOL. Hugs to all and keep warm, Bee in NZ.

It's been awhile...

Good to see a few of the "regulars" keeping the board alive. There's been too much going on in my life just lately and when I have been at home, I have been too tired to post ! Lots of sad things happening to close friends. Stress, illness and the aftermath of the earthquakes continuing to take their toll.... demolition orders on homes and the ground that they are on, deemed to be unsafe for rebuilding . Fights with insurance companies etc . All very tiring. We have been so fortunate ourselves , somehow that makes us feel even more sad for those who are affected. People aren't thinking straight and they are finding decisions difficult to make. It's a time for friends to "be there" for each other.

The unsettled spring weather has continued on into early summer. The growth in the garden is unbelievable and the weeds are impossible to keep up with. The colour out there is wonderful though , it's a very pretty time of year. So refreshing to come home to.

A friend has just had a skin cancer removed from her nose. A very painful operation but what a clever surgeon she had. It's only a month since surgery and you can hardly see any evidence of his handy work. Another friend has just had breast cancer confirmed so she is now anxiously waiting to hear what the next step is for her. Getting older isn't for wimps is it ? DH and I keep reasonably well but people around us seem to be falling like flies. !

The council has arranged bus trips through the red zone in the central city (still cordoned off) There has been so much demolition there that people were feeling that they wanted to see for themselves before all remembered buildings had gone. We went on Sunday afternoon. It was a sombre affair. Before we left, we were told that we would be going into an "unsafe area' and that, in the event of another earthquake, we should follow directions...The buses ran every ten minutes , quietly and slowly, through the wasteland. It was really hard to remember some areas they were so changed. They have fenced off the main shopping street (where only one shop remains) and imported 24 shipping containers which are now being used a temporary shops... It's a statement I suppose, that Christchurch is determined to rebuild, but I thought it all looked very sad and very temporary.. When we arrived home after this outing, I found the kitchen full of smoke....I had left eggs on the stove to boil so that I could add them to a salad for our evening meal....The smell was ghastly but, being a fine evening, we were able to have all of the doors and windows open and it wasn't too long before the smell was bearable. (It's just about gone now, three days later)!! A sick feeling inside though, we could have come home to a pile of ashes.....

My sailing nephew is back doing the Volvo Ocean Race again (his fourth time) They left from Spain earlier in the month and are now heading for Sth Africa. They should be in NZ in March so I am looking forward to that. I check on the web site every morning and sometimes there are recorded interviews and videos with him which are so clear that it's like having him in the same room. Technology is wonderful when it works isn't it ?

Time for bed now. Most of you will be waking to a new day, I hope it's a good one for you.


Monday, November 14, 2011

for Laura

For some unknown reason I couldn't add a "comment" to Laura's post. Google was taking me down rabbit trails.
Laura--I thought Florida had the worst public schools, esp. our county. Seems like they are bad all over. I blame most of it on the parents, and the "experts" who try social programs out for something "new" each year. Many of my teacher friends says they can't wait to retire. One teacher friend said that the hours in school are the only "normal" times some students have. She has kids that come from the same Mom, but each has a different Dad, move constantly, no way to reach a parent for meetings, etc. Some families just don't value education.
Hang in there. You may be the positive in a child's life and make the difference for them to continue in school.
I'll get off my soap box now. My GF who was going to give me computer/camera lesson forgot over the weekend, and will try this week.
Sara in Fla.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tis the Season

I thought I'd give you all a little laugh & share Alex's visit with Santa. Our wild,crazy fun loving dog was scared to death of Santa! Now I know how those parents feel when they get their kids all dolled up for family portraits only to have their kids kick scream & frown. He was primped & wearing his Harley bandanna and almost wet his pants! I have a treasure trove of great pet visits with Santa, like Dyna cold cocking one of Santa's helpers in the lip with her huge head. Ah pets, you gotta love 'em.
We have all of our police force and that of Salem's downtown trying to rehome our "Occupy Portland" contingent, now that they have destroyed and putrefied one park time to get them out. We drove by last night on our way home, unbelievable! Jill