Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hi everyone

I will have to hurry as the computer won't stay on the internet. I can't send messages but can read them . Lots to say( surprise surprise) but had better not trust the broadband. DD says she can fix it but have to wait until she arives and in the mood. Hugs, hugs ,and where is Caboodle, Love the sound of Kit but the saying is not complete. Bee in a cold NZ

More of Sat. morning

I'm hoping this will post. Getting strange things on the 'puter these days. Hopefully have not downloaded a virus.
I laughed when I read about the 65% humidity in TN--Doris or Lavinia, that is what I call nice.
Try 85-90% most days. That is why I stay inside alot during the summer months.
We had tree people trim the large water oak in the front yard yesterday. It certainly needed it.
Now all the dead branches are gone, and it is more "open" and hopefully the grass in the general area will do better. Those big trees can't take the winds if a storm hits, and sometimes the entire tree comes down.
Am attaching the binding to the QOV quilt today. DH is working 1/2 at his AC office.
I have high hopes that he will sit down for an hour or so and post the Daytona condo on VRBO this afternoon. It is sitting empty alot, and we could offset some of the expenses if more rentals were generated.
Tomorrow I'm picking up the CD of my doggies from the friend who took pictures last week.
Some are very cute! I'll really try to figure out how to post some, so you can see the little monsters. We are also talking to someone about the invisible fence and collars, as Pumpkin loves to run in the street.
OK, back to the binding.
Sara in Fla.

Saturday morning

We are having an overcast day it appears....but the sticky humidity is is like someone is flicking the switch back and forth....but if we aren't complaining about it being humid and hot then we are complaining about it being cold and is always a topic of conversation...but I do hope any threatening thunder showers hold off til at least overnite....#2 son and partner Janice are having a housewarming bbque tonite and if everyone shows up it better be nice since the house is small and I don't think inside will be an option....we will do the drop in and run for our lives I think....that way the kids can enjoy their friends and music....

Jane....sounds like you found yourself an irresistable companion.....I do hope she is settling in and the joy of her remains with you.....please post a picture when you can.....

Grandsons were away for two weeks.....boy did we miss them....but thought oh we will get so much done around here.....NOT......but that is okay too....there is still lots of summer left for the outdoor projects....and indoors.....their time will come as well....

I recently bought a home quilting system and have resold it to a friend who really wanted it much more than me.....I was having difficulty with the standing issues with my leg circulation now I have just ordered the machine which is wonderful to quilt with but I will just use my tables and be able to sit.....still have to pin baste or hand baste....but that is okay...sometimes DH takes it upon himself to help with the pinning so I never turn him down....

do hope everyone is well ....


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

There you are, Jane

And here you thought you should be reading brochures from retirement homes in Rochester or California because you no longer had a dog to have a home for. Now you do. Kit should breathe some life into your home and your life in the mountains of North Carolina and give you, hopefully, a few more years of independent living and then if you need to move off your mountain, I hope it is to a nearby town where you can be among the people you know now. I always remember my aunt Jenny saying...when you get older, you don't make friends the same way as when you're younger. At the youth clouded my vision and I thought: well, if you put yourself out enough to make friends, you can do it at any time in your life, young or old. And then, one day, I grew I discovered that being outgoing and making new friends takes energy. Energy is something that diminishes with older age. So, moving to some place you don't know just to be near family...well, I'd rather have a dog, thank you and I've found a breed that suits me very well...the Australian Shepherd. For you, it's the spaniel and you understand them very well indeed. Kit will have a good home with you. The timing worked out well for you, the breeder and for Kit.

I've offended my body last week at the garden centre where I tripped over some wire caging that was where it shouldn't have been, torqued my body carrying a tray of pachysandra and not wanting to drop the tray falling, I twisted myself around, saving the plants and me from falling but am now feeling distinctly in need of some attention from my massage therapist who is away on course this week. So, I was desperate enough to consider seeing a chiropractor...the practice of which I view with a very jaundiced eye because they snap, crack and pop bodies but I know help many people...Yesterday, I went into a clinic near home and if the volume of people there as patients was any testiment to the fact that many like chiropracty it must be good. I came away having my knee manipulated so that now I cannot walk without great pain and wondering why I did this. Acupuncture, massage, shiatsu is kinder to the body. And, the chiro insisted that I bring my husband to my next appt. Why, I asked. My husband isn't interested in my bodily parts any more and how they function, I said. If he doesn't get his supper, then he might worry but attending a meeting at the chiropractor's way. So, now this needs sorting out as I hobble about thinking...I will never move to be near my kids in my older age...but I do hope to have some more Aussies in my life.

Good one, Jane,


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jane's Kit

Jane -- Kit is probably confused and terrified, as her breeder couldn't exactly tell her what is going on. I can only imagine what she must be thinking. You're doing a great job, staying gentle and patient with her so that she builds confidence. I think she's going to be a great dog for you. Keep us posted.

Hot and humid here, too. After something of a drought ever since the historic flood here, we finally got rain last night. 2.2" of the stuff, and we're all grateful. But the sun came out today and the humidity is 62% and unbearable. Ugh . . .

Sophie got into something last week that she ate, and it upset her lower G.I. tract. There is nothing worse than coming home and finding evidence of such upset ALL OVER the wood kitchen floor. Ugh . . . . . She has never had an accident and I can only imagine how upset she was. Cavaliers apparently are garbage hounds. She loves to eat bits of mulch in the street when we walk, and anything she finds on the floors. Mine are now 1-year-old toddler clean, thanks to Sophie and her scavenging, just to keep her from getting sick too often. WHY did I want another dog??? (LOL)


At first Kit was so spooked she wouldn’t get out of her travel crate and the freight guys removed the hardware to life the top off. They were both very gentle and all three of us talked to her in soft voices. Finally one of the guys gently lifted her out of the crate whereupon I put on a collar with my name and phone # on a brass type plate riveted to it. She was terrified as I walked her around a bit on lead. She had to be dragged into the car. I had the rear seats down and she didn’t move a muscle until we got home after a fairly quick stay in a motel in A’ville as I was having vision problems with all the oncoming headlights and rain adding to the problem. She slept in a corner of the motel room refusing both water and food. It’s been a slow and fairly intensive process but finally this morning she ate a full meal. Yesterday, after consulting with the breeder, I went out and bought the brand of food she was used to only not the high performance formula the breeder uses as she won’t be field training, trialing and hunting anymore. She’d been drinking for several days. She finally made peace with the dog that was peering at her through the funny long narrow window (my full length mirror that she’d growling at for two days). She now hangs out on the floor right in front of it. She is a love and will end up in my lap if I allow it. Right now she’s filthy, matted and has much too much hair for the heat and the environment of very heavy low growth here so she’ll have to make the acquaintance of Herb the groomer. It will no doubt spook her but will be a bit easier to keep comfortable and socially acceptable. She panicked when my neighbors came here to meet her Sunday with their two most submissive dogs so we’ll have to do that one at a time. Today I decided to walk her down near the creek on which I used to live. No one was home and no dogs came running out but she enjoyed cooling off in the creek although I think the current surprised her. Earlier she’d gotten into a muddy “branch” that empties into the creek to slake her thirst and she was mucky to say the least. My old bad girl Molly loved nothing better than a muddy hole in which to cool off. Dirty was always better as far as she was concerned.

Dear Kit is a pleasure to walk off lead. I think part of it is the breeding and training for close hunting and part of it is her current skittishness. I’d tried tossing a tennis ball for her before today and she chased it then had no interest in picking it up. Today she picked that ball up in the yard as soon as we went out and brought it to me delivering it to hand. When I got the tennis racquet she cringed a bit and when I whacked to ball she took off like a shot and with tail wagging furiously brought it right back. I’m glad that’s working because that’s the only way she can get the exercise she needs as a young and very fit field dog. Actually, I walked farther today than I have in quite a while so guess who else is benefiting? While out today I went to a neighbor’s house where there is only one little dog and rang the doorbell. Ann and Bailey came to the door and Kit ran to the far edge of the yard with tail attached to belly then turned and barked a bit suspiciously. Eventually, while I held big bad Bailey (about 6 or 7 pounds) Ann approached Kit who was then on her back and Ann sweet talked her and pet her tummy. The tail did wag just a bit so things are coming along. She still refuses treats from my hand despite the fact that the breeder says she’s a glutton for them. She’s let me brush her but when I tried to hose off the worst of the dirt and cool her off before coming into the house today she acted as if it were sulfuric acid rather than water. I know for a fact that the breeder always hoses off the dogs after exercise in the hot weather. She isn’t mine entirely yet but it’s coming along. I did scold her a bit today when she failed to retrieve the ball to hand after about ten successful such performances which I know she’s been doing all her life with birds and I used the commands she’s been taught. It’s the first time as I’ve been refraining from issuing commands because of her tendency to spook when I do and I don’t want to lose the ground we have gained. She always checks in with me at very frequent intervals when she’s running around loose. I gently reminded her that I’m the alpha bitch around here. She’s lying comfortably on the bare wood floor now and I think she’s actually a bit tired out and all’s right with her world.

NOW if only the guy from the plumbing and heating company would get here and get my hot water boiler working so I can shower, run the dishwasher and do the laundry. I might actually get into the sewing room today for the first time in about a month.


forgive me

Sara, I keep adding an 'h' to your name, forgive me.


Humidity in Canada

Sarah, I can only speak for southern Ontario and I don't think you'll want to be here either. If I may, I think Jane will post today about her adventures with Kit. And back to our may be cooler here at night but the daytime can leave one dripping with persperation and not wanting to move quickly. Today is foggy, coolish, overcast and thunderstorms are expected this afternoon.


It's not the heat, it's the humidity

Oh, who left the oven on? It's only 8:15Am and the humidity is 88% and it's about 82.
Time to visit Canada, Eh?
JANE-we are all wanting to know how Kit is doing? Are the two of you adjusting so far?
I had a girlfriend who is a photographer come over yesterday evening and take a bunch of picutes of my two. She is up with the latest stuff, and will have them put on a CD, etc. She doesn't charge much, I think it is $35.00 or so.
DH is still working to 10:00PM. at night. I fear that he will get sick with all the long hours and stress. He would like to hire 1 more AC person, but finding someone who has experience and is good, good with customers, and not a druggie, is hard. There is work there for someone, just finding the right person. (I know this is a good problem in today's economy)
Looking forward to my quilty trip in Aug. I think we are putting the trip to see the grands off until Sept.
Sara in Fla.

Monday, July 12, 2010


How has the first weekend gone with you and Kit? I'm sure we all would love to hear about it.