Friday, April 3, 2015

no move as yet

Nice to see some quilt pics on here. All lovely as always. This one is my latest - our group was all tasked to make a mariner's compass and extend from there.  DS#2's stepson, aged 5, loves anything to do with the ocean, including pirates, but I refrained from adding them so this could age with him into his teens and beyond, hopefully.  He loves it, as does his mum, which is very important LOL

We are still waiting on our move. I have filled as many boxes as I possibly can. Three trailer-loads full are down in Adelaide at a storage facility, son has a garage full; we even have them stacked up 3 high in the kitchen!  The hold-up is the tenant of the new house, who signed a contract until the end of May. Even though the current owner (our 'swappee') didn't sign, his ex-wife did, so it's still apparently legal and binding, even though said tenant has promised to look for somewhere to move before then. In the meantime swappee is filling up our storeroom and garage with his belongings, even a bed where he sleeps sometimes!

BEE - I do hope we'll be able to come over to NZ again and see you in your new home! It sounds like a great move for you all.

Hoping spring is on its way for those of you up north!  Autumn here is my favourite season - still warm in the day but lovely cool nights for sleeping.  No change of season colourings here though - we'll be able to see that next year when we'll be closer to cooler climes.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sue's Post on WWQP

Sue from Germany who owns a quilt shop there is trying to revive the conversations on the Quilt Board. Go over there and comment if you have ideas for her. She cannot post but can comment on the board so I pasted her posts into mine over there.

In addition to the 4-patch quilt along I finished these two tops from the Thimbleberries Quilt Club from 2003. Better late than never. I have deviated from the original patterns to suit myself.

AP&Q Quilt Along

I was cleaning my sewing studio when the American Patchwork and Quilting magazine arrived this winter. The magazine had a quilt-along feature using 4-patch blocks. I happened upon tiny 4-patches of diawabo scraps in  my clean up. I loved the fabrics so much I saved even the tiniest bits. This 21"x 23" quilt is my result. As usual for me, the quilting will wait for I'm a piecer at heart!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Greetings from the very cool beach

I've been so busy unpacking boxes, doing laundry in the new High Eff. washing machine (Uh! change) that haven't checked in for quite some time.
First the good news--the ocean is beautiful any time and very relaxing.  I saw the sunrise this morning, and yesterday morning.  The past week has been foggy, with some rain.  But no snow as Rosey, or cold weather -relatively speaking.  It was 40 and windy on the balcony this morning at sunrise, but warmed up to 65 during the day.  Always a north wind, but in the summer it will be nice.
The estate sale at the house went well.  The lady who did it is quite the saleswoman.  All the large furniture sold, including DH's pool table, the chairs and etc. that go with it.  The buyer paid in full, and he has until the house sells to get it out.
We do have to go over and collect the odds and ends that didn't sell and call Salvation Army or another organization to come get everything.  It was strange walking in there this afternoon, for only 10 min. but a very strange feeling.
After we get the overhead garage door fixed (of course it has to break 2 weeks ago) and clean out we can get it on the market and hopefully it will sell quickly.
Being Easter week we are busy with church activities.
My DH has about a 30 min. drive to work on the Interstate from here, and I will have to drive about 45 min. each way to see my Mom, also on the Interstate, very nerve wracking.
I am s-l-o-w-l-y adjusting to living in a condo building.  Having to walk the dogs several times a day, up and down the elevator, seems odd.  We went Down the steps 3 different time.  I only made it Up to the 5th floor one time, then got off and took the elevator.  Whew!  That's a workout.
I'm itching to get the quilt room set up.  I have the machine up, and am re-reading "Setting Up Your Sewing Space".
Anyone who has moved a household can attest to the oddness of moving- finding the light switches, etc.  The bathroom in the middle of the night!  The odd noises, the layout of the kitchen.
Too long, stay well
Sara in Fla.