Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fires in Australia

I think some of our Down Under Girls who live near the awful fires. Has anyone heard from them and know if they are okay? DUGS - please check in if you have Internet connection. We've finally had a couple of frosts in the past week, so autumn is finally here. DDIL asked for some sleep sacks for DDG, so I made (and delivered) three from cotton knit, and then I'll get three from polar fleece made up by this weekend. They received lots of warm sleep wear (as baby gifts) in the 6-months size, but not much in the 0-3 months size. In the meantime, I've also got to bring down my winter clothing and move some more summer clothes upstairs. We have not had to turn on the heat, yet, but that is coming any week now . . . Hugs to everyone, Doris W. in TN