Saturday, August 18, 2007


Linda posted on another board that I'm on. She is doing fine and had a busy summer. Also had no computer for several weeks, bummer!

This and that

Katie, Linda's last name (at least her married name) was Harrington. Don't know if she's still going by that if she's divorced, but chances are she is. Wonder what she's up to?

Just got back from a shopping trip with DD. Two of the kids she graduated highschool with are getting married today, and DD didn't have a dress. She tried on 14 dresses before she found one she liked! But she did find one. Now it's off to the wedding, as I had these kids in school when I helped out in the highschool. I'll bet we cry...

Jean in VT

Friday, August 17, 2007

Sew tired

Just a quick note, much cooler here now, even bordering on chilly at night. I haven't heard from Linda in a long time. I am not even sure how to get in touch with her. I cant seem to recall her last name, would have to look it up, and that would only work if she is still using it. If I remember right she was originally from the Twin Cities area, before Ladysmith and before Stillwater. She may have moved back that way. That is all the guess work I have. I would think that she will pop in someday, when she is ready. Quilters "seam" to find each other, even after long absences. I will pray for her and hope that she is well and happy. Sending big cyber hug vibes out there for her and the kids.


Happy Anniversary to you and DH. It's a good thing you didn't get married in November, December, January, February, March etc. Else you would have contracted hypothermia on the way to the church.


Hot weather

I haven't posted in ages but I do try to keep up. Since the discussion has been about hot weather I have a poem:
Whether the weather be cold, or whether the weather be hot,
we'll weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not.
That's easier to say then to write.

We are having lovely weather. It's our 22nd anniversary and the weather has always been great on the day or weekend closest to our wedding date. I guess I know how to pick 'em.

Sandi in MN

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Weighed in at WW today and have now lost 7.8 lbs since Aug.9. I'm so pleased and intend to stick with it. The new "Core" program is just the thing for me. I'm still not getting the exercise I need but am working on it. The outdoor hiking with Shadow will pick up as soon as it cools down here.

Speaking of cooling down the temperature in downtown Sylva was 100 degrees as I was driving to a Dept. on Aging board meeting today. It was 3:30 PM. It is now 8:30 PM and the temperature has plummeted to 79. We thought we were getting drought relief for a week or two in July but the grass, what's left of it, is crunching underfoot again. I'm having to water shrubs again also. It makes me a bit apprehensive to do that as I am dependent on my well and I'm sure it's suffering from lack of rain.

I feel for all those folks from FL who come here to avoid the severe summer heat but they just traded a headache for an upset stomach as the old Alka-Seltzer ad used to say.

Anna is right about hydration. Lots of water is the ticket in the heat and it aids with the weight loss two. WW has a minimum six glasses a day requirement. I usually exceed that. I heard on NPR this morning that after looking at the deaths that are occurring during this heat wave the people who shower most frequently and keep hydrated are the ones least likely to succumb. They also found that there are some elderly folks living alone who have air conditioners have failed to turn them on. If you have a neighbor of a certain age be sure to check on them. I am so fortunate to have water that is as good as any store bought water. I just keep using the bottles until they are about to fall apart and then get a few new ones. If you don't have AC and are miserable jump into the shower and cool down. In other words "Cool it, Man".

Jane in the oven in NC

Vermont in August

Sara in Fla., we'd love to have you all up here in August! I just got back from a vacation at the Jersey shore: heat index of 105 degrees--HOT! Thank heavens we were on the ocean. The first morning I woke up back at home in Vermont I took note of the clear, blue skies and realized that for over a week I'd seen nothing but grey hazy humidity. Vermont may have its long winters, but when the weather's nice, it's REALLY nice.

You may want to google Lyndon State College. They put up a group of quilters every year that make quilts for either ABC or Linus. I wonder if there was a big enough group who wanted to come up here if they'd put you up too? We'd love to see you! Perhaps we could bribe people with a trip to Keepsake Quilting while they're up here. Love that place.

Jean in VT, who must get cracking on making the backing for DH's 50th birthday quilt. His birthday is Tuesday!!

Well, I hate to say it...

...but about the time the US and Canada started their heatwave was about the time it cooled down over here! The past couple of nights we haven't even needed the AC. (AND we could have gone without during the last couple of days but DH likes the cool, now!) There must be a virus in the weather-shipping office computer!

DO remember to stay hydrated, ladies! It's so important. Dizziness, headaches, nausea and dry lips mean you need a drink of water, you're on the way to dehydration. If you're having a "bad day"--cranky, can't concentrate--reach for a cold drink of water and see if that doesn't perk you up. So many people interpret thirst as hunger! So if you get the munchies between meals, reach for the water. If it tastes good, you were thirsty.

Speaking of things they have "chocotherapy" over there? No, not candy to "make it better"--apparently the new wheeze in Europe is chocolate (or at least cocoa) in bath products--soap etc. Like aromatherapy. They say the theobromine helps something or other. I wanted some coconut bathgel but didn't go to the big fancy stores that sell it. All they had was chocolate and chocomint. Chocomint smells Awful in my opinion, but the chocolate bathgel smelled good enough to drink! Think Hershey's syrup only more so. Definitely not a child-friendly product to leave on the edge of the tub, but heavenly to bathe with. I scoff at its supposed antioxidant powers, but I like.

Well done and applause to all those winning the fight on flab! I was in a gym for about 6 mos last yr and put on 15 lbs, which is half of what I had lost. I'm hoping that when I see the endocrinologist next month they will be able to give me something to help the old metabolism kickstart itself. For now, I sleep SO much better--who'da thought that thyroxine would help me sleep!!

Not quilting or doing much of anything but tutor, write and read. Ah well...only one more month till autumn. Roll on, sweet gentle October, roll on.

anna in spain

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Just thought I should cool you all down a bit by telling you that we had frost, on the inside of our bedroom windows this morning ! A lovely morning though, clear blue skies and bright sunshine . The Alps look magnificent..

DH and I are joining with three friends on Saturday, to drive down to Lake Wanaka, a beautiful lake set amongst the mountains, about a six hour drive from here. We used to go every winter but it's four years since I was able to go, so I am really looking forward to it. This time last year I was helping to move DD#2 up to Auckland. The two men go ski-ing and we three ladies walk and talk and read and sew , it's altogether a very good break ! (providing that the ski-ing conditions are good !!) We stay in a very comfortable "holiday"home, belonging to friends of friends. We pay ofcourse, but it is well worth it and so much better than hiring a motel.. I have my "activity bag" packed already and several good books to read , I could be away for many weeks and not run out of things to do !! Here's hoping for some good weather. I should have some lovely photos to post when we come home...

The garden is bristling with activity (despite the heavy frost !) Some early tulips out , anemones and narcissus....altogether quite beautiful...

Katie...I hear you... It's very hard for sensitive, caring mothers to have to cope with rudeness from the children. My D(?)GC quite shocked me when they were down in July. Their mother tries so hard to please them. Our other daughter is quite hard on her children and they don't put a foot wrong ! I am hoping it is just a "phase" they are going through and that they will suddenly turn into responsible, caring adults... ( just hope I live long enough to see it !)

Rosey, interesting to see mention of Linda. She used to post daily, we haven't heard anything about her life for months. Does anyone know how she's getting on ?

Time to go. I 'll look forward to catching up with the news when we return from Wanaka..


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hot here, too

This heat must be everywhere! This part of Idaho has had the hottest July since they started keeping track of the weather. We had 15 days of triple digit temps, accompanied by 15 more days of temps in the 90s. That leaves just one day where the temperature was in the high 80s. We are fortunate to live in an area that is irrigated farmland so we still have water to keep the yard going. The city did just pass a water treatment bond so we can use river water rather than the wells that have been in use for time immemorial (or at least since I know about it).

We just returned from a visit to California to see my daughter and son in law's newly remodeled home. They tore the roof off, added a second story and started almost from square one, but it's certainly worth it. The place is just lovely. The latest project was the installation of a swimming pool complete with spa and waterfall. Of course, we spent a large part of our time in the pool. Even Gus the Golden spent lots of time swimming, too.

All three of our kids and all of their kids were there on Saturday for a BBQ. That was the first time we had all been together in several years. By next year the family will grow again, as DS #2 and his wife are expecting son #3 and DGD is expecting our first great-grandchild....finally a girl! We will have seven boys in a row before she gets here.

DH starts back to school tomorrow, so things around here will start getting back to somewhat normal.


This & that . . .

HEAT WAVE - We hit a record a few days ago; something like 101 or 103. Today it cooled down to 98° F but the humidity returned, so it felt worse than it did last week at 101F. Rosey P. - Normally by 10:30 a.m. it is 90F here. I'll take Ontario any day. (grin). Lots of our trees are beginning to lose their leaves from our drought. They are stressed to begin with after the hard freeze in March or April. I have cracks in my yard that are almost one inch wide in places. The weather guys have stopped telling us how many inches we are behind in our rainfall.

The hummingbird feeder was busy today. I think I should just hook up an I.V. for those little guys. Bless their hearts. They went through 4 ounces by late afternoon. There are no flowers (drought) so I've got all their business. Am considering buying another one. I'm seeing very few birds overall, too. The ground is so hard and dry, they cannot eat any worms or insects. I imagine they've gone somewhere else where they can survive. We don't even have mosquitoes and not much in the way of fleas & ticks this summer. (Okay . . . I notice my browser's spell-check has mosquitoes spelled with an "...oes" at the end instead of "...os." Dan Quayle and I are vindicated! But I digress...)

ARLINGTON, TX - did anyone see the news film clip of the playground in Arlington that caught on fire from the heat and spontaneous combustion? Bark mulch on the ground was cited as the igniting material. That's hot!

AQS EXPO in NASHVILLE - Laura in AL, I'm going but I'm not sure yet which day. I'm trying to share a ride to cut down on the carbon footprint. If I go Saturday, I'll email you.

Y'all stay cool and hydrated!!! Hugs to everyone!

Summer & the livin' is easy....and HOT

Sara, look at the trouble I got into when Linda kept hinting that she wanted to come to The Farmer's Walk. I woke up one morning and invited everyone. Poor Jock. He barely survived and I don't know what we would have done without Curt being here. What a help he was. Without tempting anyone, it was 62 F when I drove into town at 9:15 this morning. It warmed up later in the day but the days are starting to get cooler, unlike Marion's which are getting warmer; the morning comes later...dawning about 5:45 am now and the nights are starting to close in earlier too but still pretty light by 8:30...autumn is coming. Like Katie, our land is so parched and dry that just walking on our grass creates a crunchy sound. I don't know how our trees will turn colour this year without the rains. Perhaps earlier and not as much colour. But I do appreciate all the weather reports. As you know, I have close friends in Sarasota and I look forward to your weather reports, Sara.

I've been busy with the B&B and don't get in to post as often as I might. It also takes me some time to download my sign-in so it's not a quick flip of the button to put in a post. But truly, this is much better having a private board because of all the terrible spam.

Jock has taken up bike riding but at supper tonight the news clip about fat around the tummy, no matter how thin you are, wasn't good because of heart attacks. If that is the case, I'm in trouble. No matter how thin I was, I always had a pot because of digestive problems...inherited.

Nice to see everyone's posts.


Hello from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Hello to all. Katie here. Checking in with everyone. Saw on the news the terrible heat in TX. Sounds like you have it in FL too. We went through some horrible heat here in July. Cooler now but we have a big problem with the forests being way too dry. Fires start so easily and the firefighters have been doing overtime. Not much new in my personal life. My oldest two children, ages 17 and 14 are driving me NUTS right now. I give them credit for working and earning some money. Otherwise they challenge my parenting skills. Oh I know, someday I can look back and laugh, it's just not funny today. My fathers' Alzheimer's is much worse. Some tension there too with the family. (big sigh). If you are interested in doing something easy and small to help Alzheimer's research please check out Ami Simm's web page. I haven't had much quilty time or even much "me" time and am looking forward to the kids going back to school. I need a break.
HUGS to all
Katie in the woods

Feeling hot,hot,hot

Would either Marty in Vt. or Rosey in Canada please invite us up next August? It's hot here, and everyone is cranky. Supposed to be 100 again today, it was "only" 95 yesterday.
I finally finished the large twin quilt for DGS #3 today. It's in the washing machine now. I went to Kinko copy center earlier this morning and copied his skate boarding picture to use on the label. Our home copier for some reason makes us look like we have green-blue skin. It was only 95 cents, and looks great.
This morning I ordered 2 plants from a tropical garden place on line. You would think they would be in Calif. or Fla, but no, they are in PA. Hopefully the plants will arive in about 2 weeks and I can pot them up for the (hopefully) new back yard area. In case anyone is interested they are Heliconia Rostria (Lobster claw), the ones I saw near my Mom's house in So. Florida. Sort of in the Bird of Paradise family.
Our friends in Hawaii are getting a double whammy today. First an earthquake, and a hurricane coming towards them. There is a tropical storm out in the Atlantic that we are keeping an eye on. It will be at least 4 days before anyone knows where it might go, but still looking. For some reason Sept. 1st is the hight of the Hurricane time.
OK, all for now.
I have the Explosion of color quilt finished and will get it off to the U.K. before the week is out.
Sara in Florida

Monday, August 13, 2007

Catching up -- again!

DH is home from working away for the summer but I *still* don't seem to have any free time! Argh! I read here faithfully every day but I never seem to have the extra few minutes to post and comment on the issues and events of the day.

First, congratulations to those who are winning the diet war! Pat and Jane, you are doing wonderfully! I have neither gained nor lost an ounce since I dropped the 21 pounds, but since i have not been making any attempt whatsoever to diet during this time, I regard that as something of a victory! LOL Maybe when DH goes fishing in a week or two I will get back on that horse...

Anna, I so agree about the spelling issues! One of my favourites is the French "Voilà!" as used by almost everyone now. The problem is that it is hard to recognize that it is the French 'voilà' that is being attempted, since it is all too often spelled "Walla!" Oh, dear. Illiterate in *two* languages!

Jane, thank you for the reminder about dental work for older pets. I have just had my oldest cat in to have his teeth cleaned and thoroughly checked, since I believe he will soon be too old to safely have anesthetics and I don't want him suffering with bad teeth when it is too late to have them fixed. And I also had the old foster dog in and had the same thing done with her, since she is a fat old 12 year old and aging fast now. (I am happy to report that neither of them needed any extractions or serious repairs, although the cat had some gum infection for which he received antibiotics.)

Jill, adoptions for my rescue group are going well this year (touch wood!) and at this point I have *only* 11 foster kittens, all too young to be adopted out! This is much better than previous years at this time! I have just had a first for our group, though, and it is very upsetting indeed. A young cat who was one of my bottle babies last Fall was adopted out earlier this summer. The people called saying they had to return her because in the last week she had started to pee on the bed. I told them to bring her back at once and made a vet appointment to get her checked for a UTI or whatever. But I knew the answer as soon as I saw her -- she had been abused and the peeing was a result of stress. This was a hand raised baby and there is nothing more friendly and social than that -- so seeing her hiding and flinching away from hands and hissing at the other cats and crying out when you touched certain parts of her was a bit of a dead giveaway. I did not need the vet to confirm -- which she did this morning -- that the poor little thing had been abused. Now I am hoping that she can get over the trauma so she can find a better home some day... If any of you are interested, she is a black kitty with medium long fur, a sweet disposition, and she does not pee on the beds here! LOL

I have a Gucci dog bouncing around trying to tell me she wants to go outside with me. I think I will take her up on that offer! :)

Jean who is planning to contact every agency and group in this community that adopts out animals and make sure they have the names of those people on their blacklists...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Weighing in

Whew, I'm down one more pound this week and got 1/2 inch off the measurements. I am now 50 pounds down from my all-time high weight of a few years ago, and 38 pounds down from last October 1. It's been a struggle, but I'm sticking with it.

I'm working on another quilt. I will put in a pic when it's further along.

Pat in Rockport, TX

Up or down ???

Anna, I must get that tee-shirt !!! We've got tea-towels here with NZ at the top of the world but I haven't seen a tee-shirt. I'll keep looking ..

Back to winter here this morning with more rain and a temp. of 6deg. I can still see the buds and flowers though, so all is not lost !

DH is having a mild panic about the world stock market ! My father used to say that you should only put money in shares if you can afford to loose it...reminding DH of that failed to cheer him ?!?

Plan to do some necessary house work this morning and reward myself by working on the quilt top this afternoon. We have friends coming tonight so that makes for a nice gentle way to start my week.


Sunday afternoon

Jane, I loved reading about your grandsons' visit to Grand'maw' up there in the mountains of North Carolina. What fun for you. Did the house seem empty after they left?

Marion, oh how I envy you starting your spring. We've been cheated out of our summer as have most folks in the flowering part of NA. The grass, normally green until later in August here in Southern Ontario, became burnt and dried crisply by late spring and it hasn't changed. The grass is crunchy to walk on. The only green we have is where I've watered from our well, which I have never done in all the years we've lived here, plus over the septic field. We are having a gentle rain at the moment and hopefully, every little bit of rain will help this parched landscape.

I'm watching a bif starling porking out on my bird seed and trying to feel charitable towards his gluttony. As the chap in the bird seed store said: just try to think of them in different colours (they are black). They clean me out of bird seed in no time at all.

Busy with the B&B and thinking that I may be getting too old to do this sort of thing but a few days in-between and I'm ready for more guests. I do enjoy it.

Thanks, Sara, for the weather update. Our friends are in CA at the moment camping in Yosemite Park but will be back home this coming week.


Since I started up this whole diet thing and have been up and down ever since resulting in a net loss of about 2# I went back to Weight Watchers. Having reached my lifetime goal back in early 1978 I've had an ongoing but infrequent relationship with said organization. The last try resulted in tears and a vow never to weigh or measure another morsel of food. In recent years I've just bought larger and larger clothes and it began to look as though that had become a lifetime approach. Sooo, I went back about ten days ago. I love the new "Core" program and the first week lost 4.4#! I'm never hungry unless I am careless about eating at a regular interval and with my recent onset of reactive hypoglycemia I get into blood sugar trouble when I delay eating. That loss by the way occurred despite a fall from grace one evening at a lovely place (the place I took the boys after their concert) and ordered merely a sandwich as I wasn't too hungry. Had the waitress asked me if I wanted fries I'd have said no as is my practice. However, there they were on the place all crispy and shiny with grease. After eating the sandwich which wasn't nearly as good as the dinner I'd had the last time I just couldn't resist. The evening was lovely and I was engrossed in Harry Potter and they just disappeared before I knew it. That cost me dearly.

Shadow has been slowing down rather rapidly since spring and I've been sad about it but attributing it to age. She turned 11 6/30 and I was just sadly accepting it as inevitable. I'm certainly not acting like a pup either. Last week I took her to the vet (Aunt Harriet to Shadow) for a teeth cleaning which hadn't been done in a bit over two years. When I picked her up at closing time the receptionist told me that Harriet had found that two back teeth were badly decayed and infected to boot. She extracted them, cleaned out the sockets and perscribed a week of antibiotic. She'd had a pain shot when the anesthesia wore off so she was extremely goofy and I had to lift her out of the SUV and give her a boost up the three steps into the house. She went straight to bed, refused water or ice and conked out. The next morning she was still very slightly wobbly. I figured her usual dry food would be hard to handle and I didn't want to start any bleeding. So the previous evening I beat up a raw egg with some skim milk and soaked some of her usual food until it was soggy. She thought that was fine and slurped it up with tail wagging all the time. Ever since then she has been her old self with an almost insatiable appetite for chasing the tennis ball and making Mom climb up the mountain. It's so wonderful having her back. The moral of the story, children, is that if you have and aging dog or cat be sure to have those teeth closely checked regularly. Harriet has told me in the past that the ones that end up losing all their teeth are mostly the ones "with a crappy diet". That's why the dry bagged food is best in the long run. Read the ingredients list too. Gun Dog Magazine claims that while meat isn't sufficient it is necessary and should be the first named ingredient and that corn doesn't digest as thoroughly as other grains thus leaving more stuff in the yard and failure to absorb the nutrients therein. Rice, barley etc. are superior.

More words on the heat. Friday coming home from stitch and bitch in Franklin it was, according to my readout in the car, an exterior temperature of 106*F. It was a mere 95* in the shadiest part of my driveway when I got home at almost 5PM. We're supposed to have a cold spell next week of highs in the mid 80s. Been keeping the AC on 24 hrs a day and I seldom did that in FL. I have discovered that my allergies are much less of a problem with that arrangement so despite the expense I intend to keep it up for a while.

Jane in NC

Down under, up over, whatever....;)

The question is--who decided that North is at the "top" of the globe/map, and South is at the "bottom"? Whoever it was first started making navigation maps, of course--my country (whichever that is) goes up top. Because of course I-the-mapmaker and those of my ilk, are Top Dog, King of the Cats, the Grand Turtlissimo. An Oz friend of mine actually has a T-shirt printed with an "upside down" map of the world with the legend in Gothic script: "Yeah? Says who?"

I finally got the postal mess sorted, via a good friend who deserves all the kudos she can get. None of you know her so I can't shout-out to Jennifer! LOL but I just did.

Fall is on its way--bliss. We have had some cooler days thank goodness. No rain yet but there have been storms in the other parts of this small country that at least are bringing cool air even though the clouds haven't made it over the mountains. I know, everyone out there is pelting me with overripe, if metaphorical, comestibles, but I for one LOVE fall and winter. If I were filthy rich I'd have a home in France and another in NZ and I would just fly from fall to fall and never see summer again. I would, honestly.

Teaching still goes on apace. Wednesday is a local holiday but I still expect to have about 4 hrs of class. (Query: Does this actually mean, then, that I'm good at what I do?) I haven't done a single stitch of quilting, which is good and bad. Usually I am reduced to quilting as there's no work; and summer was traditionally my "finish a quilt" time. But I can't be sad about that. I figure I'll have some down-time in Sept, which is makeup exam month. I have gotten spoiled, and I will feel terrified if things don't take off right away in Oct.

Got half of my next talk (9 Sept) written, and today while sitting in church I was struck with an inspiration--life as a quilt. Not new, I know, but perhaps, applied to Christianity in particular--at least an interesting angle. Particularly the idea of a scrap quilt; all those bits that don't "go"--the wrong colour, an ugly print, a terrible clash--and yet you get it all together in a top and somehow, harmony results. And that goshawful beige works its way in among the reds and keeps it from getting too"samey" or that bright orange provides a perfect foil for the green. Same is true of any group of people trying to live/work together. We are so different, in our past, our abilities, our tastes, and yet--harmony can happen. Anyone with any useful suggestions, examples or comments, please leave them attached to this post. This one isn't for the 9th but it is on the back burner bubbling away for whenever.

Has anyone else noticed that cinema-wise we are living in the Age of the Remake? What ever happened to creativity? As Michael Caine so wisely said, anyone can remake a disaster and improve on it--but how can you remake a runaway success and get anywhere? or words to that effect. (I may have commented on this before, but if I have, consider it all of a piece with the trend! :P)

So, not alot else going on. I have allowed myself a couple of treats, such as ordering a copy of the reprint of D'Aulaire's Norse Gods and Giants, which is the first book I ever took out of a library all by myself at age 6; school hadn't started, we went to register, and joy of joys they actually had a library at my new school (the only one in town that did). That library was directly responsible for my being where I am today since they had a Spanish/English "picture dictionary" which had wonderful illustrations I pored over on and off for years. It was Mexican Spanish but hey...I know it all started there, even if I've never actually had occasion to use the word "rebozo" in a sentence! LOL I was able to get the local university bookstore to order "Norse Gods" for me (with the excuse of its being useful for tutoring Anglo Saxon, uh-huh, right!) so no postage fee.

Thanks for explaining the worldwide postage cabal--why am I not surprised that Switzerland, a land-locked, rich and very influential nation is the place this decision to stop overseas surface mail was made! Feed em enough chocolate, cheese and whipped cream and they'll follow your lead. Either that or you threaten em with the "everything knife"--how many international postal execs would not back down at sight of a 12-fold "deadly weapon!" Oh I'm sorry, I suffer terribly from "sidebar disease" and am rambling worse than usual today!! ROFLOL

Is it just me or can no one spell on the internet anymore? I am surprised in the vegetarian chatroom I frequent of an evening to see young ladies from the US spell it "Whoot"! Is this something I've missed? Must have been when I was immersed in the sonnets of John Donne or Spencer obsessing about his ladyfair's frontage...mind you, I don't know why I complain, English spelling wasn't codified till the end of the 18th or beginning of the 19th century, it's not like they're breaking any time-honoured rules.

What news of the rest of the world?
anna in cool-for-once Spain


Oh no, it's spring down under!!!

What does that mean for us! Eck! Way too early to think about that!
I just wanted to swoosh thru on my broom & say hi!
AM still alive & not doing anything nearly as exciting as the rest of you
but still get bogged down by the day to day I guess.
Before I forget, I wanted to say Hi to Katie & I really enjoyed your blog!

Has been a pretty busy summer in the kitty hospital. Finally have some
new help & the training is endless, guess I really have learned a thing or 2
over the years. I have to say that the lives of these young people can be pretty
entertaining! I definately would not want to relive that time zone (just the waistline part). Have helped with a few adoptions Jean, but fortunately none
of our own.
Do I dare mention our wonderful mild summer . It's been the greatest, but I have to say my flowers (won't even mention the tomatoes) haven't been the best, but that may be neglect.
I'm of to do my part thisafternoon policing the quilts at the county fair.
Now where did I put my taser??? I'm hoping it will be slo & maybe can do some applique while there.
Glad your here Anna! I know what you mean about the postage, it has really taken the fun outta shipping.
Off to scrub off the cobwebs, Jill
PS: Oh the diet, oh the diet, it has not gone well, sigh!