Thursday, October 25, 2007

MN 2000 Babes

Any MN 2000 Babes out there? I was part of the group that met at Sandi's and now I am trying to find the name of one of the participates - Sue from Alaska. My computer crashed a couple of months ago and lost all my names/email references. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Sue in Iowa

Drug Lyrica

Jane, thanks for posting the info. I've Googled the name. It is a serious drug. I hope it does what you need. I've lived with the pain for so long I wouldn't know what it was like not to but what concerns me more at the moment is the numbness and burning in my feet. Sounds like you're just plain happy to have your brother with you at the moment and that lovely big oversized dog has been made very welcome. He sounds lovable.

We've had rain also and the vegetation has 'greened' up nicely just in time for us to loose most of it to winter but it's a welcome is better than brown.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Sara, right you are. It is Lyrica. What a lovely word, not at all technical or medical. Sounds like a song cycle by Shumann. It is a drug that has a very respectable history as a reliever of diabetic neuropathy and post hepatic (after shingles) pain. There have been sufficient studies to convince the FDA to approve its use in fibro which happened in June. When I asked my doc about it she said they are having impressive results. I've been sleeping more soundly and feeling great, that is until I sat down on a yellow jacket nest last Friday. I don't advise doing that for fun. Boy were those yellow jackets p****d!

After a declining dosage of prednisone plus applications of Benedryl salve, 50 mg. doses of benedryl several times a day and some other stuff including major scratching I am doing better with much less in the way of obvious inflammation There is light at the end of the tunnel. I found out from the ER doc, a comely young lady who admitted to being still in her twenties, two interesting facts. One is that yellow jackets are actually a type of hornet, and that in reaction to insect stings there are two different histamines brought into play. Only one of them responds to the prednisone and the other responds to acid reducing over the counter meds such as Pepcid so I am taking that too. I will hold judgment on the Lyrica until that problem is gone to make sure my response is not effected by it.

After no rain in months it has been dark and rainy ever since DB arrived from New Mexico. His beloved Plott Hound dog is with him. Although very large by my dog standards he is a love and since his bed is the sofa at home I've settled for a blanket on the sofa and he is, right now, stretched out with all the comforts of home. He is a dear creature despite his lax upbringing. I'm quite in love with him. We've had more rain this week than in months but we are not complaining around here. We are still not just inches shy of normal rainfall, but feet.

I'm nodding so will say night, night. Grace, I'm planning to be there next September. I've forgotten where you live in Ontario so ask you again. I'd like to check it out on a map and think about the fun we will have. My passport expires next spring so have GOT to remember to start the renewal process as the State Dept. is way behind and I need lots of lead time to make sure it will be ready in time.


Wed. morning

Hi Jean, Glad you posted about Kitty. I followed her progress on the other chat page and wondered how she was doing. What a long up hill battle for her. Sorry to hear she is losing that battle. My prayers go out to her. We never know what God has in store for us, and she has gone through a lot. And kudos to you Jean in taking care of all those unwanted and deserted kittens. I could never do that as allergy to cats won't allow it. Hope everyone on this board has a good day and our hearts go out to all those in California that are dealing with the wild fires. Marge in rainy Pa.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Say "awww..."

This is one of my bottle babies, when she was about two weeks old. She had just had her first bath and was not at all sure she liked it. She is doing very well and is eating real food now and is almost off the bottle. I think this one is going to be in the calendar -- cute sells very well! LOL
Jean, back at work on the calendar...

Monday, October 22, 2007

News of Kitty

Hello, my friends! It has been too long since I have posted -- and I have been feeling bad about that -- but now I have had a note from Kitty and she asked me to pass on the message here. Some of you will know that she was thought to be in remission for the last few months, but that has changed.

"I saw my Oncologist this morning. I can't have anymore chemo. My bone marrow is too damaged. I will get 2 wks. of radiation (every day) on the spot that has not gone away. Then I will get Rituxan to try to keep the cancer at bay. It didn't do very well when we used it before. When the cancer comes back, there isn't anything left they can do."

I think Kitty needs to be on a few prayer lists...

As for me, there is not much going on. The diet has not got back on track yet, but I have not regained the weight I lost, so that is OK. I have a houseful of cats and kittens and I am ready for the last of them to move on! The youngest are some adorable little orphans I have been hand raising since they were about two weeks old. I keep taking pictures of them for the calendar I am designing for the cat rescue group -- they are so very cute! The roadside stand is now closed for the season and I am starting to do some of the things I have no time for during the summer -- I have joined a weekly sewing bee and have a sweater partly knitted and am planning the sewing I will do for the craft fair booth that raises money for cat rescue. And life goes on...

Jean, off to round up assorted cats and kittens and stow them safely for the night...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

checking in

Hi All,
What a great day today. It was like summer without the bugs. Just a joy to be out and about. Not that I went anywhere.
I am still trying to make my hand work. Two weeks ago I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand. I had my left hand done last fall and it has left my index finger and thumb sort of numb. I was told that I had done a lot of damage to the nerve by waiting as long as I had, so was glad that my right hand was going to be done before it was giving me as much trouble as the left had done.
Well it did not help much. My right hand is now giving me more trouble than it did before the surgery. I am hoping that I can get some therapy and that that will help.
Of course things could always be worse, so I am not complaining too much.As long as I pay attention to what I am doing , I can still do almost whatever I want .And it is early yet.
So with this going on , I of course have done no special projects.
This weekend is a little retreat. We do not go far, I am only about ten minutes from home, but have told DH that of course I am NOT coming home to prepare the meals for you. This is my weekend. Food . laughs , laughs and lots more food.What could be more fun.
Hope you all have a great week. Hugs all around.
Still collecting names for next fall retreat. The last weekend in Sept. I need to come up with a good retreat name. kuiken