Saturday, December 6, 2008

The boarad is very quiet these days. It must be all the last minuet Christmas gifts being made.

My local guild had it's annual luncheon. We went to an Italian Restaurant. Very large portions and the food was good too. There was a large selection to choose from. We also exchanged Pollyanna gifts. We had picked out names at the Nov. Meeting. I got Lora and for her I got clips from Fons and Porter for clipping the same size strips or blocks together. The clips are marked with sizes, Also a Forns & Porter pencil case. I got from Chris, A 2009 appointment book, two pieces of black and white fat quarters for our challenge this year. "Black & White plus One" I also got some pink and varigated ribbon for ribbon embroidery and a spool of silk threads in light green and one in blue, and a spoon of gray thread for piecing. I only use gray and Mettler cotton... I ask for it every year... I want to get a whole box. One of these days...

Monday is our last meeting for this year. We are having cookies and deserts for the evening meeting. I also belong to another guild about 15 miles away. We are having a pot luck dinner on Dec. 18. I will need to bring a side dish. We are just exchanging fat quarters, wrapped... It is a large guild of over 90 members, but about half come at night and the other half meet in the after noon the week before. Most of them don't like to drive at night. The night gals are most of the gals that work during the day. Works our great.

Well back to my crazy quilt wall hanging. I have some photos of it I can post. Here they are..

Donna, LEH,NJ

Friday, December 5, 2008

Checking in

The board has been so quiet. I think we must all be absorbing Dianna's news and praying for her.

My rotator cuff recovery is coming along slowly. It's been four weeks since the surgery and I am off the pain meds except for extra strength Tylanol, but that means I'm still not sleeping well at night. I'm told this is to be expected. Sigh. After a month of this, what I would give for a full night's sleep. Physical therapy continues to try to get some mobility back in this arm. It hurts, but it works. Hopefully by the time I can lift that arm on its own it'll be able to move around like it's supposed to.

No real snow here yet, just dustings that don't amount to anything and blow or melt away, but that's okay with me as it lessens my chance of slipping and falling. I'd be fine without snow until Christmas Eve. It has turned colder though, and windy. Brrrr!

Wishing good health and peace for all of you as we approach the holidays. Prayers continue for Dianna and her family.

Jean in VT

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

West Mi reporting

Sorry if this posts twice. I posted this afternoon and just
checked and see it isn't here. Please pray for Dianna.
She called this afternoon and said her Mom died this
morning. She didn't know what happened. She and Steve
were on their way to her Dad's when she called me.
Thanks Mayme

West Mi reporting

Please be in prayer for Dianna. She just called and said her
Mom died. She doesn't know what happened. She and
Steve are on their way now. They are about an hour and
fifteen minutes from her partents. Thank you. Mayme

The medical mystery continues

Well, we finally heard from the ENT doctor. It is still a mystery, and he is referring DH to an infectious disease specialist. The strong meds. are making DH feel better, and his energy level is back to 90%, but it still looks like he swallowed a baseball and it went half way down.
There is a possibility that it could stil be TB, even though the chest X ray was neg. Could be other things also including Still's disease, HIV or others.
Maybe lupus, etc. Ahhhh.. . . . .
Anyway, I'm getting boxes down from the attic and starting decorating for Christmas. The front door is wrapped in red paper and green wreathes are hanging. There are some red garlands and balls on the front arbor, and the chandeliers are strung with green garlands. I'm still searching for the Christmas quilt wall hanging, which I guess in still in a box.
The artificial tree is still in the attic. It weighs about 60 lbs. and I can't get it down alone. It looks like a green body bag!
The slippers for the DGSs are all finished. Going to put stuff away now.
OK, onward with the day.
Where are all our posters? Where is Anna, anyone heard from her?
Sara in chilly Fla.

Monday, December 1, 2008


We are fortunate enough to have people living nearby who are growing these beautiful flowers for export. If there is the slightest thing wrong with the blooms they are bunched up and put at the gate for the locals to buy. What joy ! I love this coral pink one but the deep red and the white ones were equally lovely.
Summer officially started on Dec 1st. so we are looking forward to some more settled weather. We attended a "country wedding" at the w/end. The Bride is DH's God-daughter, the family were our neighbours in our farming days. It was a great get together for many old friends and we had a great time. The reception was amazing. Most of the food had been "harvested" by family members...Cray fish (like Lobster) from the sea, salmon from the rivers, pork and venison from wild pigs and deer , and lamb and beef from the farm... this surely is the land of plenty for some...
Christmas is getting closer and closer. I have dealt with all of the overseas mail and just have the local mail to deal with. I may not bother too much with decorating the house this year as we will be joining DD in Auckland for Christmas week. I expect I will put a few bits and pieces around, just to get "in the mood' , but there seems little point in getting all of the boxes down from the attic . It only seem five minutes since I put it all away !
Have a good day.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rosey, We added another 1000 miles by going to Oregon, then down the coastline. DH frequently wondered this summer if he'd ever see the ocean again. Driving it was my gift. He has limited mobility in his neck and will not be driving again. Most of the trip was great, took lots of time for beach walking and staying in favorite towns. Would not drive the 8 lane LA freeway again. Switchbacks on the BigSur were not fun either. The cat did well for two weeks in the van. Spent most of it sleeping between our two seats. Weather has been in the 70s, very welcome. The kids are having 30-40 degrees with very cold nights. Mice did not bother the 30 quilts left here, PTL. Have not checked the stash yet. Still mucking out and cleaning, a very long job. Check Jill's site for soup recipes if interested. Neat recipes coming on.