Saturday, June 7, 2008

Old names and faces

It has been lovely to see so many old names posting lately, a bit like the old BB.
I hope you all have a lovely time at Grace's retreat. When is it?
Glad to hear that Jane is feeling better, and Jean is to have a trip to Europe.
I helped the area rep for young quilters yesterday. She is running a workshop in July, they will make either a bag or a pencilcase. We had fun and got to know each other a little better.
I haven't done much quilting lately, as I have been busy with the children, work, and learning music.
Best wishes to all

Friday, June 6, 2008

Another checking in...

Jean, I was not impressed when I had my 50th birthday but three years later I threw myself a 50th birthday party -- 50 was looking better all the time!

Kitty Kate: Yes, she is still very much alive. She has been through some really rough times and is running out of treatment options, but things are fairly stable at the moment and she has a new little granddaughter to love, so all is not bad!

Grace's Retreat: I have not booked the flights and hotel yet but will be doing that this weekend. We are getting a good group of people signing up for this one-- it is going to be a lot of fun!

Did I mention that DH and I are going to Europe for three weeks? We leave on the 18th -- and we are taking our 13 year old granddaughter with us! It won't be the most restful trip we have ever taken, but it will be fun to share some of our favourite places with the next generation. We are going to Germany, France and Austria, and I am having a lot of fun designing an 'educational' itinerary!

Unfortunately, before I can go anywhere I have to get my house and life organized! This is not as easy as I would like it to be, but it must be done before I bring the house and farm and pet sitter in here! Poor girl is going to have enough of a learning curve without having to deal with my clutter! Also before I go anywhere I have to get some hand sewing prepared to take along -- I am going to start on our Rosey's Canadian Provincial Flowers quilt while we are traveling, but must prepare the templates and pull the fabrics... Traditionally I end up doing that at midnight of the day before we fly out. I am going to try to do better than that this time...

Kitten report: Yup, it is that time of the year again. We have a number of kittens in foster care and more coming, but only four of them are at my house. (It was five but one of the vet techs adopted one tiny little black one who was in for her spay this morning...) Because I will be away so much this year I am not able to do much fostering myself but we have been lucky and have some new foster homes, so the work is being shared around a little better than in the past. And things are going so well that there are actually *no* kittens available at our pet store adoption centre at the moment -- the few that we have had have been adopted out within hours of being taken there, and there is a waiting list for the next batch! Gotta love it!

And now I had better get on with my evening, since I have been away all day sewing a raffle quilt with my sewing group ladies.


Hello Sara and everyone else, I too was wondering about KittyKate but was a little hesitant to ask. So will be waiting to hear from someone about it. So sad that she suffered so much.
Today it is very hot and humid here (90) which is unusual for Pa. at this time of year. but I am not complaining. Congradulations on trying out for the Marathon. I wish you luck. Marge

Checking in in Fla.

Feeling hot,hot,hot. Went for a 2 mile walk at 8:15 and came home covered in sweat. Yesterday was about 95, most likely the same today.
Summer is here.
Tomorrow morning at 7 AM I'm starting out on a new adventure. Going to start training for the 1/2 marathon on Oct. 4th. One GF is going to go with me, so I'll have a training partner. We both need to lose some weight, and want some motivation. She works at the Mayo clinic here, and they are a sponsor of the Feb. 2009 1/2 and full marathon. Maybe we can motivate each other and do this thing.
Glad to hear from so many people who have not posted lately.
Has anyone heard from Kitty Kate? Is she still alive? She was in bad shape last time I heard, and that was close to a year ago.
I've been working on one quilt of valor, and have just started quilting it.
I'm going to play around with the monogram feature and try to do something like "God bless you" or some such on it.
Doing kayaking tomorrow also. Will have to take a long nap in the afternoon!
Sara in steamy, hot Florida

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

checking in

JEAN IN VT - Happy birthday! Oh how I wish I could turn 50 again. LOL

WEATHER - What a crazy spring we've had. It's been cool and wet. All of a sudden (this week) it is hot. Today we're to reach 90F. Yikes. My petunias don't look good but my sister thinks I need my soil checked. I probably do. Nutrients have probably been depleted. Sheesh! Yard work is challenging.

QUILTING - not much being done on the quilty front but I am formulating a quilt in my head to give our DS and his wife-to-be as a wedding ... well, maybe an Xmas ... gift. As I see what they are registering for in linens, etc., I'm getting an idea about the colors she likes. I've got to make my MOG dress suit first.

SEWING - and speaking of that MOG outfit . . . Why did I ever think I could match a random navy blue? What was I thinking?? Aaack! Oh well, I found some lightweight wool on the internet and will use that for the entire outfit. I'm fiddling with the pattern right now and will get started on it soon. (November wedding, but I am a slooooooow sewer and a busy person) That wedding quilt is my carrot on the stick. LOL

CELIA - Ooooooh! Congratulations on the news that you'll be a grandmother. How exciting! Please give Stacey a big hug for me.

I hope this finds everyone doing well. Hugs to everyone!

Doris W. in TN