Thursday, November 22, 2007

Have a Great Thanksgiving

We've finished the Schubert service, we finished Dinner Theater, and I only have one more set of concerts/performances to go. There will be Christmas services, but nothing as elaborate as what we did for the Schubert.
I may actually have time to work on my mother's quilt now. Since she's 72 this year, I really need to finish it. I'm spending Thanksgiving with my family, minus the DB who was in the Air Force until this year. He has retired in the DC area, at least temporarily. He may come back to Alabama when his son graduates from high school, if the right job opportunity opens here.
Rosie, I don't envy you the black ice. We don't get much nasty weather of that sort around here, and absolutely nobody knows what to do when it does happen.
I give thanks to God for my family that I actually like as well as love, the many material blessings I enjoy, a job I like, and the freedom I have to live the way I choose. I also give Thanks for my many friends on the internet who have enlarged my world and enriched my life. Thank you Eric for providing this forum to allow us to communicate with our friends from all over the world.


Happy Thanksgiving

Late getting in here, but wishing you all a blessed, happy Thanksgiving. It was a glorious, warm day yesterday, but as Doris said, it will all come to a halt shortly. We went to Bristol Motor Speedway last night to see Speedway in Lights, an animated light show covering several acres and which benefits children's charities in the region. You drive on the drag strip, up under the stadium, around the speedway and to the Christmas Village in the infield, then wend your way back out through more lights. A spectacular display. Runs from now till just after the first of the year, and last year raised $500,000. Great fun to drive on the track (wow it sure has a steep slope) and call the grandchildren and say "Guess where I am driving?" Hugs to all and safe journeys over the holidays. Lavinia-Tn

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Test pilot

Since a computer gremlin has knocked me out of another forum that I visit, I wondered if this one would work. It does.

So I'll say this: if you were having a Thanksgiving turkey in southern Ontario, you'd need to provide it with skates, a scarf, toque and a snowsuit.

Guess what is happening outside?!

It had to happen sometime. Problem is it's rained all day and with the snow on top of the rain, black ice. Not good.

Sara will enjoy a nice warm turkey, Doris will enjoy and slightly colder American Thanksgiving and Canada...well, we're sensible, we have ours in 90F least we did this year and everyone helping run the log splitter for our winter's wood was running around like stuck-pigs and not likely to come back for another Thanksgiving turkey dinner at our house.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all

DS comes home tomorrow for the weekend. I'm beside myself!

I spent all day running errands, doing laundry, cleaning house, and even bathed the dog. He really needed a bath. Ugh! More work to do tomorrow: baking, running to the store, a little more housecleaning, and it will all be worth it. I'm thankful I have a warm, dry place to live, food on the table, a sewing machine that works, and ... the internet! Doesn't take much to make me happy. LOL ;o)

We had unseasonably warm weather today - highs of 72F - but rain tomorrow will bring colder, normal November-ish weather.

I am wishing everyone here safe travels and a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hugs to everyone,
Doris W. in TN

Happy Holidays

Just sending my wishes for happy & safe holidays
for all.
Grace, I'm so sorry about your doggy & hope for
a full recovery. What a horrible thing to have happen.

This year has just blown by so fast, I can't believe
it will be 2008 in just a little over a month!

We are busy at work & I continue to work with less
staff than I'd like so all those wonderful quilting projects
float around in my dreams & not in my sewing room.
I can still buy fabric though, right?

We celebrated Thanksgiving a week ago with friends
that are away this week, so it's just the 2 of us & our
little miniature turkey (he's so cute!) Don't ask me why
I'm cooking a turkey, some things are impossible to explain.
I was hoping to do "Meals on wheels" (driving, not receiving :))
but I didn't get signed up on time.

So, Bless You All My Quilting Sisters & stay safe & happy!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Where did the last 10 and 1/2 months go? We are talking about Thanksgiving already, and the TV has Christmas comercials on.
For all the USA people, happy Thanksgiving. Eat lots of Turkey, and so on, and be Thankfull for our wonderful blessings. So many people are trying to come to this country, sometimes we forget, even with all the problems, it is a wonderful place to live.
For everyone else out there in WWQP land, have a happy week.
DH and I will travel on Tuesday morning to go to the beach.

Tomorrow morning early I go downtown to have my Dr. check out the leg that had the vein surgery last week. I think it is healing fine, and not as much bruising as the other leg. However, I was given strict instructions not to kayak, as a dunk in the creek or river could lead to serious infection. I'll be glad to walk and bike instead. The old cars will be on display on Fri. and Sat. so that will be fun to see. The gathering is called the "Turkey Run".
We don't have an old car or have any intention of buying one, but it is just fun.
Blessings to all, don't eat too much stuffing!
Sara in Florida

checking in . . .

GRACE - what a terrible thing to happen to your little dog. I'm so sorry to read all this. I agree that the owner of the husky should pay the bill and if you feel they cannot afford it, have them pay half. Allowing people to be financially responsible for the consequences of their actions (not keeping the dog restrained) as well as their dog's aggressive behavior may give them cause to rethink having this dog in their family. The husky's next victim could be a small child.

ON ANOTHER NOTE ...It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is this week! Our DS will be home on Wednesday through Sunday. Hooray! I bought new sheets for his bed, they're made of bamboo. Oh my . . . they are sooooo soft and drapey. I had no clue. He may think they are of a knit fabric, as they have that feel. We'll see how he likes them . . . or even notices. LOL His old set was quite ancient, and has seen better days.

SARA IN FLA - did you have varicose vein surgery on your other leg? I'm amazed over how well I'm doing after mine. Laser surgery is such a blessing! DH and I were both tickled pink that I was on my feet and functioning --- slowly --- right after the procedure. I won't miss this industrial strength compression stocking, though. Many of my friends had had their "veins stripped" before this laser technique and their eyes go all glazed when they recall the event with not-very-fond memories.

Nothing else new here..... must go bulldoze the sewing room today. It was sooo clean and neat six weeks ago and ever since I got my embroidery machine, everything has gone to 'heck.' Today is the day to do some serious organizing. ;o)

Hugs to everyone,

Doris W. in TN