Saturday, February 14, 2009

Oh dear

Sara: "Wouldn't you think that all the former slave decendants would learn that the "government master" is just as evil as the slave master?"

Sara, I'm having a really hard time reading this and I'm not even an American.


Happy Valentine's Day

I'm just sick about the fires in Australia. I read in the paper this morning that one person was arrested for setting at least one fire.
Other bad news is that our new U. S. president wants to spend tax money on bailing out failed banks to the tune of several trillion dollars. sigh. . . . .
I plan on spending every spare dime on quilting supplies, blades, etc. so I can give quilts to the charities and people I want to, and not have the government us it foolishly. Wouldn't you think that all the former slave decendants would learn that the "government master" is just as evil as the slave master?
OK, enough--on to good news. Tomorrow morning is my 1/2 marathon!
I've been practicing since last June, with time off for a vacation, and oversleeping one time. Met downtown yesterday for our race packet pick up. Joan Boinoit Samelson was there, she ran in the first U.S. Marathon in Los Angeles in 1984. It made me want to run. She will be running the whole marathon in training for Boston.
I'm meeting my training group at 6:15 AM at the "G" in the family meeting area--G for Galloway. Please pray for no rain! It was rainy and messy this morning when DH wanted to play golf. We should be finished by noon.
Tonight is spagetti, we are having take out from a local restaurant, as it is Valentine's day and too crowded to go out. Our friends are in town, so we will each have what we want, in the dining room with the good china.
A good plan, my DH came up with. He's a keeper.
The eyes seem OK now. I have to wear readers, but can see to drive, and seem to be healing up ok.
My prayers and thoughts with those DUGS in Australia.
Sara in Fla.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Thanks for your concern, Doris. The bushfires have been horrific and there is still more hot weather to come. None of our DUGS live in Victoria, so we are all safe at the moment, although I think they are worried about bushfires in New South Wales, where Pamelaxx lives. With us only having a population of 21 million most people would know someone who lived in the stricken areas, or someone who knows someone at least. Needless to say there are many community groups all over Australia who are trying to get money together asap to send to them, besides the government aid. More people have died than in Cyclone Tracy - I think this would have to be one of our worst natural disasters ever.
Fran in Whyalla, Sth Australia, where it got to 118F on the weekend.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

To our DUGS . . .

I've just gotten caught up on news (we were gone all weekend) and have read about the horrible fires in Australia. I am hoping and praying our DUGS (Down Under Girls) are all safe. Please check in and let us know.


checking in . . . . . .

JEAN IN VT - you do have my sympathies with the weather. I think everyone is ready for spring, myself included. We actually do have lovely weather this weekend. DO NOT LOOK if you can't handle it (highs of 72F!!!) Okay, now you can look. ;-) It was so nice to walk around the neighborhood in short sleeves and shorts. My white legs just blinded everyone else out walking, and I didn't care.

JUST GOT HOME from a weekend visit to our son & his wife, in Atlanta, to celebrate his birthday. Oh my, it is so hard to believe he just turned 27 y/o. Especially because it reminds me of * my * own age. (ack!) Their house is finally getting settled and it is starting to look like a home. They have found wonderful deals on sofas for it at the web site. Both of them are very, very frugal with their money and I am quite impressed with their purchases.

DH and I gave the kids some squirrel-proof birdfeeders as housewarming gifts when they moved in. They have them on a tree, right outside their breakfast area window. The birdfeeder actually had bluebirds (!!!) this weekend. Welp, I learn something new every day, or at least every week. I never knew bluebirds would eat seeds from a feeder. I thought they ate insects only. They never come to our feeders! Wah.

The kids are too funny. I froze in their house because they have the heat set at 64° F, which is four degrees colder than our own house but it feels like fourTEEN degrees. I lived in my jacket and under a blanket. They didn't like their first big heat bill, so I am here to tell you that my son is Jack Benny, reincarnated! (snort)

No other news that is fit to tell. We're expecting warm weather this week and I am ever-so-grateful for it! Sending hugs to everyone,