Saturday, March 28, 2009

quilt room pictures

OH, Jane I really like the "after" shots. My room usually looks like the before.
The quilt retreat was lots of fun, except for the oak tree pollen. It is a nice church camp setting in Silver Springs, Fla. with 2 large meeting/work rooms. Lots of us quilted in our robes in the morning. I got all my binding projects done, and met lots of nice people.
Came home this afternoon instead of Sunday so I could sleep in my own bed.
More later, going to do laundry. (sigh)
Sara in Fla.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Jane, please send ladies over here to NZ , my sewing room desperately needs them. Hugs Bee in NZ.


The pictures are in the after/before order but I'm sure you get "the picture"
Gotta run.


Survived another surgery on the hand a few weeks ago. He took out 13 tiny screws and two so called plates. On of the numerous fractures never quite healed and it appears that finger (the middle one) may remain less than useful. He says he "might" be able to fix it after a fashion and left it up to me. I'm still having foot and knee problems and will probably have to have something done on the knees. X-rays look good and a bone scan is scheduled for next week. The knee doc (one of my three orthopedic docs) thinks that all the transferring (moving from wheel chair to toilet, bed etc.) which required applying torque to the new knee he'd installed just about six weeks prior to the accident may have caused something to come loose. A bone scan is the only way to know. It's been a year (3/11) since my dip into the creek and I am ready to put it behind me.

Instead of packing for the quilt retreat I'm checking into this afternoon I'm sitting here at the 'puter. I'll end up getting all stressed. The retreat is in the adjoining county in Waynesville (known as Winesvle locally) at a Methodist conference center. I've acquired most of what I need to make DD's wedding quilt so that's what's on the agenda. We were supposed to make several Le Moyne star blocks and an appliqued block for a drawing but I didn't even try. I am bringing eight fat quarters (four more than requested) for door prizes as asked. I had a lot of thirties repros I've decided I don't care for but are very popular so I made a microscopic dent in the stash and I hope will make some other folks happy.

Two ladies from my guild who attend the evening group and I'd never met before earned what I paid them last week and spent six hours cleaning up the mess in the quilt room. It's so wonderful that I'm afraid to work in it. I hereby pledge to clean up after each project (including oiling machine) as I once did. They found all kinds of stuff I'd long since forgotten I had. I'm attaching some of the before and after photos.

Better get going. I intended to make a trash run yesterday but didn't make it. Here in the boondocks one either hires someone privately to pick up trash or haul it oneself which is not much of a problem. The county has drop off/recycle sites around and I about a half block by the closest one on the way to and from town. Unfortunately I didn't have anything stinky so forgot that the whole luggage area of my Prius was full of recycle paper, broken down cardboard boxes and glass and cans. Now I have to unload all that crap so I can load up machine, cutting stuff, iron and fabric as well as a few clothes. My doggie neighbors will spoil Shadow while I'm gone until Sunday afternoon.

Rats, something wonky with the satellite according to the error message. Pictures will come at a later date.