Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday noon

Hi- I haven't been able to post lately, due to DH using the desktop.  I can read on the I-pad, but not post.  We are anxiously awaiting rain that is due this afternoon.  The pollen has been so bad, the car-wash people are happy, but no one else.
Both dogs have been digging for moles in the back yard.  I finally had to get them in the bath this morning.
So far this week one friend has been diagnoised with breast cancer, lumpectomy scheduled for next Tues, another friend had endometroial cancer, surgery to be determined, and another's husband died.  Whew.  We are sliping away to our beach condo for the weekend.  I have an appt. at 4PM with a nutrition specialist over there, then quilt guild is at 6:30.  It is only about 6 or 7 min. from the location of the guild meeting to the condo, verses 30 back to the house.
I had never heard the term "shingle" used as road covering.  Roof, terrible illness, but not roads.  When we lived in South Fla. we lived on a dirt road, well water.   When we got heavy rains it would be mud, sometimes so bad we had to leave the car and take off the shoes and just walk.  About 6 mo. before we moved into West Palm Beach it was paved.  When we were looking for a house in Jacksonville, the #1 thing was paved street, with good drainage.  No well or septic.  Never had a problem with the septic tank, but the well water was yellow-orange, even with the salt and other chemicals added.
Still working on the Piece O Cake quilt and the teen's red, white, and blue.  Took a break for Sunday's super bowl game, had 2 couples over for tacos and the game.  There was a 37 min. pause for the lights going out in the 3rd quarter.  I didn't care who won, but because of the movie "The Blind Side" a story about Michael Orr, I favored the Baltimore Ravens.  (you can see it on DVD if  you want.  A sweet story of the boy who was adopted into the Tuey family, they got him a tutor, helped him along, etc.)
OK, too long again.  Everyone have a good few days!
Sara in polen-land Florida

Monday, February 4, 2013

Our shingle road

Marion, your explanation is so far back that I thought I'd post our shingle road just off the end of our laneway.  I love the term.  Gravel somehow has nothing on the word, shingle.  I'll start confusing Canadians now.  How did the term, shingle, come about?  We have gravel pits here, fights over opening them up in our township, other townships, big fight over one in Melancthon Twp. with a Bosten Hedge Fund group just recently and for now, while they still own the land, they've stopped applying for permits to extract the gravel from the ground.  They'll likely wait until the furor dies down and start up again sometime.  They bought up huge tracts of land and said they were going to grow potatoes.  Then, applications for gravel pits began.  Do you have shingle pits in NZ.