Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm me with new parts.

I am home again and walking. I am taking it easy today as I learned my lesson yesterday. Don't ask, I'm sure there are more of me out there. Today I mostly sat and watched movies , dozed, and took Tylenol at regular intervals. So at this point in time no pain and I hope it stays that way during the night.enough said.

Surgery went well , it should because I was home in two days.and I am walking with less pain that I have in the last 6 years. AMAZING.

I have read way back down and saw Rosey wood truck. Most of our wood comes that way too and also from Algonguin Park and we have been doing that now for the last 25 years. We have been able to cut down some as we do not use the big wood furnace anymore so instead of three of those truck loads every three years we now just one a year. We have enough wood stock piled to last us for the next three years. This year we hope to cut some of our own wood and we wont need to pay for any, That will be a big treat. The pictures are ( that was the year DH made a statement with the beard.) of the wood just having been split. DS #3 works with a wood cutting group and they have a machine that cuts and splits the logs all at one time. Sure is a big help for DH. He then only has to pile it in rows.

Thanks to all of you who sent messages and best wishes for my hospital stay. It was appreciated and thankfully I was home real quick. By spring I will be raring to go.

Okay the picture and back to the lazy boy chair.

Thanks all


Monday, January 9, 2012

The movie, "The Guard"

We're just been to the 'white-toppers' Monday Night at the Movie ...movies that are chosen specially throughout the year (other than summer) which would not normally come to our small town. This one, The Guard, is one of the most humorous movies I've seen in a long time..the Irish accents sometimes hard to understand...himself, who is getting hard of hearing (and I suspect me too) said that if more movies came out like this one, he'd get a hearing aid just to hear all the good lines spoken by the cast. It's a story of "An unorthodox Irish policeman with a confrontational personality is teamed up with an uptight FBI agent to investigate an international drug-smuggling ring. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1540133/
The use of the F-word is so prevalent that one overlooks it and it becomes part of the humour of the movie. If you have a chance to see it, be prepared for some pretty raunchy language and behaviour but it's very clever and we all came out smiling and laughing. The white-toppers are us older folk, with white hair, who go to 4;30 pm movies so that we can get back home to have our suppers and get to bed at a decent time.