Saturday, November 22, 2008

Getting there

I feel like I'm slowly returning to the land of the living, two and a half weeks after my rotator cuff surgery. I'm still not able to lift that arm or use that hand, and I am still in a sling, but at least I'm off the heavy-duty pain meds and I can function somewhat again. It is so nice to at least feel pretty normal again, even if it is one-armed! Whew! I do not like being fuzzy brained. I'd rather have a little more pain and be able to think clearly.

I've had two sessions of physical therapy and already the therapist is thrilled with how much more range of motion she was able to get from my arm the second time than the first. Now granted, these are very slight motions and she is doing all the work, not my arm, but compared to how stiff and painful it was at first, this is very encouraging. I guess the shoulder is healing well and doing everything it is supposed to do, so that's great news. I'm just really looking forward to the day that my shoulder doesn't hurt anymore!!! I'm told that should be in a couple more weeks. I can do this, I can do this. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. (Hey if it worked for the Little Engine That Could, it can work for me, right? Besides, the worst is over.)

I have gotten two of the embroidered blocks done so far that I mentioned for the pieced and embroidered quilt that I've wanted to do forever. Appropriately enough, it's called "Thank you, Lord", and each block thanks God for something. The block that I'm just finishing says, "Dear Lord, will I still get to quilt in heaven? Please. Thank you, Lord. Amen." It's a really cute quilt from a book called Hope and Cheer from Hopskotch Quilting Co. by Peggy Waltman. The author suffers from an autoimmune disease and quilting has been her creative outlet. Really neat quilt.

Oh, and today is a big day also in that I actually slept two four hour stretches last night for the first time since the surgery. Yay! It's really hard to sleep with this shoulder hurting, you have to be on your back, and after lying motionless for a while the dang thing hurts like the dickens and wakes you up. But two four hour stretches sure beats the hour-long stretches I was getting before waking up. If I can keep getting a decent enough sleep like that, I'm sure I'll feel and heal much better. Onward and upward!

Doris, your wedding quilt is stunning. I can hardly wait till I can get back to sewing again. There sure are a lot of things you can't really do with only one hand! I'm really going to enjoy myself when I can get back in my sewing room. Meanwhile, the washer has buzzed, so it's time to load the dryer. That I can do.

Jean in VT

Friday, November 21, 2008

I almost forgot

what it was I wanted to post; it takes so long to download here in the country and my mind wanders off in pursuit of other thoughts...then I have to figure out where my mind is.

First, Mayme, how good of you to post about Dianna's brother and how tragic that is. I wonder how old the grandson was? In these desperate times, there is always something worse happening to people. I'm so sorry for the family.

Doris, after this week-end you can eat all the chocolate you can scarf up and not feel one bit badly. I was able to finally download your quilt and the quilting, aside from the piecing, is spectacular. I'm glad that the download worked this time; not sure why it didn't when I tried it before...just said that the page was not available.

We are into a very early winter at the moment. It may not last but winter doesn't start for another month and we have a lot of snow, plus 13F weather today.

I'm wondering too how Ronna's sister is?


West Mi reporting

Hi Everyone, I had an e mail from Dianna Almas today and then talked to just a while ago. Two weeks ago her youngest brother and his grandson were killed in a car accident.Her sister-in-law is in a drug induced coma because of her extensive injuries. I would like to do a comfort block shower for her. She said she will use the blocks to make a quilt for her sister-in-law. She is going to need all the comfort she can get.The details are as follows, a nine inch finished block of senders choice with unbleached muslin for background. Please send the blocks to Dianna. If you don't have her snail address e mail me for it.Dianna was in charge of our comfort block showers for a long time.Thank you all for caring, Mayme

Email me at my Yahoo address and put Diann'a block in the title

Shrink thread ????

I am at a loss to understand why anyone would need a shrink thread ? A water-soluble washaway thread I can understand (though I had never heard of it..) but... a shrink thread ???

Doris, your quilt is lovely and the young couple will be delighted with it. Congratulations on not "spitting the dummy " over the thread mix up ! It must have been very disappointing for you to find your quilt all puckered up after all that work. I hope the week-end goes well for you all.

Warm and sunny here. We've had a good week. Enjoyed a couple of days away with friends and now have abusy w/end ahead of us.


checking in - the big weekend

Checking in before leaving town for our son's wedding. Here are photos of the quilt I made for the kids: Just copy & paste into your browser in case the pics don't show up here. It survived (somewhat) the "shrink" thread that was mislabeled at the Marathon Threads factory and was supposed to be water-soluble washaway thread. (see previous post below) I picked out hundreds of stitches where I could to release the mess. Most people won't know the difference but an experienced quilter would definitely notice. The photo hides the sins.
Hugs to everyone!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Poorly husband

Hi Sara,
Is it possible that your DH has mumps? It's late to get it, but possible to at his age. I hope he is better very soon.
Also Jean and Laura. It will be less painful soon Jean. Enjoy the embroidery.
Beverley, in a unseasonably warm England, but snow is forecast for the weekend.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Did anyone watch HGTV Deserving Design?

Did anyone watch HGTV's Deserving Design last night?
The family that was given a room re-do was a quilter, and her quilts as well as guild were in the show. Besides doing quilts for local needy folks, she also was picking out red,white and blue fabric for QOV quilts. She had her kitchen re-done as she and her DH feed lots of extra people, and had 25 & year old appliances.
It's nice to know that there are wonderful people out there!
DH is a little bit better today. On Sat. he was terrible and we talked about going to the ER. This morning his temp. was 98.6, and he has some energy. At 2:00 he goes for a chest X-ray to rule out T.B. and then at 3:00 he has more blood work. (His Mom had T.B. so he is a carrier) The lymph glands on the left side are still making him look like a chipmonk.
It doesn't help that the AC/heat business is slow right now. We did turn on hour heat last night, got down to 40 here. Burrrrrrr. Break out the sweaters and the quilts.
I did take the time to go for a run with my group on Sat. morning. It was a bit rainy, but not too bad. The sun came out about 9:00 AM, and we finished the 5 miles well. I know when I take an hour here and there for myself that my frame of mind is better.
No quilting here. I'm finishing up the grand boys slippers, then cleaning up the room till after the fittenth of Jan. That is when I'm having the right eye cat. surgery, and can tell that I really need it. Yikes! Eye surgery, thankfully I really trust the 2 doctors, and know one of them personally, so feel totally confident.
OK, out the door to books-a-zillion to return something and go to the bank.
Sara in Fla.
PS-glad that car accident with the whatever kind of animal wasn't any more serious than it was!

Marathon Thread - washaway basting thread --- must read this

Hi everyone,

I have posted a warning about the above-mentioned thread over on the main Bulletin Board. Please take time to read it, so that you can avoid the disaster I have had.

Doris W. in TN