Saturday, September 29, 2012

checking in . . .

I hope everyone is doing well.   Joleen, I am  not familiar with the book you are looking for.  Keep checking eBay and  Sometimes the books come up for sale, sometimes when estates are settled.  When a dear friend died last year,   ALL her sewing books were donated to our local library, who sells them on either eBay or

I can't remember if I mentioned before that DH and I are having our kitchen completely redone. Makeover. Renovation. Whateveryoucallit.  We received a  call this past week that the cabinets are ahead of schedule, and the tear-out date will be in two weeks.   Ack!   I have been packing up the kitchen and can barely move from using muscles I haven't used in years.  Maybe decades.   The old cabinets, sink & appliances are being donated to Habitat for Humanity.     GoodWill has benefitted from my cabinet clean-out.   One looks very serioiusly at a teapot and asks, "If I have not used this in fifteen years, do I really need to keep it???"

Last Saturday, DH and I also cleaned out our basement.  We did a major purge several years ago, but this past weekend was a deeper purge.   Ugh.   The pile of old stuff to go to the dump was rather large, but it is all gone now.   Again, a matter of "If we haven't even thought about this item in fifteen years, do we need to keep it?"   Some things were a bit sentimental, and were difficult to let go of, but mildew from the basement had won the battle and they were useless to anyone else.   If we were moving and downsizing, the stuff would have no home anyway.

So the packing continues.   DH and I will "camp out" with our microwave and toaster oven, and the little sink in the laundry room.   Hopefully the new will be installed in less than six weeks after tear-out.

So that is what is new here.  And that is enough.  (LOL)

Hugs to everyone!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Looking for book...

Does anybody have a copy of Quilt Savvy Embroidery stitches by Joan Waldman published by American Quilter's Society that they would be willing to part with?  Actually a couple of my friends are looking too. It is a spiral bound book published a few years ago.  If so, send me an email (gkoch at and we can negotiate.  It is out of print and I have been unsuccessful in trying to find a used copy.  Thanks!  Joleen ... still in MN

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Yesterday and today have been two of the most gorgeous days I can remember. I made time to go to the Botanical Gardens yesterday, and in the butterfly house I saw 3 of these:
The volunteer working said they are "blue wings" If so, they are not native to this area, but they are absolutely gorgeous. I thought there were laws prohibiting bringing insects etc. into the country, but maybe since the Gardens are a breeding center they got a waiver... Anyway it was a real treat to spot them and it made my day. Laura in Alabama