Thursday, February 9, 2012


Thank you for posting the news of Linda, Rosey. Our splinter group ("Val's Sisters") is in shock right now and still trying to get our minds around the loss of Linda and how this will impact on the lives of her children. Her youngest is still only 12 or 13 although the oldest 3 are in their 20s. Thank goodness for Facebook! We were able to touch base with several of the girls and let them know we were thinking of them. The celebration of Linda's life will be held on Sunday and at least one, maybe two of our group may be able to attend. As our old friend TerTer would say, "Hug the day". We have no idea what is just around the corner.

Linda Harrington (Schmitt)

I'm not sure I've spelled Linda's maiden name correctly, but for those who may read the board who were with the old forum and for those not on the 'sister's connection, you may wish to learn that Linda has suffered a massive stroke and died this past week. Fran, from Australia, visited Linda & husband, Curt, several years ago and would have more information than I.


Monday, February 6, 2012


Speaking of quilt shows. Don't forget to get on line at and check out the classes and quilt show; not to mention one the the prettiest places in North America. Great accommodations on the campus of Western Carolina University, jut 13 miles from my house. Better get signed up soon. If you can't come here you can always send a quilt. Details on the web site.