Wednesday, February 9, 2011


SANDI, what excitement. I envy you and DH. Grandchildren are so wonderful and that first one is a miracle. You get all the good stuff without having to pay the bills, sitting up all night with colic (make sure you have a good book waiting for those wonderful nights), only changing occasional diapers and throwing kisses as you or they head for home.

Is the quilt ready or is it like my DD's wedding quilt? I haven't touched it in the better part of a year and I'm determined to get it to her and DSIL by their second anniversary next August. My other DD produced two boys simultaneously and their quilts (my first quilts) finally made it by the time they were 7 mos. old. For a while there I was telling people that I hoped to get them done before they get their Ph.Ds.

They are both in college so I am helping out with that cost. They get an allowance each month which I assume supports their social lives. That way I can cut one off if he does something really stupid like take up drugs and alcohol or getting someone pregnant. So far, so good. One of them made Dean's list his first semester and the other is running cross country and taking a very demanding curriculum. They both love what they are doing. One of them says he'll come here for a week of this two week spring break and "help me". I can't wait and am making a Honey Do List of all the heavy lifting things that need doing. His brother is thinking about it. I think younger sister (16 yrs old in a month) has spring break in April.

Enjoy the ride. She'll be going off to college before you know it.

Jane in NC

HI all. I have a new grand baby. This is Evelyn Joyce and she was born on 1-31, weighed in at 6lbs, 11 oz and was 19" long. Lots of hair on this little on but my daughter prayed for lots of hair and a small healthy baby and that's just what they have!

I got to spend all of last week with my dd and dsil so I didn't get much quilting done, trying to catch up now. I'm working on a Quilt of Valor for Timeless Treasures. Several of the fabric companies have QOV fabrics and are working with Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting. The plan is for a quilter to mentor a non-quilter and make one of these easy quilts, hopefully snagging the non-quilter into our world. I designed the Timeless' quilt.
Off to work, have a great day, stay safe those in the snow belt!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oh what a night . . .

DH and I went to the local NHL (Predators) hockey game last night. We have season tickets for half the games. The first intermission last night was one we'll never forget.

It is quite normal to have fans down on the ice for all sorts of fun & silly competitions, so last night, it was a man who was to try to hit three pucks into a tended goal for some sort of fun prize. After he was done, the emcee went over with microphone, asked the fellow about his wife who is in the military serving in Afghanistan for the past year, he must miss her a lot, how she had been nominated for a Bronze Star, etc. We knew what was coming, how could one not know, but what surprised us all was when the goalie took off his ... er... HER face mask and it was his wife! DH and I don't think there was a dry eye in the arena.

Next, there is always live music entertainment (this is "Music City") during the intermission between periods, and the band last night were semi-regulars and favorites of ours. But, they introduced Vince Gill who was playing guitar with them, and he sang a song. Meh... I'm not a Vince fan but it was still nice. Then .... they introduced yet another guest ... Alice Cooper. Oh my, now they had my attention. (LOL) He sang a country song (if you can imagine that) and then he sang his "School's Out" hit.|NSH|home (<---learned from this video that he's from Detroit.)

To make it even better, the game was a 3-0 shut-out against Detroit Red Wings, this after a 4-game losing streak.

Warm weather today, but this too shall pass. Ugh.... Now when the weather forecast says chance of snow, I don't even blink and say "bring it on." No big deal anymore,,,, we are used to it by now. ;o)

Stay warm, dry, healthy and drive safely on the snow & ice.


would love to see your fur children. I have a suggestion for the eyelash yarn , I used it but sewed it on by hand I couldn't use it by machine as you say it was all squashed. You could sew it by making the rows quite bit apart but that would look a bit sparse. Good luck and do show us the result. Hugs Bee in NZ.