Friday, August 1, 2008

This & That

I'm hoping to post this to both the blog & Yahoo...the 2 birds thing.

I've been a lucky girl & have had most of the day off & have even been

in my sewing room. I think I saw the table top there somewhere!

Seems everything lands there.

Fortunately I am working on things that don't require much space, a

BD block for my exchange group & some Nickel squares for another exchange'


We have have this fine mist all day & it's about 65, just a delight if I say so.

For the 2nd time this week I walked without my BFF. I have been walking with

a creature along for at least 20 years & it feels so strange. Dyna is 15 & has her

share of aches and pains but this week she injured her shoulder outdoors somehow and

is really hobbling.

I'm so sad that I'm not going to Grace's retreat. I would love to see everyone!

I am hoping to hook up with a few BBr's at the Quilt show in Grand Rapids Mi.

in Oct when I visit family.

Laura, will keep your sis in my prayers. I have a friend that's been fighting ovarian

cancer for about 6 years, it's such a battle, but she's still here! Loving friends & family

are a real blessing.

Love hearing about all the trips & projects...even the Turkey tales...or trails :)

Jill from Portland where the Blueberries

have been luscious!

Took this picture from my

gardening forum! Wish it was mine!

Rare Occasion

This is one of those rare occasions in which I have been allowed in to post. I am not registered to post at Yahoo but do read and also have enjoyed all the catching up. I have been sewing a kit quilt in my spare time since that can be done with little or no thinking and picked up anytime.

We have traveled a bit this summer to Denver, Seattle and Kansas City. DH is away again in Minneapolis on business so I'm playing in my spare time.

My DSis is still fighting the return of her cancer, but has been allowed a little time off from the intense regimen of 3 weeks chemo, one off. Good thoughts and prayers for this battle are always appreciated.

I just plug along with the usual aging frailties and have few to complain about considering what others go through. I still have a ton of quilts in my mind to make and an equal amount of fabric to go with them. Laura

Thursday, July 31, 2008

only here

I sure hope some still visit this board. I have found Jill yahoo site and I can keep up with what you all are doing, but there is no way I can post. Some how I even manged to get a new password and I still can only read. I do not want to mess with it too much because I can not afford to lose the grace retreat bb right now. With the little computer knowledge that I have that is exactly what would happen.

It is so great to see all those names. TerTer how fun it is too see your post again. Hello in California.Great to see you reaching that milestone. And not only you but all the others who are free for so many years. A great cause to celebrate. Yahoo Yahoo. I really hope some one will be kind enough to mention this post on the other board. At least you will know that I am thinking about all of you

Busy working out all the events for the retreat and I am having a fun time doing it. Think I almost have it down pat for now, Have to wait now till Sept. and the time is closer. All meal time places are reserved, so at least we eat.

have a great weekend everyone
Grace, who hopes she is not alone here

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Now What ?!

As much as I've done research into 'coon-poop' on the internet and found an exact replica of the deposits made around our pool, it seems that I am wrong. Tonight while having supper, we heard a burbling sound and looked out just as the culprit dumped a very neat and tidy scat on the pool surround. It seems that we have one very big wild turkey male who is coming to the pool several times a day for a drink of chlorinated water. Now what to do. There are no options for his demise. The only solution that I can think of is to provide him with his own watering hole away from the pool and after he's taken a drink of water, he can fertilize the grass. But what to put the water in, how to keep the algae from growing in it and why do I have to water a wild turkey in the first place? Any suggestions? The scat fooled me completely because it looks like raccoon scat and while I have had in the past chickens for 14 years, their excrement was nothing this size. Goose-poop, many of us are familiar with...not so, I'll guess, turkey poop.

Sorry to my friends to whom I sent the raccoon information. Had me fooled completely.


Jill's site

HI, I haven't posted in ages. I do read regularly, though!

Jill's site is at yahoo groups, just put in bbquiltchat and you should find it.

Rosie and Grace, I don't plan on getting old, body wise. My constant prayer/thank you to God is that I'm like Moses, with 'undimmed eye and unabated strength unto great old age'. It has to be, I Have lots of fabric to use up! I also plan on being a babe like Sarah when I'm 90 (ok, so the Bible doesn't actually use the word 'babe', it's implied!). However, I don't plan on having any babies at the age, lol

Rosie, sorry your business is down. Hopefully it will pick up as the weather cools and I'm sure fall colors will bring them in for a couple weeks. I shudder to think of the fall already.

I've been busy with the designing. I have created a new template to cut 60 degree diamond pieces for several patterns. 3 are done and several more are in the ol' cranium. I'm hoping my web guy can get them up on my site soon (we trade services so I'm not usually first on the list). The templates have been selling great so far. I just could use a couple more hours each day to get the work done!
The first quilt that I made that inspired the templates was the raffle quilt that was given away at the Minnesota quilt show this year. The lovely lady that won it is a quilter and has let me barrow it back so I can enter it in the county and state fair.

Have a nice Sunday everyone!

On the bright side, Grace, we're still alive !

Grace, not only is growing older for other people, dying is as well. Why do we think that this won't happen to us? Not to depress you further but the fact is, I don't have white hair for nothing and I never expected it. I'm starting to look at the fact that I may have, if I'm lucky about 5 years of energy left before the body starts falling apart on me and maybe I won't and it won't. I might be around to bedevil my family for another twenty years! But the fact is, I am grateful for every day that I wake up and I'm grateful that I look like I do at my age and I'm grateful that I don't have major health issues at the moment, and I'm touching wood here when I say that. I do have more fluffies around my waistline, but part of that is attributable to the fact that I have had systemic candidiasis since an operation on my bladder in 1985. It adds fluid to my body. I can take medication for it and drop four pounds in four days but it doesn't stay off. It's what makes my immune system flare up with reactions to environmental pollution. At my age, a lot of my friends have far worse things to deal with. It's all in how I look at things but to be honest, at times it's hard. The amount of rain we've had this summer, coupled with the long, long winter months behind us in which we had so much snow, has to affect one's moods. We feel like mushrooms in here in the country. The weeds are growing taller than the plants and I won't get out and weed the garden right now because the mosquitoes are so bad. But I'm thankful to be alive and remind myself that I could be pushing daisies from the other side of the ground.

We still have that pesky raccoon hanging around the pool. He is pooping in a different spot every night about two inches from the lip of the cement apron around the pool. We clean it up, he poops in a different spot. I take Javex out and bleach the area because it stains the cement and I don't want people stepping in any remains. It's like he's mooning us. We can't catch the little b*gger.

Our guests had a lovely night last night about 1 in the morning, apparently enjoying our back deck overlooking the pool and do not want to be fed before 9:30 a.m. I turn into a pumpkin after that and don't serve breakfast past that hour. It makes it too late if I have a turn around to get cleaned up and ready for the next set of guests. The B&B business is down considerably this year around here and I suspect in many places. We are heading into and likely are in a recession.