Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Getting with the Times

I've had toasters break down within a short period of years of buying a new one so decided that with the last toaster I'd buy an expensive Kitchen Aid toaster.  Cost $80 plus tax.  Which I did in 2005.  And which in 2014 broke down in the midst of toasting bread for seven B&B guests on Sunday morning.  Getting the toast out crispy and hot is a challenge when feeding guests.  Toast it beforehand and keep it warm in the oven, it looses its crispiness.  So, it's a last minute rush that has to run smoothly as I get the breakfast out warm on the table.  However, I've made a decision to get with the times.  I'm going to buy cheap toasters and throw them out when they break and go and get another cheap toaster and when that breaks, out it goes.  I'm sorry about the landfill problem that I will only add my sorry lot of machinery to but it can't be helped.  Companies seem to make machinery these days that doesn't last.  Now you might say that 9 years is a long time to have a functioning toaster and maybe it is...but in the old days, I can't remember my parent's toasters breaking down so, this time round, I bought a 4 slice Black & Decker white toaster at Wal Mart on sale for $19.95 and bought a 1 year warranty for three dollars in case it breaks down in the first year of use.  The challenge will be in remembering where my bill is put in one years time.  It will go into my household appliances file today.
RoseyP in Canada